Glaze Lily Genshin Impact Location Map and Respawn Time

In Genshin Impact, there is a flower named Glaze Lily. In the description, this flower transforms the memories of the land into its fragrance during fluorescence. But, where can we find this flower in the game? Also, how about the respawn time of this flower? Here, you will get the answer.

Location Map of Glaze Lily

There are some locations that you can visit to find Glaze Lily in Genshin Impact. Where are they? You are able to see in the list below.

  • Qingce Village Outskirts

Qingce Village Outskirts

The first place that you can visit to find Glaze Lily is Liyue’s northern section right outside Qingce Village on the colorful ridged plains. When you find the flowers, they will be in full bloom and the area is unique. You are able to use your Elemental Sight to differentiate the flowers from the terrain. You will see that these Glaze Lily flowers will glow white while Elemental Sight is active like all interactable items.

  • Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor

Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor

We can say that Yujing Terrace is the best place in Genshin Impact to be able to get the Glaze Lily. Where is it? You are able to find this area in Liyue Harbor’s upper floors. If you walk up from a lower Liyue Harbor waypoint, it may be a trek so you are able to use the Mt. Tianheng waypoint to be able to glide down easily to the terrace. When you arrive there, you can find Glaze Lily flowers. They are spread throughout the area. However, in this area, the flowers have yet to bloom which are different from the previous place where they have bloomed. So here, the things that you will find are Glaze Lily flowers which are more bulbous. Actually, Glaze Lily flowers can be found also in Liyue Harbor, but they are rather rare and it is not worth it due to the trek.

  • Talking to Ms. Bai or Madame Ping

Talking to Ms. Bai or Madame Ping

Besides getting Glaze Lily flowers from the places above, you can also get these flowers by talking to NPCs, Madame Ping. Madame Ping is an elder woman and you can speak to her which is located in Yujing Terrace beside her tea set during the daytime. You have to select her second dialogue option twice so that you will be gifted five Glaze Lily flowers. Alternatively, you are able to buy up to three Glaze Lily flowers from Ms. Bai in Quince Village. If you choose to get Glaze Lily flowers from Ms. Bai, it is important for you to note that you can do that, but it is better for you not to do that. Why? Even though this is another option to get Glaze Lily flowers, but it is better to use the other options. It is because Ms. Bai is the biggest grifter in Genshin Impact. The business of Glaze Lily flowers which is done by her is a big scam and it will waste your money. The thing that Ms. Bai does is that she stocks three Glaze Lily flowers at a time and then she sells them for 50,000 Mora each. As you can see, the price is too expensive if we compare to getting Glaze Lily flowers from Madame Ping for free and even she gives you five of them.

The Respawn Time of Glaze Lily Flowers

The Respawn Time of Glaze Lily Flowers

How about the respawn time of Glaze Lily flowers in Genshin Impact? Well, according to Genshin Impact wiki, the respawn rate of Glaze Lily flowers is about 48 real world hours and it is based on user testing and research.

About Glaze Lily Flowers in Genshin Impact

In the description, it is told that Glaze Lily flowers in Genshin Impact are ancient flowers. They were said to be commonly seen in Liyue. These flowers transform the memories of the land into its fragrance during fluorescence. And as explained above, if you want to get these flowers, you can find them in the wild, in Qingce Village, in Yujing Terrace, you can talk to Madame Ping or you can buy from Ms. Bai.

In the legend, it is said that Glaze Lily flowers will open at the sound of pure, beautiful music and that there was once someone who loved these flowers more than any other. Now, it is rare to see the Glaze Lily in full boom out in the wild.

This flower can be used in crafting Geoculus Resonance Stone. So, to make this item, you will need five Glaze Lily flowers as one of the ingredients besides five Cor Lapis and one Crystal Chunk. These ingredients can be crafted to be a Geoculus Resonance Stone through an Alchemy process. But, what is Geoculus Resonance Stone? It is a consumable gadget and you can use it to search out one Geoculus in nearby regions. The recipe to make a Geoculus Resonance Stone can be obtained by reaching Reputation Level 2 in Liyue. After you equip the Geoculus Resonance Stone through your inventory, then you can use it.

There is a character in Genshin Impact which uses this flower. The character is Ningguang. By her, Glaze Lily flower is used for ascensions. But, who is Ningguang in Genshin Impact? She is one of playable characters in the game and she is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing. This character is tall and has a curvy build. Her skin is fair and she has light red eyes. Also, she has long, straight, thick white hair which splits into two parts with a bang which is tied on top of the head by a black hairpin. This character wears a white, high-necked sleeveless qipao dress. There are side slits which reach up to the thigh and also decorated with a neck wrap which is made of fur. She also wears a pair of dark gloves and they have a long, ruffled extension which is stretched from the upper arm.

You have known about Glaze Lily flowers after reading this. If you have to look for the flowers now, you can go.

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