The Best Weapon for Klee in Genshin Impact

Klee is a new five star character which released in the game of Genshin Impact. The Pyro character is able to inflict a crazy amount of damage like other Pyro characters. You are able to read this article if you want to know the best weapon and artifact build for Klee in Genshin Impact. Here we will share the best weapon and artifact build for Genshin Impact Klee.

Best Weapons for Klee

Five-star Weapons

  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

The weapon can increases Movement SPD by 10 percent. When in the battle, earn an 8 percent Elemental DMG Bonus every 4 seconds. Maximum 4 stacks. Lasts for the character falls or leaves the combat in the game.

  • Skyward Atlas
Skyward Atlas-

The weapon can increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12 percent. A cloud Skyward atlas symbolizing Dvalin. Its former master, the Anemo Archon. Also, it details the winds and clouds of the northern regions which consist of the powers of the wind and sky.

Four-star Weapons

  • Royal Grimoire
Royal Grimoire-

After damaging an opponents, will increases CRIT Rate by 8 percent. Maximum 5 stacks. A CRIT hit deletes all the stacks.

  • Mappa Mare
Mappa Mare-

Making an Elemental reaction will be able to give an 8 percent Elemental DMG Bonus for 10s. Maximum 2 stacks.

  • Solar Pearl
Solar Pearl-

The Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst attacks increase Normal Attack DMG by 20 percent for 6 seconds.

  • Sacrificial Fragments
Sacrificial Fragments

After dealing damage to an opportunity with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40 percent opportunity to end its own CD. This only happen once every 30 seconds.

  • Blackcliff Amulet
Blackcliff Amulet

Beating an opponents will increases the next Elemental Burst’s DMG by 24 percent. Lasts for 30 seconds. Maximum 3 stacks.

Three-star Weapons

  • Amber Catalyst
Amber Catalyst-

Normal Attack increase all Elemental DMG by 6 percent for 6 seconds. Maximum 2 stacks.

  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Once switching the characters, the new character who taking the field has their ATK increased by 24 percent for 10 seconds. This effect will occur once every 20 seconds.

Best Artifacts for Klee

  • Crimson Witch of Flame Set
Crimson Witch of Flame Set-

2 set: Pyro DMG bonus +15 percent.

4 set: Improves Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40 percent. Improves Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15 percent. With an Elemental Skill improves 2-Piece Set effects by 50 percent for 10 seconds. Maximum 3 stacks.

  • Noblesse Oblige Set
Noblesse Oblige Set

2 set: Elemental Burst DMG + 20 percent.

4 set: With an Elemental Burst improves all party members’ ATK by 20 percent for 12 second. This effect will not stack.

  • Wanderer’s Troupe Set
Wanderer’s Troupe Set

2 set: Elemental Mastery + 80

4 set: Improves the Charged Attack DMG by 35 percent if the character utilizes a Catalyst or Bow.

  • Instructor Set
Instructor Set

2 set: Elemental Mastery + 80

4 set: After making an elemental reaction, improves all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8 seconds.

  • Berserker Set
Berserker Set-

2 set: CRIT Rate + 12 percent.

4 set: When HP is under 70 percent, CRIT Rate improves by an additional 24 percent.

  • Gladiator’s Finale
Gladiator's Finale-

2 set: 18% Attack stat boost.

4 set: This offers boost to Sword, Polearm, or Claymore fighters, but no boost to Klee’s weapon.

  • Gambler

2 set: This will improves Elemental Skill by 20%.

4 set: Beating an opponent has a 100% opportunity to delete Elemental Skill cool down. This effect will only occur once every 15 seconds. For your informaton, mixing the Gladiator’s Finale and Gambler is a good option, because the Gladiator’s Finale’s 2-set boost is very useful, but the 4-set boost will not help Genshin Impact Klee at all.

Well, that is all for the best weapons and artifacts for Klee in the game of Genshin Impact.

How to get Klee in the game of Genshin Impact?

Klee is a limited-time character in Genshin Impact game. Currently, she is available in the Sparkling Steps banner, where she is going to remain until November 10. Usually, Gacha games recycle heroes, but if you wish Klee, please ensure to act fast. She is a five-star character in that banner, with Xingqiu, Noelle, and Sucrose. She has a 0.6% opportunity of being pulled. But, if you do not get a five-star pull in your first 90 pulls of a banner, the game has a pity mechanic that guarantees one. With a five-star weapon, Klee is one of two five-stars in Sparkling Steps. It means that you have a 50% opportunity to pull her after 90. Also, you must have a 100% opportunity if you get to 180 pulls without her. That is an expensive route, however the only other option is luck.

Genshin Impact Klee-

Genshin Impact Klee overview

As we know that Klee is a new character in the game of Genshin Impact. She attacks with a series of rapid and Pyro blasts, make her excellent at crowd control. The Spark Knight is able to leave the explosions in her wake once she leaves the battle, giving a 25 percent attack boost to other Pyro fighters through her skill. Even, Klee is one of the most rabid fighters in the game of Genshin Impact.

Normal attack: Kaboom

  • Normal Attack: Klee does 3 quick ranged attacks, dealing AoE Pyro damage.

Charged Attack: Klee’s projectile gives larger AoE Pyro damage.

Plunging Attack: Klee’s explosion gives larger AoE Pyro damage.

Elemental Skill: Jumpy Dumpty

Klee throws a Jumpy Dumpty), that bounces three times, making AoE Pyro damage with each bounce.

Elemental Burst: Sparks ‘n’ Splash

This attack deals prolonged AoE Pyro damage to all opponents near Klee.


  • Pounding Surprise

Genshin Klee has a 50% opportunity to get an Explosive Spark with every successful Normal Attack, that scharges her Charged Attack, dealing 50% more damage and costing no Stamina.

  • Sparkling Burst

If Klee’s Charged Attack gets a Crit hit, all party members obtain 2 Elemental Energy.

  • All Of My Treasures

All Mondstadt specialties are displayed on the mini-map while she is present.