How to Become a Dentist in BitLife

There are a lot of job options at the game known as BitLife and dentist is counted as one of them, apart from the most popular ones like doctor, psychology or doctorate. As you probably know, getting your application accepted for any job in the first place is not easy, let alone becoming a dentist.

Before applying for the job as a dentist, there are a lot of requirements for you to meet. Apparently, it is possible for you to apply for the job even though you are still a college student. The difference is that the chance of your application to be rejected is high. Fortunately, you will be guided to achieve your goal to be a dentist.

How to Become a Dentist in BitLife

    • Be a good kid

In the early years, your main focus should be being a good one to your whole family and to your friends. Your daily activities should revolve around the school and home only. Please try your best to stay in school, get the good grades, be a filial child and a good sibling and try to avoid trouble as much as you can.

There is no certain thing that you need to put your worry on. All that you must do is to focus on keeping all of them up. Even though there is no need for you to be perfect, you are still advised to have smarts high to make your career transition easier.

Do not forget to cooperate and be appreciative if it is your time to get the vaccines or if your parents want you to join the vacations. It should be done for the sake of increasing your relationship with them. Apparently, having a good and healthy relationship with your family is really helpful later on as you will see.

    • Go the Dental School

Go the Dental School

After the high school level has passed, the next thing that you will have to do is to just keep on doing what you are currently doing and stay healthy and smart. When you turn 16, which means it is time for you to take your driving test, make sure to look for the guide related to getting the driver’s license to pass the test.

You have a high chance of getting a vehicle that is helpful to get around if you are bound with both of your parents. It is sure that they will not hesitate to buy one for their nice kid. It is the reason why being a nice kid to your parents is really essential.

The story does not end here. Apart from that, once you manage to graduate from high school, you will have to go to university. Actually, your preference of study does not really affect your chances of becoming a dentist, but it is still recommended just in case.

Getting a scholarship should be your first payment option when getting into the university. However, in case you cannot get approval for it, there is no one that can save your day other than your parents. Basically, you will need to ask your parents to pay for your university tuition.

Once the four years have been passed, the college world is over and you can enter into a Dental School. Entering a Dental School means skipping over graduate school, which is fine. It is one step closer for you to be a dentist. There should be no problem when getting in and you even have a high chance to get a great result when applying for a scholarship.

    • Apply for the job to be a dentist

Once you have graduated from the Dental School, it is time for you to start looking for the dental jobs. You can browse the full time job listings and search for the one that is related to a dental office. The top list will most likely be a full fledged dentist job. Upon seeing it, please keep calm and just apply for it as the chance to be approved is high.

This dentist thing is a bit different compared to the other jobs. Applying and successfully getting one will immediately collect the dentist career for you in your collections. It is clearly different if you compared to the others since they require you to have the job for a couple of years.

It should be not that hard for you to be a dentist in BitLife if you follow these steps above well. To remind you once again, it is needed for you to have completed school and also it is needed for you to have a high level of smartness. Keep in mind that you will need the second one at every stage of your life. If your grade is anything below 85, it is time for you to say goodbye to your dream of becoming a dentist. It might sound so harsh but if the character that you have currently has the smartness level below the minimum required criteria, which is 85, then do not waste your time by applying for this position as there is no chance.

If you still have an ambition to be a dentist, you are encouraged to go to the library and hit the books. Please keep yourself busy in studies for a good amount of time. When every level that you have has reached 85 or above, you can consider to apply for the same position as before. This time, you have a better chance to be approved since you have met the requirements to be a dentist.

Being a dentist is one of the most prestigious jobs and just like any other prestigious ones, your grade and smartness play the big role. Everything is about study, books, and good grades. In addition, being a decent human being is also a must since being a dentist itself is a good thing. Do not forget to be nice and treat everyone well because you will need all of them one day.

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