Gliding Challenge Genshin Day 6 Tips and Guides

This page consists of the tips and guides to complete the gliding challenge in the brand-new game called Genshin Impact. Please read every single thing and follow the guides well.

Challenge 1: Birds in the breeze

The southeast of Luhua Pool is the name of the place where you are able to find the first gliding challenge. You can go to the direction from the nearest Statue of the Seven, and you will easily find Hughes and starting mechanism near the edge of a cliff. This course will show up on your right hand, leading down through the nearby tunnel under the cliff.

Birds in the breeze

Once the challenged is started, please do not open the glider right away because you will be too high for the first ring. It is better for you to run towards the lower cliff edge first. The most important thing that you will need to do is to save up the Sprint ability for the last part of the track. You will be flying over the water in a relatively straight line, and it is impossible to do so without a boost.

Challenge 2: Spread your wings

Spread your wings

The second gliding challenge is able to be found south of Mt. Aozang, in the west part of Liyue. First of all, you will need to go to the Teleport Waypoint and look down from the edge of the cliff to see the red starting mechanism far below.

During this course, you will not see special obstacles, but it could be hard to stay on the track. The upwards wind current has to be used to reach the first Anemo ring, which is able to easily boost you too high. Please put some effort to fly through it quickly. Do not forget to save the Sprint for the final part as it is mostly a straight line to the finish but you have enough speed and height to hit each Anemo ring.

Challenge 3: Fly with the wind

Fly with the wind

The third one is found between Springvale and Windrise. The red mechanism can be spotted on the top of a cliff in the distance while you are walking from the Statue of the Seven in Windrise. Apparently, this gliding track is divided into two twice. After finishing the first one, you need to take the route on your left, the one that has the particles to charge up your Sprint ability. Once the second split is done, taking the left route is recommended. The reason is because the rights are closer together, but there are particles and insignias in the one on the right. If you managed to charge your Sprint, the right one is clearly the better option. Please use the boost to obtain the final insignia, which is located high above the finish point and easy to overlook.

Challenge 4: Wind barriers

Wind barriers

The fourth one is located between Jueyun Karst and Cuijue Slope. In order to find the starting point, you must go to the nearby Teleport Waypoint and climb the rocks. Keep in mind that the special obstacle in this course is the Wind Breakers. You will lose your speed if you fly through these orange rings, so please try to avoid this. If that is not a choice, you can try to fly through them and immediately use the Sprint ability. The good news is that there are a ton of particles in this course, so charging Sprint should be really easy. In the end, the course will be divided into two near the end: the left side has Anemo rings and there are only particles and insignias in the right side. Even though it is harder, the Sprint ability can be used to take the right route and get the higher score.

Challenge 5: Cloudy view

Cloudy view

The top of Mt. Tianheng is the location to find the fifth challenge. Please walk to the northern part of the mountain to see it. For your information, the first part of the course spirals downwards to the right. A lot of particles are there for your Sprint ability, making it possible for you to run quickly. However, once you have collected the first two insignias, feel free to decide to cut corners by leaving the track and going straight to the lower Anemo rings. Be aware of the Dusty Balloon in front of the Anemo rings and do not hit them as they will obstruct your view.

Challenge 6: Explosions in the sky

Explosions in the sky

The sixth challenge begins east of Mt. Aozang. Firstly, go to the Teleport waypoint because the starting mechanism is beside it. This one starts low to the ground. Maneuver carefully through the cliffs is needed. If you face some issue, you can just use Ascent to fly up and avoid crash. Do not miss the three insignias in this part.

The last stage features Exploding Bombs that will move in front of the Anemo rings, but they can be avoided by using the Sprint ability. When it is done, land on the platform in the sky and not on the ground.

Some tips of Genshin Impact gliding challenge:  

  • Do not focus on the timing, insignias, and rewards on your first try. Fortunately, you are allowed to try again as often as you want, and there is a much better chance to obtain a high score once you know the course.
  • Do not forget that you do not need to do everything perfectly to obtain the gold medal. In fact, missing some Anemo rings, turning back to get the insignia, and then finishing the challenge can still give you a high score.
  • Try to not give up immediately after hitting the ground as there is no penalty as long as you start gliding again within a few seconds.
  • You do not need to hit each particle to charge the Sprint ability, and collecting them will not give you points. All that you need to do is to focus on getting the insignias instead.
  • You are encouraged to save the Sprint ability for straight lines.