How to Enable Epic Games Fortnite 2FA [Step by Step]

Do you want to make your Epic Games account more secure by enabling two factor authentication or 2FA but you do not know how to do so? The good news is that you are in the right place as this page consists of the information about step by step to activate the 2FA.

How do you enable the Epic Games Fortnite 2FA?

In order to enable 2FA in the game called Fortnite, at the beginning, you will need to go to the official website of Epic Games using any web browser and enter the email and password or press one of some social icons available such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Facebook, and Google, to authenticate through the accounts.

How to Enable Epic Games Fortnite 2FA [Step by Step]

Once you have filled in everything, press the button to access and you will be taken to a page for managing 2FA. In some cases, you might have to convert your temporary account to an Epic Games account. If it is the case, you are recommended to pay attention to the steps that are displayed on the screen, as in some cases you may lose the progress related to your account.

Feel free to choose whether you want to get the unlock code for the next authentication by email by pressing the thing that says Enable Authentication by Email, or whether you want to use a software known as app authenticator by pressing the Activate the Authenticator App.

You are encouraged to use the email address, which is known as the most convenient way of getting the code. On top of that, it does not require downloading the third-party applications.

If you choose the email authentication, you will get an email with a 6 digit code. Upon getting the code, all that should be done is to enter the code in the text field and press the element Continue. In the end, the 2FA is enabled by email.

However, if you want to take advantage of an authentication app in general, you will need to download an app recommended by Epic Games and then use it to scan the QR Code that you can see on the screen. Another way is to take advantage of the activation code provided to you by the official website of Epic Games.

How do you get the unlock code?

After enabling the 2FA, you will be asked to enter a security code whenever you access from a device on which you have never played the Epic Games title. There are several methods to get this code, here are the most common.

  • Authentication by email

Using your own email is one of the most used ways to unlock the code linked to 2FA. This one requires Epic Games to send you a 6-digit number each time you log into your account from a new device. With it, you will always be informed about the security of your profile and to unlock the game you will only need to enter the code in the right column.

  • Google Authenticator

A lot of people use Google products daily. If you are so into Google, you might also want to use the official authentication application of this popular company. In order to download and install the application called Google Authenticator, you must open the Google Play Store for the Android device or the App Store for those with Apple products. When you are there, look for the Google Authenticator and then tap the icon of the app once you have found it. it is a gray G shaped like a handle. The next thing is to press the Install or Get button, and if required, verify your identity.

After installing the app, you should launch it and press the item Home. Do not forget to read the prompts on the screen and choose the item FIN. Now, it is time for you to weigh the element Read barcode or Enter the code provided and once the account is set up correctly, it will have a 6 digit number, which will be updated at the regular intervals. The last one is the unlock code that you need to enter when you are asked.

  • LastPass Authenticator

LassPass Authenticator is named as one of the most used apps for the generation of access codes for 2FA from smartphones and tablets. A lot of people love this more compared to the others because it is easy to use.

If you want to use this app, you can just download the app by launching the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS to look for “last step authenticator”. From the search results, select the one with a white shield on a red background. Then, press the Install or Get button and if you are on iOS, you will need to verify your identity using the Face ID, Touch ID, or the Apple ID password. Once the app has started, please press OK or Allow to provide it with all the permissions it needs to function properly.

Next, tap on Add new account and Scan barcode to scan the QR code or Enter the security key to use the appropriate code. If the account has been set up, you will find the unlock code, which will be updated at regular intervals.

  • Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft has launched the application authenticators called Microsoft Authenticator. To use it, go to either Google Play Store or App Store and type “Microsoft authenticator” on the search bar. Then, choose the app with the white padlock on a blue background icon. After that, press the Install or Get button, and for those who are using iOS devices, you will have to verify your identity with Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password. Once you have downloaded the app, launch it, tap the Introduction, and then hit OK. Then, tap the blue + button and choose Another account. Do not forget to click “allow” and frame the QR Code using the camera. By doing so, the unlock code will be shown on the screen.