Default Character in Minecraft Crossword Clue

The default character in Minecraft is the name of the clue that appears in a crossword. If you are currently in the middle of trying to solve a crossword and find this clue but you have no idea what to fill out, fortunately, you are here and you will be able to get the answer on this post.

So, what is the answer of the clue “default character in Minecraft”? The answer of this clue consists of a total of five letters. The first letter is S, the second one is T, the third one is E, the fourth one is V, and the last one is E. If all of them are combined, they form the word STEVE. It means the answer of the default character in Minecraft is STEVE.

When trying to complete a crossword, it is normal if something related to Minecraft appears. Aside from that clue mentioned above, there are some other clues that usually appear. To be able to get the answers right, here is the list of some other clues related to Minecraft and their answers:

    1. Clue: Iron or gold, for example, in Minecraft
      Answer: ORE
    2. Clue: Powerful block in Minecraft
      Answer: TNT
    3. Clue: Like graphics in Minecraft
      Answer: BLOCKY
    4. Clue: Energy source in Minecraft
      Answer: REDSTONE
    5. Clue: It’s the 13D that tests to make sure that folks won’t tilt their heads sideways when looking at the painting you hung (or position achieved in Minecraft)
      Answer: LEVEL
    6. Clue: Minecraft nut
      Answer: GAMER
    7. Clue: Playing Minecraft, say
      Answer: GAMING
    8. Clue: Unrefined Minecraft blocks
      Answer: ORES
    9. Clue: Minecraft swamp monsters
      Answer: SLIMES
    10. Clue: Minecraft hatch
      Answer: TRAPDOOR
    11. Clue: Minecraft masters
      Answer: GAMERS
    12. Clue: Minecraft or StarCraft
      Answer: PC GAME
    13. Clue: Minecraft tools
      Answer: AXES
    14. Clue: Minecraft building units
      Answer: BLLOCKS
    15. Clue: Photoshop and Minecraft
      Answer: SOFTWARE
    16. Clue: Minecraft or Fortnite
      Answer: VIDEO GAME
    17. Clue: Minecraft underworld
      Answer: NETHER
    18. Clue: Minecraft or Fortnite
      Answer: GAME
    19. Clue: Creator of Minecraft
      Answer: NOTCH
    20. Clue: Segment on Conan where Conan O’Brien plays things like Minecraft (2 words)
      Answer: CLUELESS GAMER

Crossword is such a fun game to play. It is best to play when you have a break and want to play something that can sharpen your mind and memory. There are a lot of newspaper that offer free online crossword puzzles. The list includes New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, AARP, Boston Globe, Newsday, and so on.

For those who spend most of their time on phone, you may also consider playing the crossword on the apps. Here is the list of the best crossword apps for you:

    • Word Crossy: If you are having a hard time completing the crossword in this app, you are able to find the cheats on the crossword solver tool. You can imagine crosswords but with coin collection and competition.
    • Crosswords with Friends: This one is similar to Words With Friends. The only difference is that this one is with a crossword puzzle instead.
    • One Clue Crossword: You may have a hard time finding out the answers when there is only one clue, which is usually a picture.
    • CodyCross: This one is such a fun app. It is actually not quite scrabble or a crossword. It is known as the updated version of the classic word puzzle.
    • Merriam-Webster Dictionary: There are a lot of word games in the dictionary and crossword is one of them.
    • World’s Biggest Crossword: It is one of the most well-known crossword apps that is able to be found in the App Store.
    • Workscapes: This one is one of the apps that has a crossword. The crossword is not that simple but more of a mix. It is such a fun one and it is best for those who are not great spellers.
    • Shortyz: This one is one of the big name newspaper crosswords online in one app.

Understanding a crossword clue may take some time as it may be hard for some people. Being a crossword player requires you to think outside of the box to find out some of these harder hints. To be able to successfully slay these crosswords, there are several tips for you to take note, as follows:

    • It is best to start with the easier puzzle before working your way up.
    • You can make a first pass in one direction, normally starting with 1 Across and then get the answer for the clearest clues first.
    • Then, make a first pass in the other direction, normally starting with 1 Down, getting the answer for the clearest clues first. Do not forget to make sure that there are not differences.
    • Next, do the second pass. This time with more letters in order to help you find out the new crossword answers.
    • Do the instructions more than once. You can rest for a while to look at the answers of the crossword quiz in a new way. Keep doing this until everything is done.
    • When you are done completing the entire crossword game, do not forget to check your answers.
    • You have to consider abbreviations carefully.
    • You are suggested to solve the fill in the blank questions first as they are the easiest.
    • You have to consider the all important theme.
    • If you are stuck or confused as you have a few options, you can consult with a crossword dictionary.
    • It is better for you to use a pencil and an eraser to correct the mistakes if they happen.

As the saying, practice makes perfect. It is normal if you do not get a good result at the first attempt. Do not let the failure controls you. When you fail, try again until you get it. Besides, it is also important to read and watch a lot of stuff to make your brain fed up and when you make another attempt, you can get a decent result.

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