How to Clear My ADT Tamper Alarm

The main reason why people avoid using their home security system, as they are afraid of false alarms or tamper alarms. However, any technical mistakes can be fixed easily to avoid false alarms or tamper alarms. To fix it, you may need to disarm to quiet the trouble sound.

In very rare cases, a wireless device actually has a malfunctioning tamper switch. Well, that is commonly caused by the cover tamper that does not fit on the transmitter quite right. Do you also face the tamper alarm issue? If so, let’s have some possible solutions below that hopefully can resolve your issues immediately!

How to Clear My ADT Tamper Alarm

Clearing Out the Tamper Alarm on ADT Security, Here’s How!

All you have to do when a tamper alarm occurs is to check all components whether it was a panel tamper or a sensor tamper. After the cause has been found, the first thing you need to do is to disarm the system again to clear the tamper display.

With Lynx or Lyric alarm panel, you may need to go to Security, then Disarm and last Enter Code. With Vista panels, you may need to enter your 4 digit code + Off. Make sure to perform this way twice.

Moreover, you can also press the ‘Home Key’ once or twice until you are provided with a number paid. Then, you can enter your valid 4 digit code. In rare cases, a wireless device probably has a malfunctioning tamper switch that is caused by the cover tamper not fitting on the transmitter correctly.

If you want to test the device and verify that the tamper is working properly, you can follow step-by-step below!

    1.  Remove the tamper cover

If you find the tamper cover is still on the device, you may need to remove it, as you should expose the tamper switch.

    1. Press the tamper manually

The next step you can do is to press the tamper manually. You definitely can press and hold the tamper switch down with your finger or thumb. Well, it will be easier if you remove the transmitter from its mounting location. Then, you need to hold it in your hand.

After that, you need to restore the device, meaning if it is a window/ door contact using a magnet. So, the magnet must be beside the transmitter in the ‘Closed’ position.

    1. Disarm the system

You also need to do a disarm sequence twice at the panel or keyboard. If the tamper on the device that is manually held tampering doesn’t go away, then you can assume it’s a faulty tamper switch.

What Causes Tamper Alarm Occur?

When a tamper alarm occurs, it will prevent it from being opened without the system owner being informed. If a system or a sensor is opened, it will provide access to internal components, so it can disable the unit.

If the cover of tamper is opened, an individual can potentially remove the backup battery in an attempt to power down the system. Aside from that, they can also damage other components that make the system dysfunction.

Certainly, when the cover is opened when the system is disarmed, an issue will sound and display. Then, the alerts will be sent to the monitoring station. The tamper that is activated will be more serious if it occurs while the system is armed. In this situation, an alarm will occur on the system immediately. It means that an alarm signal will be sent to the monitoring station and the end user, depending on their monitoring plan.

After the monitoring station receives your alarm signal, they will then follow the alarm process that has been built for that customer. However, it commonly consists of trying to call the customer to find out if everything is alright. If the monitoring station cannot get any information from the customer, they will then patrol your home situation.

Overall, the cover tamper is one of the most essential parts on alarm systems, as it can prevent intruders from compromising your system by breaking your internal alarm components.

In this case, the end users also should be aware that an activated cover tamper is a serious thing for a monitoring station. They also should always ensure that their system is fully disarmed before trying to open up their alarm panel. If you fail to do so, it will cause a costly and inconvenient false alarm.

Another cause will usually occur when a tamper cover is not being placed back on the device correctly. In some cases, if the sensor has a back tamper, it may not be applied correctly or may also be missing its back mounting plate.

No worries! Some home security service companies, including ADT, will have multiple tampers. One for the front or back cover, while other for the bay in which the communication is installed.

How to Prevent False Alarm/ Tamper Alarm?

There are a bunch of tips that you can do to prevent false alarms or tamper alarms. Here are they:

    1. Make sure to educate individuals at your home how to avoid triggering an alarm. Then, tell them what they have to do.
    2. Make sure that your verbal security passwords and emergency contacts lists are up-to-date.
    3. Learn more about the signs of a low battery, so you will have more time to prepare.
    4. Make sure you are conducting regular systems tests to make sure that your system is communicating with ADT monitoring centers 24/7.
    5. Make sure to inspect your window or door contacts regularly to find out they remain secure and properly aligned.
    6. You may need to restrain your pets from areas in which motion and glass break detectors may be set off accidentally or also have the sensors re-positioned.
    7. Please don’t install any equipment in a location that may set off the detector. In this case, a ceiling fan installation within a range of a motion detector.
    8. Make sure to clean out smoke detectors regularly, as dust and other particles will cause the false alarm to occur.

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