The Best Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

Genshin Impact has a great questline and side questline. One of the side quests is the Luhua Landscape Quest. It starts with the search for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints around the Luhua Pool. Those are only materialize through a slight flicker, in two places on the map. The painting tools to the west are able to be found at the corner of the Stone Ruins. Those are hidden in a bush, exactly next to a stack of grimoires. The advantage is that those two locations are located not far from teleportation points. After you have those items in your possession, just return to Vermeer.

Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

  1. Find Vermeers Paintbrushes And Paint In Genshin Impact

After you get the quest, the first item is able to be found near a war stone in the area. You are able to find it here. There you will be able to the books and supplies scattered about near the warp stone. Please check in the bush and then you are going to see a glowing yellow thing on the floor. You have to grab that. It is one of your quest items.

Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

Find Vermeers Paintbrushes And Paint In Genshin Impact

The next item is found near the warp stone here on the map. There is a broken stone bridge up in the ruins near there. In the corner of that bridge you are going to find the golden spot again. You have to grab the item and return to Vermeer. Then, he will ask you to help him find another strange rock.

  1. Find The Strange Rock

Find The Strange Rock

north to the lake

Vermeer will then ask you to go and examine a strange rock. Now, you need to go north to the lake, and then look for a stone which emits the same type of sparkle as the painting tools. After you have explored the earthworks and found the pebble, simply you are able to go back to Vermeer again. For your information, there are three total and they are gold shiny things on the ground again. You will be able to look around for them, or use those to help.

  1. Climb The Statues

The rest of the quest is nice easy. After you have the stones, you have to climb the two large statues near Vermeer and then put them in the face holes. This will be able to remove the seals on the elemental switch down below. You are going to need to use an earth magic on it to trigger the next part. This will be able to trigger a fight with three wizards and you have to kill them within a certain time limit. Please ensure that you have your best characters on hand. Once you beat the enemies, you have to enter the ruins and kill the spiders on the left and right. After they are dead you are able to collect the treasure and beat the quest.

What Is Inside The Luhua Landscape Ruins?

What Is Inside The Luhua Landscape Ruins

After heading through the doorway, you are going to find a few chests and some other nice rewards inside. Those include the following:

  • 1x Luxurious Chest
  • 2x Exquisite Chest
  • 3x Cor Lapis

After you have opened the Luxurious Chest, the quest will be completed, and you are going to be that much richer.

Genshin Impact: Luhua Landscape Quest

This is one of the side story quests in the game of Genshin Impact. This quest is provided by a character named Vermeer. Vermeer is a painter who likes to travel and makes pieces of art in places that make inspiration. Vermeer wants to continue with his endeavors but has ended up losing his painting equipment. Vermeer cannot seem to retrace his steps, so tasks the player to find his lost equipment. For your information, Vermeer gives his latest paintings so that the players are able to have some idea of where to look for the equipment. This quest has the player doing a lot of traveling. In the text below, we conclude all steps to complete the Luhua Landscape Quest in Genshin Impact:

  • First, you as the player have to head to the Luhua Pool area.
  • The first item can be found on the right side of the map, next to some ruins. The second item can be found on the left side of the map on the side of a cliff next to some bushes
  • Now, you are able to return to Vermeer with the paintings. The player will be told about a mysterious rock
  • The players need to look for the mysterious rock around Vermeer. You are able to find the rock right before the Luhua Pool. Apparently, there are two rocks which can be found here.
  • After collecting both, head back to Vermeer. There are two statues near the ruins, you need to climb up on each and insert the mysterious rocks. This will be able to unlock the locked area
  • Next, the players have to fight a Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo mage and then they are able to go on to loot the chests and finish the quest.

What Is The Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape Quest?

To start you have to find Vermeer at the large ruins to the west of the Luhua Pool bank. In the map, simply you will be able to see the location.

  • Title: Luhua Landscate.
  • Location: Luhua Pool, Liyue.
  • Description: Vermeer, is an artist who is looking for inspirational material near Luhua Pool, seems to have hit a snag, and is looking for help.
  • Reward: 450x Adventure Experience Points, 50x Primogems, 2x Hero’s Wit, 30000x Mora.

So, the entirety of this Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape quest can be completed around the Luhua Pool area and is relatively quick for a sizeable reward, especially if you are looking for quick Adventure Rank levels. Based on the enemies faced along the way, it is likely you will want your party to be at least Level 25 before trying it though.