Genshin Impact: Solve Qingxu Pool Nameless Treasure

The nameless treasures of Genshin Impact are spread across three different locations. One of them is in a place called Qiangxu Pool. For those who are not familiar with Qiangxu Pool, it refers to a location with ruins left behind by an evil god and its people. Until the end of the Archon War, the runs were underwater.

Qiangxu Pool is the easiest and the fastest among the three. For this puzzle, you will have to get a Geo character. The good news is that Geo is counted as one of the potential affinities of Traveler. It means you do not have to Wish for a character for this type. The first thing that you will need to do is to climb up to the top or glide from the South hill where the TP is located. Please look out for a tombstone at the edge of the broken bridge. Once you read it, the first geo sigil should be activated. The sound effect and the glowing sigil will tell you if you do it correctly. The second and the third sigil are able to be found not far away, so you just have to glide there. After the second sigil is activated, the ghosts of the treasures will help you so the wind currents and the speed ups are showing up around the Ruin. The fourth sigil is located on the top floor of the tower to the south. For those who take the wind and go around from either sigil 2 or 3, you are able to get there easily. As for the last sigil, it will be able to be found on the top floor of the tallest tower near to the starting point. You will be able to see the Precious chest showing up at the tomb containing one of the nameless chests if you activate it.

 Qingxu Pool

As stated before, the nameless treasures in Genshin Impact have three separate nameless treasures. All of them are able to be found in the Liyue region. Apart from the Qingxu Pool, the other two are Dunyu Ruins and Lingju Pass.

Genshin Impact nameless treasure solution – Dunyu Ruins:

Dunyu Ruins

It is really easy to spot the treasure here. All that should be done is to find four torches that mark the location. It is clear that these torches are related to the necessary unlock puzzle. It means you will have to get a Pyro character with you. The good news is that the abilities of Amber have something to do with Pyro, so you will not have to roll for any new characters to solve the puzzle.

Once the torches are lighted, please flip the switch and a new area will be displayed. The treasure will be able to be seen, but it is blocked off. If you want to make it unlocked, you can just escort all three Seelie spirits back to the pedestals, which should be easily seen from here.

Genshin Impact nameless treasure solution – Lingju Pass:

Lingju Pass

The Lingju Pass is quite straightforward. You will need to beat the opponent camp on the West side of Lingju Pass. Then, get the chest that you get as a reward and use the key that you get to trigger a sub quest within the overarching nameless treasure hunt. After that, please follow the steps that are given and you will be able to dig up the treasure in just a second. For your information, the treasure is also located in the Lingju Pass, blocked by a tree in the southeast section of the area. Despite having some objectives to tick off, you will not need to travel really far.

Once you have visited all the three nameless treasures mentioned above, the next thing that you will need to do is to go to meet Linglang in Liyue Harbor. Apparently, he is not around during the day. In this case, you will have to make sure to use the wait function to fast forward to 9pm. Once you are there, give all the three nameless treasures and he will give you 100,000 Mora and 40 Primogems as the rewards.

Nameless Treasure information:

  • Item Type: Quest Items
  • How to obtain: Qiangxu Pool, Lingju Pass, Dunyu Ruins

Once again, you may collect two nameless treasures by completing the main puzzles at Qiangxu Pool and Dunyu Ruins. By completing the quest at Lingju Pass, you will also get a total of three treasures as the reward. After everything is done, you are able to go talk to Linlang at the Xigu Antique Shop in Liyue Harbor to sell them. Take a note that Linglang only tends to be there between 22:30 and 06:00 in game time. Selling them to her will give you 350 Adventure EXP, 40 Primogems, and 100,000 Mora.

For everyone who is still at low Adventure Rank and has not left Mondstadt yet, you have nothing to worry about this quest until later. Now, all that you have to do is to make sure to bookmark this guide and come back once you have travelled to the second region of the game.

Genshin Impact has been around for some months. The newly created game has offered the gaming community something new even though it is a free to play game. Some people think it is a rip off of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In fact, it stands true to its nature with its innovative take at the Battle Pass system and unlocking multiplayer mode. Aside from that, the game also offers a lot of amazing characters, powers, plants, items, and so on that provide everyone with challenging consequences. Now, a few players are wondering about solving the nameless treasure quest in Qiangxu Pool and some other places. For those who are wondering about the same thing, you have nothing to worry as everything has been informed above. All that you have to do is to read the whole page and you will be able to complete everything.