Gardevoir Weakness Pokemon GO

Gardevoir is a Psychic and Fairy type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Gardevoir evolves from Kirlia after being fed 100 candies. It is one of the final evolutions of Ralts, the other being Gallade. Now, you may come to this page to find out information about Gardevoir weakness. Well, let us discuss it here.

Gardevoir Weakness in Pokemon Go

Here are the weakness of Gardevoir Pokemon Go:

    • Ghost (160.0% Damage)
    • Poison (160.0% Damage)
    • Steel (160.0% Damage)

Having Pokemon with Ghost, Poison, and Steel moves are key, that allow you open a good selection of Pokemon to combat Gardevoir in Pokemon Go. The main option would be a Pokemon like Gengar that can learn moves like Shadow Ball, Hex, Sludge Bomb, and more to take down your foe. Otherwise, any Ghost-type Pokemon will have a massive advantage against a Gardevoir. Thus, someone like Chandelure could help out.

There are other Pokemon to consider such as Metagross, Deoxys and other type of Pokemon as long as they know moves which work well against Gardevoir. Deoxys knows a Thunder move will not be the best option to defeat Gardevoir as quick as possible, however Poison Jab will be able to work fine. Please ensure that you have a strong Pokemon from one of those categories for defeating Gardevoir.

As we know that Gardevoir is one of the most powerful Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon in the game of Pokemon Go, sporting a strong defense and powerful attack. No matter what Pokemon you use, there is an opportunity that Gardevoir knows a move which could be effective against it, but that does not mean that this Pokemon in invincible. Fortunately, due to its Psychic and Fairy typing, Gardevoir is weak to a small handful of different moves and Pokemon.

Gardevoir Weakness Pokemon GO

Best Gardevoir Counters in Pokemon Go

Gardevoir is a Pokemon originally appeared in Pokemon’s third generation as a pure Psychic-type. But it became a dual Psychic and Fairy-type from generation six and onwards. It means that Gardevoir is weak to Ghost, Poison, and Steel moves. The resistances of Gardevoir are Fighting (39.1% Damage), Psychic (62.5% Damage), and Dragon (39.1% Damage) moves. Even though only having three weaknesses, there are still many Pokemon that are helpful against Gardevoir. Playing against those weaknesses is the best method to get Gardevoir out of the way quickly while minimizing the amount of damage which the players take beforehand.

With the Team Go Rocket Celebration Event active, there are several Poison-type Pokemon with increased spawn rates. While not all of them are capable of becoming incredibly powerful, there are Poison-type Pokemon that will be able to help whittle Gardevoir’s health down to zero.

Those Poison-type Pokemon are:

    • Mega Beedrill: Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
    • Mega Gengar: Lick and Shadow Ball
    • Victreebel: Acid and Sludge Bomb
    • Vileplume: Acid and Sludge Bomb
    • Roserade: Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb

Ghost-type Pokemon are good in a lot of situations in Pokemon GO. They will be helpful when it comes to battle Gardevoir.

Some of the best ghosts to take along for the fight are:

    • Mega Gengar: Lick and Shadow Ball
    • Origin Form Giratina: Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
    • Chandelure: Hex and Shadow Ball
    • Gengar: Lick and Shadow Ball
    • Banette: Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball

There are a lot of powerful Steel-type Pokemon that will make easy work of Gardevoir. This assists make Gardevoir’s secondary Fairy-typing more of a hindrance than a help for what usually is a tough battle.

The best of those Steel-type Pokemon are:

    • Metagross: Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
    • Dialga: Metal Claw and Iron Head
    • Genesect: Metal Claw and Magnet Bomb
    • Excadrill: Metal Claw and Iron Head
    • Bisharp: Metal Claw and Iron Head

Gardevoir best moveset in Pokemon Go

    • Confusion + Psychic (DPS: 14.76, TDO: 564.67, TTFA: 6.4 s)
    • Charm + Psychic (DPS: 14.70, TDO: 562.24, TTFA: 7.5 s)
    • Confusion + Synchronoise (DPS: 13.68, TDO: 523.17, TTFA: 6.4 s)
    • Confusion + Dazzling (DPS: 13.52, TDO: 517.22, TTFA: 6.4 s)
    • Charm + Synchronoise (DPS: 13.41, TDO: 512.74, TTFA: 7.5 s)
    • Confusion + Shadow Ball (DPS: 12.97, TDO: 495.90, TTFA: 6.4 s)
    • Charm + Shadow Ball (DPS: 12.59, TDO: 481.50, TTFA: 7.5 s)
    • Charge Beam + Synchronoise (DPS: 12.54, TDO: 479.57, TTFA: 4.4 s)

Gardevoir Physiology

Gardevoir is a humanoid sylph-like Pokemon. It stands over five feet tall. A long white gown which completely covers its legs, giving the appearance that it is floating. Also, Gardevoir has long, slender, white legs underneath their gown. The inside of its gown is solid green. The red horns which were once on Kirlia and Ralts’ head have already moved down onto Gardevoir’s chest and back. Aside from that, most of its face is obscured by its green hair, with only several white. Gardevoir has large pink eyes. It also has long and slender arms which are green like its hair.

Behavior and Natural abilities of Gardevoir

Behavior – Gardevoir is known for its loyalty. Even, it will sacrifice itself for its Trainer’s sake. In the wild, it live in the groups and care for their young lovingly.

Natural abilities – Gardevoir will be able to sense the feelings and emotions of Pokemon and people. One of its main abilities is a kind of precognition, that allows it to sense the future. Aside from that, Gardevoir has an ability to make small black holes, distort dimensions, and also support itself without feeling the pull of gravity. Gardevoir will be able to protect their Trainer at all costs, even sacrificing their own lives to keep their Trainers safe.

Additional stats for Gardevoir

    • Generation: Generation 3
    • Category: Non-Legendary
    • Base Flee Rate            : 5%
    • Buddy Distance: 5 km
    • Pokedex Height: 1.6 m
    • Pokedex Weight: 48.4 kg
    • Bonus candy on capture: 7
    • Bonus Stardust on capture: 400
    • Can be put in a gym: Yes
    • Can be transferred: Yes
    • Candy cost for Second Charge move: 75