How to Get a Loan From the Bank in BitLife

You may come to this page to find out the way to get a loan from the bank in BitLife. Unfortunately, here you will not find its way. Instead, here we are going to share the way to pay off your debts in BitLife. If you want to know the way to pay off your debts in BitLife, make sure you read this text until the end.

Types of Loans in BitLife

Before we talk about how to pay off your debts in BitLife, firstly we are going to inform you about the types of loans in BitLife. Mainly there are two types of loans in BitLife.

Here are types of loans in BitLife:

  • Student Loans
  • Mortgage Loan

How to Get a Loan From the Bank in BitLife

How to Pay off Your Debts in BitLife?

Apparently, there are some ways to pay off your debts in BitLife. However, not all of them are legal. If you follow an illegal way to pay off your debts, you might end up screwed.

Way 1: Paying Off Debts in BitLife illegally

Apparently, there are several ways you can earn money in illegal ways and pay off your debts in BitLife. Remember that if you get caught, then you might suffer a lot. However, this way, you will be able to earn money quickly and pay off your debts quickly. These methods include pickpockets and burglary/robbery.

Way 2: Paying Off Debts in BitLife legally

Pay Off Student Loans in BitLife

In BitLife, you get student loans for higher education. So, you do not have any assets under this loan. After your education and university life, you will need to get a job. Need to know that your student loan repayment is an automated process. The important thing is you must have a constant source of income, or a large sum of money in your BitLife bank account. When you get a job in BitLife, ensure to work hard every year. So, you are going to get promotions and pay rises in your career. When you obtain a good amount of money, then your automatic student loan repayment will take care of your loan. After your automated loan repayment is completed, the BitLife app is going to show you a message saying you have paid off the debt successfully.

Pay Off Mortgage Loan in BitLife

For those who have an automatic loan repayment process for your loan, it will be paid off automatically with the money you obtain from your salary. You only must get a proper job and work hard every year to get pay raises. However, if you have a mortgage and do not have a proper job or enough money in your BitLife bank account, you are in trouble. Now you need to make a decision. You are able to choose one of the following options to pay off your mortgage in BitLife.

  • Discover a Job As soon as possible.
  • Sell your house or assets to pay off your mortgage.

If you have enough qualifications, discovering a job is not a hard thing. You are even able to do freelance gigs or part-time jobs to raise your BitLife bank account. If you are able to discover a permanent full-time job with enough paycheck to pay the monthly installment, it means that you have saved your life by paying off the whole debt that your character has taken.

Otherwise, you have to sell your house or assets to pay off your mortgage. After you sell the house and pay off the debt, you have to work hard to get a job and raise your BitLife bank balance. If you cannot discover a full-time job, you are able to go for freelance gigs and part-time jobs to increase your BitLife bank balance. When you are looking for a job, you should go for a highest paying job in BitLife. Eventually, when you obtain enough money and become rich, you are able to buy a new house in BitLife again.

How to Rob a Bank in BitLife?

As we explained above, one of the illegal ways to pay off your debt is by robbing. Now, you may want to know the way to rob a Bank in BitLife.

How to Rob a Bank in BitLife

When you are ready to rob a bank in BitLife, you have to click on the Crime option underneath the Activities tab. It is going to be the first choice you can choose. There will be many choices for you to select before you go through with the bank robbery. You are going to have to pick the bank you want to rob, the disguise your character will wear, the weapon you plan to use, and the type of getaway car you need to use for escaping. Keep in mind that the gun, disguise, and getaway car are important to consider before attempting to rob a bank.

We highly suggest you choose a lethal weapon which can defend your character, but it is not too hefty. For example, the players have had success with a machete, spiked mace, chainsaw, golf club, pitchfork, blowgun, and some players even report using a toy gun. There are also some players who said that they use a golf club to rob a Bank in BitLife. The same goes for choosing your disguise. You are able to use something that can protect your entire identity and make it difficult for the police to discover you while trying to escape. Eventually, the escape vehicle will need to be something efficient and fast. Any car you use will be helpful, although the players have successfully used a train, an electric scooter, a rideshare app, and a hoverboard.

Again, we say that these options have a random chance of working or causing an issue in your bank robbery. You are able to mix and match these combinations to discover your best results. In alternative, when making a character you want to use to rob a bank in BitLife, you have to ensure that their particular skill is Crime. This will be able to increase their success with anything crime-related in BitLife.

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