Peak of Vindagnyr Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Dragonspine Domain

Vindagnyr is one of the latest domains in the Dragonspine peak which has been added to the game in Genshin Impact 1.2 update. However, exploring new places, it requires new hard work or guidance as well. But for those of you who are really interested in adventure, we think that unlocking the new place in Genshin Impact will be fun, won’t it?

Unlocking the Peak of Vindagnyr, How to Do?

However, unlocking the Peak of Vindagnyr is a part of In The Mountains quest that you should complete to get any rewards. The Vindagnyr is one of the domains which is located in Dragonspine’s peak. Moreover, clearing this domain will give you artifacts and also more rewards as the challenge with the higher levels.

Of course, to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr, at least you should follow some complicated ways ahead. But, it does not matter, considering you will get the gorgeous rewards after completing this challenge.

Are you interested to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr and get the reward? If so, let’s take our ways as follow:

Start from Talking to Iris

Start from Talking to Iris

After you reach Dragonspine area, you surely will need to talk to Iris near the entrance to Dragonspine mountain. Then, you should ask about the blue crystal. In this chance, you will receive a quest named In the Mountains.

Unlocking the Frost Bearing Tree

Unlocking the Frost Bearing Tree

The next way once you talk to Iris and accept In The Mountains quest is to start unlocking the Frost Bearing Tree. To unlock it, you can use the surrounding scarlet quartz and then attack the crystal in the tree, one at a time for 4 times.

Start With Time Challenge

It’s a good chance to take your time trial challenge. You need to head to the location which is located south of the Statue of the Seven. Here, you will find an entrance to an ice cave inside the mountain beside a closed circle door.

After that, you need to head all the way to the bottom and do the time trial challenges. Indeed, it’s highly recommended for you to use a character with a fire element or at least can guide you for one or two of the heat seelie to its place before starting the trial. Here, you will confront 3 waves of enemies, many frost archers with the falling crystals followed.

After you successfully complete the trial, you can continue by destroying the blue crystal doing the ways similar to unlocking the Frost Bearing Tree. Two of the scarlet quartz are located near the time trial device. The other two are behind the blue crystal area. Moreover, one of them is right next to a broken golem inside some breakable rocks and the other is the one with a path which leads up.

When you do this challenge, please don’t forget to take the Crimson Agate above the blue crystal before you leave this place.

Go to Wyrmrest Valley

Go to Wyrmrest Valley

In this way, you need to go to the colosseum-like area in Wyrmrest Valley. However, it’s easier to find this area by just going to the teleport waypoint from north of the Wyrmrest Valley. To teleport, you need to activate the device and the warming seelie is going to lead you to the pattern of pillar activation.

Furthermore, it can start from the bottom left, upper right, lower right, upper left and then top middle. Once you successfully finish it, well, a treasure chest with a black mist will show immediately. After it appears, you can open it and then the surrounding enemies will wake and draw you into a fight.

The fight will start with two regular ruin guards, excluding the weather changers to snowstorm or blizzard which can increase the rate of sheer cold buildup. In this area, outside of the ice pillars, there are four heating devices which can light up at a time. Of course, you should notice deeply and see which one is recently lit. So you’re able to lower the sheer cold to manage your fight.

After you bring the two ruins down, then the Ruin Grader will wake. Then, when it attacks, it will briefly show its core on the legs and also eyes. Once you see it, you can directly attack it when it’s open to turn it off for a few seconds.

Once you eliminate the Ruin Grader, then the entrance to the lower level will be open. Here, you need to destroy the blue crystal again. Then, three of the scarlet quartz are quite close to it but the fourth one will require you to guide two warming seelies to their places to unlock a gated area. Well, after you beat the blue crystal out, the two low HP Ruins Graders will wake as well.

From the gated area, there will be some ice wall which you can crack by using the scarlet quartz. Once you do it, a  warming seelie will appear and can guide you to the exit, showing you the crimson agate above the ice. Here, you can follow the warming seelie outside and grab some crystals along the way. If you reach the exit, you can continue to head to the west to activate the teleport waypoint.

Destroy the Scarlet Quartz in the Center of the Mountain

There is a path inside into the middle of the mountain across the Statue of the Seven. All you need is to go inside the linear path and climb up until you can reach an exit. Once you’re inside, you will see three blue crystals that you should destroy.

  • First Scarlet Quartz
First Scarlet Quartz

The first scarlet quartz can be found close to the teleport waypoint. To destroy it, you just have to be slightly higher next to the broken down. If it’s now, you can do the next ones.

  • Second Scarlet Quartz
Second Scarlet Quartz

By following the circle broken path to the top, you actually will find the first agate near a frost lawachurl. Once you defeat it, the second scarlet quartz and warming seelie will appear. Then, destroy the scarlet as soon as possible.

  • Third Scarlet Quartz
Third Scarlet Quartz

Once you activate the Anemo pillar, you will be led to the other side. Then, the last scarlet quartz can be found next to the fire close to the wall. It’s time to destroy it.

Well, those are the ways that you can take to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr in Genshin Impact.

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