How to Get Anemo Treasure Compass in Genshin Impact

miHoYo has released Genshin Impact version 1.1. Are you unable to venture into the World of Teyvat again and level up the new Reputation System? This is clearly worth it as with every level that you gain in every region, you will be able to get a few excellent items.

How do you get Anemo Treasure Compass in Genshin Impact?

Treasure Compass Locations:

How to Get Anemo Treasure Compass in Genshin Impac

  • Anemo Treasure Compass: Reach Lv. 6 Reputation in Mondstadt to unlock the blueprint, then craft it.
  • Geo Treasure Compass: Reach Lv. 6 Reputation in Liyue to unlock the blueprint, then craft it.

In order to get Anemo and Geo Treasure Compasses in the game named Genshin Impact, you will need to reach the Reputation Level 6 in both Liyue and Mondstadt. The reason is because both of them have a Treasure Compass. Once you have reached the required level, you will gain a blueprint to allow you to craft the Treasure Compass at any crafting station.

For your information, Reputation Level 6 is three quarters of the way to the maximum level, which is called Reputation 8. Without any doubt, you have quickly obtained levels thanks to yourself playing the game before the newest update happened. On the other words, each of your progress is automatically added to the Reputation System. However, in case you are not that confident reaching the required level, continue and complete the new Requests and Bounties featured in the game, even though you will have to remember that you are able to only do three a week. How to decide on Mondstadt and Liyue? Since the amount of requests and bounties you can do each week is shared between regions, you are highly recommended to choose a region to focus on first. Similar to the Resonance Stones, every region has also their own Treasure Compass. All the devices will work in their respective areas, so once again, please select the region you focus carefully.

Treasure Compass Crafting Materials

Two Treasure Compasses that you can get include an Anemo Treasure Compass for Mondstadt and a Geo Treasure Compass for Liyue. The Anemo is not able to be used in Liyue and vice versa. Their corresponding regions are the only places where they can be used.

There are some things that you need to craft the two Treasure Compasses, those include:

Anemo Treasure Compass..

  • Anemo Treasure Compass
  • Ingredients: X10 Golden Raven Insignia, x30 Philanemo Mushrooms, x50 Crystal Chunks, and 50000 Mora

Geo Treasure Compass..

  • Geo Treasure Compass
  • Ingredients: X10 Golden Raven Insignia, x30 Cor Lapis, x50 Crystal Chunks, 50000 Mora

How do you use Treasure Compass?

For those who want to activate the Treasure Compass, the first thing that you will have to do is to go to your inventory. Then, go to the new Gadgets tab and click on the Treasure Compass that you want to use. The next thing that should be done is to hit Equip which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You should do it to equip the Compass. If you want to use it, all that you have to do is to hit Z or the current input on the PlayStation 4 and mobile devices.

Once it is activated, it will cause a golden wisp of energy to show up and show you the direction of the nearest Treasure Chest. If there is a chest nearby, the Compass will enter a 30 second cooldown. On the other hand, if there is no chest that can be found, the Compass will only enter a 5 second cooldown.

Recommended use of Treasure Compasses

  • Use in in areas you have progress

You are recommended to use the Treasure Compass in the area where you have collected most of the obvious Treasure Chest, but not combined though the whole yet. It would be wasting your valuable resources using a Compass in an area where the Treasure Chests can be seen clearly.

You can check your achievements here:

  • Mondstadt Area: Find 400 Treasure Chests
  • Liyue Area: Find 800 Treasure Chests

Deciding on which region to focus is also allowed based on the number of Treasure Chests that you currently have. It might be the perfect way to reach the goal quickly especially for those who are so close to getting the achievement in an area. Once again, please see the amount of Treasure Chests that you have found in achievement sections of the Mondstadt: The City of Wind and Song and Liyue: The Harbor of Stone and Contracts.

  • When a new region is implemented

It might be good for you to aim for reputation level 6 in the whole area as well, especially in the case where you are already familiar with your way around Mondstadt and Liyue and have all the required achievements. On the other hand, it is possible to take quite a while to get it since you probably have to get to reputation level 6 for an area before unlocking the blueprint.

  • Depends on materials and reputation

If you think getting to reputation level 6 takes too much time, holding off on collecting Treasure Chests until you get it is not a great one. Aside from that, if both of the Compasses need rare and valuable materials, it might be a best option to save them and go hunting for Treasure on your own or rely on the maps.

You should get the Anemo Treasure Compass easily if you follow the guide well. If you find it hard to get it, you are encouraged to visit the communities or forums of Genshin Impact and get the members help you. There are also several channels on Youtube that explain about the method of how to get it in the game. Feel free to watch any video that you want. If there is something not that clear, you can leave a comment on the comment section of the video. After leaving one, there is nothing that you can do instead of waiting or someone to reply.

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