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The Calculator in Factoria game is a tool which can be used to calculate resources and factory requirements that you’ll need in running your factory. By using the calculator, you can specify what products you want to produce in your factory. Then, this calculator will inform you which resources and factories you will need to produce those outputs.

Of course, there are numerous calculator tools that you can use in Factorio. However, some of them may be hard-understand to use. Well, what you should do is to find the easy-to-use one that can guide you finding the best results.

Thankfully, this post will give you an example for the best calculator which is very easy to use. What is it? And how to use it for producing your good product in Factorio? Well, to get it, let’s see our post below!

What Is Krastorio?

Krastorio or also known ‘K2’ is a global mod introducing new energy sources, ores, turrets, buildings, technologies, fuels, coverings and the ways of producing science as well as a major re-balance of numerous vanilla features.


Krastorio was created by Krastor and Linver which is combined with several “drone” mods created by Klonan. However, this mod comes in a set where it can also be used as Factorio calculator which eases you determining what products that you want to produce in your factory.

Coming with plenty of gorgeous features to give what the players want, this mod gives a special attention to the energy systems and endgame. All of this is performed from scratch to improve code structure and balancing. However, the Krastorio mode really adds a large number of improvements from Krastorio Legacy that we’ll list as follow:

    • All new high resolution animated sprites
    • New weapons
    • New signals
    • New Resources
    • Over 40 brand new buildings
    • Over 100 new technologies
    • Radiation
    • Tiles features
    • More than 300 new and unique icons
    • Combat and fuel mechanics overhaul
    • Many more

Get Krastorio mod here!

New Krastorio Resources for Calculator

Krastoria features a bunch of new resources that you will get and then add them to the calculator to produce a new product. So, let’s see four new resources you’ll get:

    • Rare Metals

In mods, you commonly will find implementation of new advanced resources such as platinum, titanium and also tantalum. Sure, what Krastorio focuses on is to add rare metals as a resource which represents all mid game advanced materials.

    • Mineral Water

Mineral water is the most important resource in Factorio that you can use to create some mid game items like lithium.

    • Imersite

Imersite can be mentioned as sci-fi, end game resources. This was present in Krastorio Legacy along with Menarite. However, Menarite  have been removed completely in order to focus on Imersite. However, this material can be converted into different variations like an alloy version named Immersion or crystal.

We’ll also show you a completely brand new feature, let’s take a look at the picture below!


The item shown in the picture is Creep. It was generated under biter nests which can be harvested to produce biomass. As you know, Biomass is usually used for military research and to create items such as first aid kits and fertilizer.

At the beginning of the game, you should improve military research by collecting creep killing biters bases. Then, it’s possible to grow it using the bio lab later. Surely, other resources will be found when you totally use Krastorio mod in Factorio.

One of them is bullets, as physical objects which have their own speed and slow down during the fight. The different types of ammunition have their own color and also unique features. Here are they:

    • Red bullets really have increased damage and standard velocity.
    • Yellow bullets have an increased rate of fire and standard velocity.
    • Green bullets are depleted uranium bullets where they have standard velocity and deal additional radiation damage.
    • Purple bullets are actually imersite bullets  which cause additional energy damage and have an increased initial speed.

Additionally, another feature is that the speed and range of the bullets really depends on their length and size of the weapon. For instance, the fastest bullets are for the sniper rifle, the slowest bullets are for pistols and the slightly slower bullets are for a rifle.

Then, the next unique feature is a new victory condition. Within the Krastorio mod, it’s not enough yet to launch a rocket. In this case, you have to create an Intergalactic Transmitter to send the S.O.S signal to the native star system.

You will now have the sense and motivation to develop your base once launching a rocket. Well, the new achievements have also been added to this mod. That sounds fantastic, isn’t it?


Krastorio mods also add the Science packs which have been reworked. They are all tech cards now which are divided into four types of research data and three tiers of cards. However, each tier can only be researched with the right type of laboratory as at the picture below.


Krastorio Equipment

Just like in KL, equipment in K2 is an essential part of the mod. Aside from that, equipment for transport is necessary to increase the transport speed. So, you need to be careful where all generators actually require fuel.

How to Set the Krastorio Mod?

Surely, settings play a big role to customize  a lot of aspects of the mod. That means you shouldn’t forget to check before you start playing this game. It’s also better for you to find out any information related to this mod either on Wiki and also forums.

Here’s for example of Krastorio settings:


    • Increased stack size: 50
    • Long hands: 5
    • Inventory additional slots: 20
    • Bonus items: (ticked)
    • Add Krastorio loaders: (ticked)
    • Rebalance vehicles fuel usage: (ticked)
    • Rebalance radar: (ticked)
    • Rebalance fuels: (ticked)
    • Improve power poles: (ticked)

Note: Krastorio will not work for you if you have a lot of modifications and don’t want to remove one of them if they conflict with Krastorio. This mod also can’t work if you have a huge base and you do not want to start a new game.

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