Fastest Way to Level Up Friendship in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, Friendship Level is an important indication of how well Shallot and other characters work together. Basically, the friendship level/ rank is a special sort of stats which every character owns in the game, except the Shallot character.

You should know that Shallot does not have a friendship level/ rank because the friendship level of every player in DB Legends is all about their friendship with Shallot. Considering the Friendship Rank is very important in DB Legends, you may need a fastest guide to level up your friendship rank. So, what can you do?

Fastest Way to Level Up Friendship in Dragon Ball Legends

Leveling Up Friendship Level in Dragon Ball Legends, Here’s How!

As you first begin the game of Dragon Ball Legends, you may find that everyone has friendship rank, except Shallot. The more you fight someone, the more your friendship level will increase. If you increase your friendship rank, it will grant item rewards. Then, after you reach the maximum friendship rank, you will be able to teach with that character and learn some powerful new attacks.

To reach the friendship level of rank 1 to some people, you may need to teach their blue card to Shallot for him to use in combat. After you get to rank one of the friendship ranks for some characters, you can also teach their friendship rank to Shallot or Charlotte.

Here’s how to level up friendship rank in DB Legends!

1. Earn friendship points

In order to increase the Friendship rank in Dragon Ball Legends, you may need to earn friendship points first. Those points can be obtained by playing the main story. Of course, only the characters who are fighting in the mail story will obtain those points.

How if you lose the fights? In the case of losing your fights, you will still gain those points. However, you will not gain any points if you use the skip tickets.

Basically, you should play the story mode with the characters who have friendship ranks that you want to increase. Well, the most important thing in leveling up the character’s friendship is to proceed in story mode, whether you win or lose your fights.

Normally, you will be able to earn  300 friendship rank points per run. However, it is also possible for you to get up to 900 friendship rank points. To get 900 friendship rank points, you may need to complete more challenges in the same chapter of the same book which offer 900 points instead of ordinary 300 points per run.

2. Unlock the second part

As you know the character in DB Legends will start with 0. It can only be improved in the party and fights with the Shallot. The character with 0 friendship level will be developing slowly and reaching a lot of stages before reaching the maximum friendship rank.

In this case, the friendship rank will navigate through the details of some of your characters. Then, you can see that a ‘Can Train’ has been attached to some of their great abilities. Sure, if your character has maximum friendship rank, the powerful abilities will be taught to Shallot

Another way to increase the friendship rank in DB Legends is to ensure that you have the second part that has been unlocked. You can go to part 2 and open it on Book 1, Chapter 9. Well, this is one of the fastest ways to increase the friendship rank in Dragon Ball Legends.

3. Fight the cyberman and soldiers

Aside from that, you may need to fight against the cyberman and freeze the soldiers. By doing this, you will gain three characters that you want to work in order to earn the rank up in the battle.

4. Participate in ‘Do it with Ora’

Another way to increase the friendship rank in Dragon Ball Legends is by allowing your characters who want to participate in ‘Do It with Ora’ every day. By participating in this battle, you will be able to improve your friendship rating.

As a result, you will successfully increase your friendship level by engaging in ‘Do It with Ora’ that should be completed every day for daily assignments. So, you can use ‘Do It with Ora’ to increase your friendship rank, as the training alone is not enough at all.

5. Participate in ‘Do it with Aura’

In addition to participating in ‘Do It with Ora’, you can also increase your friendship rank in a number of battles such as normal stories. All you need to do is to choose the characters, except Shallot. Then, you can let him participate in ‘Do It with Aura’ every day.

Generally, you will be able to increase the friendship rank by participating in the battles, but you should complete them for daily missions.

6. Fight against SSJ3 Goku

Aside from fighting against cybermen and soldiers, you can also fight against SSJ3 Goku with the Story mission in book one and Chapter 8 in Part 6. However, this is a pretty easy fight where you will earn Pizzas, Rising Souls, Super Souls and many others.

This process is actually rewarding and must not last long, so you can catch around 1080 points for all those characters in Dragon Ball Legends.

Okay, those are some methods that you can do to increase the friendship rank in Dragon Ball Legends. So, make sure to follow what we’ve explained above in order to boost your friendship rank as easily as possible.

Learn about the Process of Friendship Rank

It is known that Dragon Ball Legends own plenty of cool features and functionalities including the PvP mode, the strategic turn-based combat and also some other fun and exclusive features.

The friendship rank actually works like crazy, while the functionality will make combat even more diverse while giving hundreds of new abilities to use in the game further. Through this functionality, you can gain some new skills from the most popular characters that are available in the Dragon Ball Legends.

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