How to Get Adopted in Bitlife

For those who are playing the game called BitLife, you might be wondering if your character is able to get adopted. So, is it possible to get adopted in this game? In order to find the answer to the question, do not stop and keep reading the post until the end.

For those who are wondering if your character in BitLife is able to get adopted, apparently, it is possible. If you have a red or low relationship with your parents and you are sent for adoption or you are abandoned by them and you are in an orphanage, you are able to get adopted on the street, unless you will be homeless.

Orphanage is the kind of place where your character in BitLife is able to be taken to at the age between 1 to 17. Keep in mind that it is only possible to happen when you have no single parent left in your family. After it happens, you and or your siblings will be taken there for the rest of the childhood. If you have pets, all of them will be seized by animal control and there is no way for you to see them anymore. In the orphanage, there are also some other children and not just you and your siblings. However, there is no way for you to interact with them. After spending time at an orphanage, you are able to be released once you turn 18. Not only that, it is also possible for you to be released if you get adopted.

How to Get Adopted in Bitlife

Talking about getting adopted in BitLife, there are a number of possible reasons that makes it possible for you to get adopted, as follows:

    • Your birth parent(s) died in a fire. It is also possible if your birth parent(s) died in natural disaster, bar fight, combat, a car crash, a plane crash, a motorcycle accident, or a rare infectious disease.
    • Your birth parent(s) were unfit parents or unfit teens.
    • Your birth parent(s) have serious financial problems.
    • Your birth parent(s) have serious health problems.
    • You are abandoned by your parents. It can be due to bad behaviors or unpleasant physical appearances.
    • Your birth parent(s) could not possess a baby for religious reasons.
    • Your birth parent(s) were imprisoned.
    • Your birth parent(s) have serious drug additions.
    • Your birth parent(s) were in rehab.

It should be noted that no one of them affects the gameplay even though it seems that the children whose parent(s) have bad behavior such as drug additions or being unfit teens usually have one or more stats being low.

Apart from these reasons mentioned above, there might be different ones in an adoption event, including the birth parent(s) not wanting a girl. It usually happens from countries like China. Another possible reason is the birth parent(s) drop the children from above into the hand of the player. According to the journal of some characters, they were put up for adoption and got adopted for different reasons. A few of them are considered really crazy and funny, including the birth parent(s) who cannot stand that they are a fan of someone who is popular.

After getting adopted, you will be referred to as an “Adopted Son” or “Adopted Daughter”. If the parents that adopt you have children, they can refer to you as “Adopted Brother” or “Adopted Sister”.

Adoption is such a good way to get children without having to get pregnant. One is able to adopt a character if they are dreaming of a child but they do not want to go through the pregnant phase. As mentioned before, the child can be from 1 to 17 years old. If you get adopted, your adopted parents can name you anything they want. They can keep your surname and they can also change it to their surname. If your adopter is a female, she can still have the next generation child use her surname if the children were adopted and she chooses to change their username to yours. If you were adopted after biological children, you will show up under those biological children even if you are older. If you get adopted by royal parents, take note that you will not get the royal title as you are not born into royalty.

In fact, the adoption process does not always run smoothly. It is possible for the request to be rejected if the player who wants to adopt a child is too young. There is also no way for them to adopt someone if they are too old, have no house, poor finances, have no job, have a criminal record, or have too many children already. If they already have more than 5 children, the adoption request will be rejected by the adoption center under “Unspecified”. It is always like this even if fewer than 5 are alive and or a few of them were adopted out. If players have 4 children and one of them is currently pregnant with the 5th one, the adoption request will not be rejected by the adoption center as they assume the character fits all the other requirements.

Adopting a child is allowed and possible if the partner of a player has a pregnancy with another person by cheating on their character. Besides, it is also possible if there is a threesome.

The adoption in the game called BitLife feature has gone through some changes. After the November 2019 update, it is possible for the adoption scenarios to be shown randomly. Not only that, it is also possible to adopt a child up to 17 years old. In the past, the maximum age was 7. In March the following year, this feature was overhauled for iOS, making it possible for foreign children to adopt. Thanks to the update, they can have a selection, with their own stats, cost, appearance, country of origin, and reason why their birth parent(s) could not raise them. It is stated that they will have behavior as a stat. As for the child with a lower behaviors stat, they are more likely to trigger “behavior” events where they do something not good.

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