Violetgrass Genshin Impact Location Map

Violetgrass is a flower which has a downward looking crown. Known, this flower blooms downwards so that the original fragrance of this flower is not lost. Apart from its unique shape, the location of Violetgrass is no less unique.

However, finding the Violetgrass in the game is not pretty hard at all, considering this flower can be obtained anywhere, aside from at the top of mountains. For those who do not yet know the location to find this flower, of course getting the post that can guide you to find it is such a treasure, isn’t it?

Violetgrass Genshin Impact

So let’s see how to find the location of Violetgrass in Genshin Impact!

Where to Find the Location of Violetgrass?

The Violetgrass can be found within the Liyue region. In this place, the plants are usually hanging from the sides of the mountains. Herbalist Gui as an employee at Bubu Pharmacy and Verr Goldet at Wangshu Inn always carry five Violetgrass in stock to refresh them every 2 days at 4:00 AM server time. The Violetgrass costs 1,000 Mora each at both locations.

Additionally, the Violetgrass can only be found on the side of the cliff that we usually pass when we are climbing. Perhaps Violetgrass was a distant relative of Qingxin due to its proximity. Qingxin was usually at the top of the cliff, while Violetgrass was on the cliff wall.

Then, the NPC Mengmeng has found the Violetgrass near the Statue of The Seven at Bishui Plain in Dihua Marsh. From this place, he really got five Violetgrass after talking to her for the first time.

Even though the Violetgrass is quite easy to find in certain locations as we have explained above but there are four locations that you can visit to get this flower easily. Where are they?

Violetgrass Location 1

Near Dunyu Ruins

The first location of the Violetgrass is in the Dunyu Ruins area that you can find by heading  north of the Statue of the Seven. You absolutely will find Violetgrass there if you teleport there and walk a little north from there.

Violetgrass Location 2

second location of Violetgrass can be found in Mingyun Village

The second location of Violetgrass can be found in Mingyun Village. Here, you can also find Starconches and Noctilucous Jades. In Mingyun Village, you surely can find the largest cluster found in the mountains around. You may see that this location is not already unlocked on the map, but you do not have to worry. Well, just keep playing the story, you automatically will be required to create the trek south of Liyue.

Violetgrass  Location 3

The third location which is believed to provide the Violetgrass is Huaguang Stone Forest. However, this location is the most obvious place to plant the Violetgrass. Even though you should be island jumping as each Violetgrass is located at the top of stone, but to get the Violetgrass in this place is such a way that you have to do.

Violetgrass Location 4

third location which is believed to provide the Violetgrass is Huaguang Stone Forest

The last location of the Violetgrass is Qingce Village that you can find west of Wuwang Hill. Of course, by visiting this place, we guarantee that you will not miss the Violetgrass there. Furthermore, this is the earliest location that you are able to collect the Violetgrass. Although there are just six Violetgrass there but you can find them more difficult as they are not exactly clustered together there.

Well, those are all the locations of Violetgrass that you should visit in order to get this flower.

Here’s for the Tips and Trick to Get the Violetgrass!

Getting a bit hard to find the Violetgrasss is a common circumstance at all. Of course, you are not alone to confront this case, considering there are many other players who have the same problem. As we know that the Violetgrass grows on the side of cliffs so it may be hard to find it.

Well, the best deed that you can do is to head to the wrap point and you can then go to the certain place. Then, if you are looking on the cliff edge, you will see a few plants which are growing out. Somehow, you will find the Violetgrass which you are seeking out. From your way here, ensure to scan both sides of the cliff as there’s normally three in each location.

Furthermore, if you get the trouble in finding enough there, you really have to head south west of the teleport point in this area. Here, you have to see a large rock which overhangs the ground. Of course, in this spot, you can really find more Violetgrass as well as a couple of other flowers types.

From here, you have to keep heading around the area if you really need more Violetgrass. Indeed, they can be found over the place after you know where to look for them. Please be careful as the monsters will spawn in this area and they can try to bring you down from the cliff. They will directly attack you when they see you climbing around.

How to Use Violetgrass After Finding Them?

Generally, the Violetgrass is majorly used for character ascensions. The Genshim Impact character who only uses this plant is Qiqi. For players who use Qiqi, Violetgrass is a very vital ingredient for upgrading Qiqi. In total you need 168 to Ascend Qiqi.

Thankfully, the Violetgrass is very easy to find and it is also very useful for completing weekly missions to collect Liyue’s 100 Local Specialties.

Aside from being used by a character, the Violetgrass can also be used for some recipes. This plant is really used as the main material to cook two menus, here they are:

Menu 1 – Black-Back Perch Stew

Black-Back Perch Stew..

Rarity: 3 Stars.


  • 1 x Violetgrass
  • 3 x Fish
  • 1 x Jueyen Chili
  • 1 x Salt

Effect: This food can restore 7.5% of the HP of all party members and also regenerate 350-580 HP every 5s for 30s.

Menu 2 – Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish

Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish

Rarity: 3 Stars.


  • 1 x Violetgrass
  • 3x  Fish
  • 1 x Jueyen Chili
  • 1 x Salt

Effect: This food can restore 34% of Max HP to all party members and also regenerate 1410 HP every 5s for 30s.