Learn Wyvern, an Advanced 5-kerbal Crew Capsule [1.3] – [1.8.1]

In this page, we are going to talk about Wyvern, an Advanced 5-kerbal Crew Capsule. If you are at this page to find that information, it is a good decision. So, do not hesitate to read this text until the end.

Introducing the Wyvern Crew Capsule

Industry newcomer Arc Aerospace launched their new crew capsule right now. With modern computer-aided design practices and also its state-of-the-art computer system, it is capable of fully autonomous flight without any astronauts onboard. Aside from that, thanks to its lightweight composite design, it is able to hold 5 astronauts while weighing less than the competition’s Mk1-2 while still compatible with existing 2.5m launch vehicle infrastructure.

Simultaneously, Arc Aerospace announced a new form of capsule recovery: propulsive landing. When completed with four Wyvern Engine Pods (sold separately), this Wyvern crew capsule is able to land propulsively. For note: Parachutes not necessary, but highly recommended. Also, these engine pods provide launch abort capability from the launchpad all the way into orbit. Need to know that each engine pod contains a full tank of monopropellant, therefore no external monopropellant is needed for vertical landing. You have to ensure that you set your fuel tank priorities correctly so that they are not drained while in orbit, leaving you to discover no monopropellant in your tanks after reentry.

With all of the extra mass given by the ultra-lightweight design of the crew capsule, Arc Aerospace says that the Wyvern owns leading-in-class electric storage, data transmission capabilities, and also limited-duration crewed deep-space operations.

In addition, Kerlington Paper Planes and Model Rockets, Inc. said that the Wyvern, as a clean-sheet design, was not appropriate to carry crew without an extensive safety record. Arc Aerospace responded with evidence of over a dozen uncrewed launches which demonstrated the reliability and safety of the Wyvern crew capsule, including a long-duration uncrewed deep-space mission. In unrelated news, Kerlington Paper Planes has slashed the price of their competing Mk1-2 crew capsule.

an Advanced 5-kerbal Crew Capsule


Here are some requirements:

    • RasterPropMonitor is needed for the IVA.
    • RealPlume configs are included.
    • VenStockRevamp is highly recommended but not required. Those parts were designed to fit in with Ven’s style.
    • Works with Ferram Aerospace Research.
    • Tested in KSP 1.2.2 and 1.3.


Simply, you are able to download the mod file (.zip) and then unzip it into your GameData folder. Make sure that the mod’s files are within the ArcAerospace folder. However, you manage it, ensuring the /ArcAerospace folder is directly a subfolder (like where the /Squad folder is), inside your /GameData folder. Also, ensure that you have B9 PartSwitch and RasterPropMonitor (Adopted) (for KSP 1.8.+) installed, available separately.

Tested in KSP 1.9.1 and 1.8.1. It should be backward compatible all the way back to 1.4.0, with appropriate KSP versions of B9 PS and RasterPropMonitor (KSP 1.7.3 and prior)

Some Known Issues

    • RCS atmo curve is optimized for vacuum. It needs to be set for sea level.
    • RealPlume support patch is untested.
    • Current engage/disengage plumes are, at the least, over-sized.
    • Mass/Cost differences between the scaled engine pod variants, may cause problems with TweakScale


@zlsa for giving their blessing to pick this mod up, and “continue” it.

@Ven for Ven’s Stock Revamp, for the textures and models for the top and bottom of the capsule, as well an incredible art style to boot.

@MOARdV, @Mihara & @JonnyOThan for RasterPropMonitor for the IVA props

@EmbersArc & @damonvv for Kerbal Reusability Expansion (which inspired the idea of a modern crew capsule mod for KSP)

@Tonka Crash for primary suggestions (long/short and Mono/LFO engine versions), balancing, and particularly reminding of some long forgotten, unfinished work on the mod. This “continuation” would not have happened without them. Do not forget to credit Ven if you reuse the textures or models. The top and bottom of the Wyvern capsule are taken directly from Ven’s Mk1-2 remodel.

A huge shoutout to @JadeOfMaar for writing the B9 patch.

About RasterPropMonitor

According to research, the creator has stopped developing RasterPropMonitor. v0.30.6 is the last release for RasterPropMonitor. The creator is working on a new IVA immersion mod, MOARdV’s Avionics Systems. RasterPropMonitor (RPM) uses the GPLv3 license, so if you want to take over development of RasterPropMonitor (RPM), please feel free to fork RasterPropMonitor (RPM) on GitHub.

Need to know that RasterPropMonitor is a plugin and toolkit originally by Mihara which provides functional props within your IVA. Originally, it was designed for the displays of the ALCOR capsule, however it evolved to add more features and widgets, dragging the Kerbal Space Program into the 21st Century. RasterPropMonitor (RPM) includes several overrides for stock capsules (and several mod capsules) to show off what can be done. However, there are more plugins than these examples can show. How to download it? If you want to get it, simply you are able to download it from GitHub. IVAs need Module Manager which is not bundled with this mod.

For CKAN users, this does not support installing by CKAN. If you have any questions regarding this mod being on CKAN, or missing from CKAN, you are able to talk to the people on the CKAN thread. If you installed this mod using CKAN, and you are having issues with it, then you have to uninstall this mod through CKAN, and then install it manually to make sure it is not a CKAN installer problem. If you have not taken that minimal step, they will not give additional support for you.

Did you use CKAN? How to get help? If you use CKAN and want to get help, please look at the previous entry. Otherwise, you are able to read the first few entries in the FAQ on GitHub. By the way, do you want to tweak an IVA to your liking? Do not worry, documentation is also on GitHub.

RasterPropMonitor’s License: GNU GPLv3. Props courtesy of alexustas and other contributors, available under the terms of CC 3.0 BY-NC-SA. Portions of the package are derived from stock textures by Squad. Those are distributed according to Squad policy of permitting to distribute stock assets with the mods if required.