Genshin Impact Oceanids Location and Respawn Time

Finding the location of the Oceanids may be a bit of a hard Genshin Impact quest that you should complete. Indeed, there are a lot of bosses in Genshin Impact with each difficult level to defeat them. Then, one of the difficult bosses that you should defeat in Genshin Impact is Oceanid.

Is it possible for you to defeat the Oceanids? The answer is totally YES, you’re surely able to defeat the Oceanids as long as you really know the tips and tricks of defeating them. In this post, we’ll guide you how to find the location of Oceanids and then defeat them. Here’s how!


Finding the Oceanids Location

Before you’re able to defeat the Oceanids, you firstly need to find where the Oceanids spawn. To find the location of Oceanids, the players should go to the North East of the Hidden Place of Zhou formula at Wuwang Hill. Well, the Oceanids can be found in Bishui Plain as a region in the northern part of the Liyue nation.

Aside from that, the players have also to look for a bubbling spot in the ground in the valley, once they are there, the Oceanids will appear. To note, the Oceanid is well-known as one of the toughest bosses from Genshin Impact. Of course, it’s recommended for you to find the Oceanids on your own accord for the true feeling of discovery and wonder.

How to Defeat the Oceanid?

How to Defeat the Oceanid

Once you successfully find the location of the Oceanids, it’s your turn to start defeating them. Always keep in mind to defeat them is such a hard way that you may ever make. Oceanid doesn’t easily go down and cannot be directly attacked. That means you need to use some smart tips and tricks in order to defeat them a lot.  It is caused by some facts in which Oceanid has a very different combat style. So you should be careful in defeating this Genshin Impact boss.

Because Oceanid does not confront the players directly, instead, it uses the water round to make mini-bosses that the players should face. Of course, there are multiple water rounds in which the players can fight summoned animals which were made from water.

Well, defeating them will give the damage on the Oceanid and then it will automatically lose its health. The minions created by Oceanid are also a bit complicated to defeat as they do not give up, so the players should be ready to against them.

Once the players defeated the minions, the players also have to consume 40 Original Resin to claim its drop that consists of Character Ascension Material and Artifacts for the characters who are using the Hydro element.

To ease you defeating the Oceanid, we also have multiple tips and tricks that you can take, here they are:

  • Leveling Up

To defeat the Oceanid, make sure that you already level your character up. However, defeating the Oceanid is not a easy challenge and at least the players should have 2 characters above level 40 before waging a battle with the Oceanid.

  • Close Range Battle

The second tip that you can take is close range battle. To do it, you definitely can use an electro or a pyro character to affect more damage. Somehow, the character of Anemo and Hydro is very useless to defeat the Oceanid.

  • Ranged Battle

To take the ranged battle, you can use Amber to carry out a ranged battle to keep a safe distance.

  • Evade

In defeating the Oceanid, evading can be a perfect way that allows you to move and keep an eye on the stamina meter although trying to evade.

  • Having Food for Health

As Oceanid is not an easy boss to defeat, of course you will need some food to survive. So make sure to stock your food up while defeating this boss.

  • Disappearing Platforms

Because there will be some platforms which keep disappearing, you surely have to watch out for them.

  • Taking Care of Crabs

On the sidelines of defeating Oceanid, there will be annoying crabs which can cause distraction so better for you to take care of the crabs as soon as possible. Aside from crabs, there are also summon animals as the Oceanid’s shields, they are:

Water Squirrel. This animal will in close range attack you.

Water Boar. This animal will directly attack you. It can heal quickly, in average 10% of their max HP each tick.

Duck. To deal BoT damage, this animal will follow you around with a water vortex underneath them.


Frog. This animal will use various skills including tackle, pounce and water splash to attack you. Frogs will explode upon their death in a superb AOE.


Water Crane. This animal will shoot long range waves straight at you.

Water Crane

Water Hawk. This is airborne enemies which will shoot water projectiles at you and tackle you from above. This animal can only be defeated by ranged characters.

Water Sparrow. This animal will pounce on you from close range. They can also do small jumps and big jumps which deals heavy damage to you. Well, this animal will explode upon their death in a superb AOE.

Well, those are all tips and tricks that you can take in defeating the hard bosses in Genshin Impact. Make sure to use them to kill Oceanid easier.


You may also wonder what the rewards that you will get if you successfully defeat Oceanid boos. You definitely will always obtain 200 Adventure EXP depending on your World Level. To convince you defeating Oceanid, well, the rewards that you will get are as follow:

Mora Championship


1 37 3,450 30 Varuna Lazurite Silver

Cleansing Heart

Berserker, The Exile, Prayers for Destiny, and Adventurer.


Berserker, The Exile, Prayers for Destiny, Gladiator’s Finale, and Wanderer’s Troupe.

2 41 3,650 30 Previous Rewards +
(Varuna Lazurite Silver)
3 50 3,850 35 Previous Rewards + Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe
4 62 4,125 35 Previous Rewards +
(Varuna Lazurite Silver)
5 72 4,450 40
6 83 ? ? Previous Rewards +
(Varuna Lazurite Gemstone)
7 ? ? ?
8 ? ? ?