How Rare is the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, you will face a number of enemies that may appear on open seas. One of the enemies is Kraken that is known as one of the most formidable enemies that you may need to defeat. However, defeating Kraken is a bit hard to do, as it will randomly appear on the sea.

To kill the Kraken, you may need to know when the Kraken appears and how rare it is on the sea. After you know the time when the Kraken appears, you will get a bigger chance to find and face this monster. So, how rare is the Kraken on the open sea and how to defeat it?

How Rare is the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

How Rare Is the Kraken in the Sea of Thieves?

The Kraken will randomly attack your ship while it sails across deep water. It is known that Kraken will only appear between cloud events, meaning there’s no cloud event active on the map. You may have roughly 20% chances to see the Kraken, assuming there are 5 ships on the server at that time.

You can also increase your chance to find Kraken. What you should do is to sail in deep water when there’s no Skeleton Fleet ship cloud and  Skeleton Fort skull cloud visible in the sky. Otherwise, you need to head out into the water when either cloud is visible to avoid the Kraken attacking you.

Technically, you will not find the Kraken, but  putting yourself into a location where the Kraken will easily find you is an alternative way. You may need to go to the deep sea, as a location where the Kraken is most likely to appear.

After you are in the deep sea, you need to stay there and keep sailing around. The point is, Kraken is a rare encounter that may take some time to find. But if the time is yours, the Kraken will come to you eventually. You will know when the Kraken has appeared as the water will turn black. You can try your hand to defeat the Kraken, after you have found the Kraken.

How to Know that the Kraken Appears?

You may already know that Kraken is a large sea creature that has a bunch of tentacles. The Kraken will attack any kind of ship and any player, though the player is alone. You will know the Kraken to appear through its sound.

It is known that the Kraken releases an echoing deep noise underwater and above water during the night. However, the Kraken’s noise is very different from the Whales’ sound. When the Kraken appears, the water around will mix with ink and suddenly becomes murky.

When the water gets murky, any ship will slow down tremendously, while swimming underwater will give very limited vision. The most feared thing when the Kraken appears is that it has the capability to destroy ships and damage the players.

How to Defeat the Kraken in the Sea of Thieves?

How to Defeat the Kraken in the Sea of Thieves

According to some pro players of Sea of Thieves, the best way to start defeating the Kraken is to shoot it with cannons on your ship when it opens its mouth. You should avoid attacking the Kraken closely, as it will shoot black ink and damage the attacker.

In close range, you will be sucked into the tentacle’s maws and cannot move anymore. Its tentacle will also drown when you are grabbed. To release you from its tentacle, you or your team should shoot the tentacle’s maw with either hand weapons or cannons.

Even though killing the Kraken is a bit hard to do, but getting away from it will be easier, particularly if you have enough planks to patch up your ship. It is known that a ship inside the dark water zone will suffer a great slowdown, but it can still move. To escape the Kraken, it will take several minutes to get to the edge of the dark water zone.

What Will You Get After Killing the Kraken?

If you can kill the Kraken, you will be granted the rewards with loot that will keep floating on the surface for a while. There may be either 1 or 2 pieces of loot at its base. So, that’s why dropping your anchor at the start of a Kraken encounter is very beneficial, especially when you know what you’re doing.

However, every tentacle that has been killed will drop some loot right after death, meaning you need to grab the loot before it sinks. Well, it will make it more difficult to farm the Kraken’s loot for single ships with 3 or less people abroad.

Furthermore, to look for treasure, you do not need to sail around, as the rewards can be obtained from an extremely large loot pool. Certainly, you can expect anything from treasure chests of all types to trinkets to skulls to gems.

For more information, each Kraken that has been successfully killed will drop one piece of Kraken Meat. You can cook and eat its meat for a health boost. However, you may prefer to hand id over to a Hunter’s Call trading company representative at any seatpost.

Additionally, you will be granted with XP to raise your standing with the Hunter’s Call. You will also gain up to 450 gold for a perfectly cooked bit of meat.

In addition to getting the rewards, you will also get several Commendations and related rewards that are associated with defeating the Kraken, here they are:

    • If you defeat 1 Kraken, you will earn the Kraken Hunter commendation and gain 10 doubloons.
    • If you defeat 5 Kraken, you will earn the Master  Kraken Hunter commendation and gain 20 doubloons.
    • If you defeat 10 Kraken, you will earn the Legendary Kraken Hunter commendation and gain 50 doubloons.

Certainly, those commendations will unlock the Kraken Capstan respectively, Kraken Cannon and Kraken Wheel for purchase at any shipwright. Once you know the guide to kill the Kraken and the rewards you will get after killing the Kraken, it’s your turn to start finding the Kraken and defeating it as great as possible.

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