Genshin Dragonspine Statue of the Seven Unlock Guide

miHoYo has finally released the new Genshin Impact 1.2 update and it comes with a plenty of new content to the game which includes a new character, new environmental mechanics, weapons, and many more. Among some different kinds of content and features brought by the new update, one of the most interesting one is the inclusion of a new area named Dragonspine. As soon as you enter the game, a new area known as Dragonspine will be able to be added to the new map, towards the south end of Monstadt.

Aside from that, the new location also comes with a new Sheer Cold mechanic that is impactful to your character. It is also the place for a few monsters, puzzles, and is full of unsolved mysteries. However, if you want to finally unlock the map, you will have to make your way to the Statue of the Seven first.

the Statue of the Seven first

Then, how do you unlock the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven in the Genshin Impact game? Do not be surprised seeing new monsters, puzzles, mysteries and materials while exploring a brand new area like Dragonspine. For your information, this area is located in a state of the constant cold and has a lot of hidden secrets that need to be unveiled. After landing in the Draginspine region, you will find that it is filled with ice blocks, which unfortunately, are hard to destroy. The only option that you have is to look for an item known as a red mineral node, the one that will give you a Scarlet Quartz. The good news is that the item is able to be found easily as it is everywhere in the Dragonspine area. It is great as you will have a hard time finding one. Once you have found the item, the thing that you should do is to destroy it so that you can get the Scarlet Quartz. You will get the warming buff as soon as you have the item.

get the Scarlet Quartz

For those who are not familiar with Scarlet Quartz, it is a new mysterious crystal that is able to be found in Dragonspine. It resembles a mining node with a red crystal inside. You can use a sword if you want to break the stone and gather the Scarlet Quartz. These kinds of items will envelop characters with a kind of warming energy. While they fly around your characters, please use your sword and break the ice around it. This is the perfect time where you have to make your way to the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven.

Gathering the Scarlet Quartz will also give you another advantage. By doing so, you will be able to stop the accumulation of Sheer Cold and temporarily give your character resistance to its freezing effects. As stated before, these crystals are able to be found everywhere. The one that you can find is just a few steps away from the Statue of the Seven.

Once again, do not forget to simply destroy the ice blocks to ultimately unlock the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven and earn complete access to the Dragonspine. You can do it by using your attacks.

For everyone who may be having a hard time reaching this new Statue of the Seven due to the extreme temperatures of the Dragonspine, you need to take a note that there are a few methods to combat Sheer Cold. For instance, specific food in the game like Goulash will decrease the rate at which Sheer Old is accumulated, and those who are looking to explore the area have to make sure to bring these items. Apparently, picking up Scarlet Quartz is also a way to reduce the effect of the temperature, which is another good way to fight against the Sheer Cold.

Next, Fire Seelies and warp points can give you a temporary reprieve from the Sheer Cold, that’s why you should be careful. Even though it is not really needed to stop at each Seelie or warp point, having a good sense of the locations they are usually located in will allow you to explore this new area in Genshin Impact more easily.

While exploring the new area named Dragonspine, you will be able to see some different kinds of puzzles, new quests, and a brand new environment mechanic called Subzero Climate. It is worth noting that your character will start losing health if you are exposed to the cold without any heat source.

Dragonspine is considered new and it is also named as a frozen area in the game. Everyone calls it a brutal world of ice that will challenge your every step. Unlocking the new Statue of the Seven is one of the first problems that you have to deal with. In the new Statue of the Seven, you will be able to see huge amounts of ice around it. What makes the challenge hard is the fact that you cannot break through with any weapon. Fortunately, this page comes to rescue by giving you the instructions to unlock this new area.

Unlocking the Statue of the Seven should be quite easy if you follow the guide above. If you have any questions related to the Statue of the Seven, Dragonspine, or Genshin Impact in general, do not hesitate to ask someone. One of the most recommended things that you can do is to join the communities or forums of the game, preferably Genshin Impact. It is like the perfect places where the players of the game gather and talk about many different things. Joining this kind of community gives you nothing but benefits. Some of them require you to sign up while some are not so it should be not hard for you to access them even if you are not a member. If needed, you can also try to contact the representative of the game to ask something. If you are lucky enough, you might get a reply from them.

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