Exos Heroes Tier List 2021

LINE Games has recently launched a global version of Exos Heroes on Google Play and the App Store. The game features a variety of heroes and cinematic turn-based battles. However, newcomers to the game can be confused by the different levels assigned to the hero.

Exos Heroes is the first Korean-based mobile 3D RPG plant to be released in 2019 and it is expected worldwide. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Five Kingdoms, and the story is about the hunter of a millionaire who commits a crime after the death of the emperor and the theft of the legendary sword.

Collect more than 200 heroes to build your team with unique character designs and special skills that give you new game experience every time you play. The game includes daily dungeons, monster expeditions, scene missions and PvP. Check out the Exos Heroes Guide to pre-register and watch the official game demo.

Gameplay Overview

Before we talk about a lot of information regarding heroes, power systems, and how to play effectively, let’s see which of you are here and our list of the best Exos Heroes tiers.

It offers vibrant characters, a beautiful and fun system, and loads of content for players to explore and lose on their own. If you are a fan of turn-based RPG games, then this game is definitely worth watching.

Read on to browse our comprehensive list of Exos Heroes tiers and get helpful tips on how to expand your character and progress through the game as you chase the Emperor’s Assassin in order to reclaim the dead emperor’s legendary sword.

The best characters of Exos Heroes

NOTE: use search tools at the top right on your display screen to filtering the tier list according that you want to search in this Exos Heroes gameplay.

The strong character on Exos Heroes

First of all, it is important to know exactly where your character is in this game. Each character you meet is assigned a power rating, measured in stars. In most cases, the more stars, the stronger the character. This also applies to the rarity of the character. In the end, it will be more difficult to find stronger units to keep the game balanced.

  • Common Hero : 1 star
  • Magic Unit : 2 stars
  • Rare Character : 3 stars
  • Legendary Unit : 4 stars
  • Fate Hero : 5 stars
  • Fatecore Hero : 6 stars

Five stars level gacha of Exos Heroes

It includes ratings for each fated hero and their fatecore variant. With regards to heroes below that grade, you basically want to keep one of each to use in dispatches and challenges. The list can be filtered by Element, Role, Type & Grade. As with any tier list, it is very subjective. You can easily complete the story with any hero. High level PvP requires the use of meta heroes, but that is generally always the case for gacha games.

Rare Hero whose element is Light. Her position is Support and she causes Magical damage. She is a confined royal member of North von Frosty.

Her position is support and deals magic damage. She is a limited royal member of North von Frosty. Iris is the daughter of Mahar, who lost his arm after an unsuccessful fight for the throne. After Mahar hurried away, his family remained in North von Frosty. The Mahar family was trapped overnight and placed under house arrest. After the death of Iris’s mother and younger brother, she tried to escape, asking for help from Mahar’s loyal subordinate, Baron Malov.

However, Malov deceived Iris and she ended up falling into the hands of a trafficker. There Iris met Talia and became friends. Talia claims this is Brun’s divination and says that she will escape with the help of the Brun Tribes when the Brun Tribe attacks the human trafficker to save Talia. Iris traveled with Thalia to Brunn and learned magic and magic from her.

Arriving in the capital of Brunn, where Mahar was located, Iris tried to kill Mahar. The murder failed and Iris was caught. While Iris awaits execution, Thalia saves Iris and tells Iris that she must rebuild the forces of the Forgotten Dragon clan in order to achieve what she wants. Iris then travels to Lenom Ver to collect the relics of the dragon clan.

doomed hero whose element is Light. His stance is defensive and his attack is physical. He is the first of St. West’s five Major Generals.

A hero of fate, whose element is light. His stance is defensive and his attack is physical. He is the first of St. West’s five Major Generals. Garf was born a commoner, but he was always interested in war and dreamed of becoming a general. To fulfill his dreams, Garff studied the strategies and writings of the great general.

His passive ability is Defense 3. Grants a fraction of health to allies with the lowest maximum health and heals 30% of Garf’s current health at the start of the round (cannot be removed). Gain 1 mana when the target’s health is below 20% or above 70%. Also permanently increases the mana of all allies on the front line by 1. Thanks to his passive ability, Graff can increase his defense and health by 20%, placing a command mark on all allies with lower maximum health.

Garff can become Doombringer through Diastrophism. With Fate Core, Graff’s passive ability can trigger Barrier or Will, which activates when he takes 70% or more health at the same time, reducing all damage taken by 50% for 2 turns. All damage taken over the next 3 turns is increased by 30%. Graff’s first active ability has also been changed, now it deals 187% damage to one target, applying the [Over Time] debuff, and 49% damage every turn for 6 turns. His second ability to work remains the same.

A hero of fate, whose element is fire. His stance is offensive and his attack is physically based. Rachel – Royal Guard at St West.

Rachel is a doomed hero whose element is Fire. His stance is offensive and his attack is physically based. Rachel is the Royal Guard of St. West. He is the child of King John Donk and the Second Queen, Queen Emma and the Second Prince of St West. Rachel has shown skill and excellence in martial arts since childhood. Therefore, King John Donk preferred Rachel to his brother Mortus, the children of the first Queen Carrie. During the training of the Royal Guard, Ramj became Rachel’s best friend, but has since disappeared and was accused by Exestruk of repeated murder and theft. Rachel is now looking for Ramge on the orders of the new king.

Rachel’s passive ability is “Count 3”. You can retaliate when the target dies or takes damage that increases 1 mana when the target’s health is over 70%. In addition, all back row allies gain 1 mana forever. Rachel places a [Dishearten] mark on all enemies with less damage than her dodge is reduced by 50 and her defense is reduced by 20%.

Rachel can become Destiny through Awakening and Event. With Awakening Fate Core, Rachel’s passive can apply an Awakening Buff that increases her critical strike by 360 and increases her attack speed by 25, granting immunity to damage for 4 turns when her health is below 30%. Enemies that kill allies are marked as revenge. This mark is removed when a target with multiple marks is killed or damaged by Awakening Pioneers, and triggers the awakening effect of all allies with the Awakening skill. With Event Fate Core, Rachel only gets enhanced mods.

Fated Hero whose element is Frost. Her position is Attack and her attacks are Magic based. Bathory is King’s Guard of Green Land.

Bathory is a doomed hero whose element is Frost. Her stance is offensive and her attack is based on magic. Bathory is the Royal Guard of the Green Land. She is talented in various fields, but is especially gifted with magic. Through patience and a calm attitude, he expected that in the future he would become a good ruler. However, Queen Beth tried her best to hide Bathory’s lack of empathy, but found Bathory unable to empathize with others.

Due to his rigorous education, Bathory was able to study good and evil, morality and low concepts, but he still could not empathize with others. She is currently working for the Royal Guard in Lenomba and embarked on a journey to find Ramge, who is allegedly accused of repeated murder and theft by Exestruk.

Her passive skill is Mana Usage 3. Increases attack power based on the mana score of a combination of allies, and grants 1 mana if an ally or enemy has 10 or more mana per turn. In addition, Bartori grants 1 mana to all allies in the front row. Bathory also protects from death once per battle, inflicting [Tranquility] on all allies with less damage than him.

Bathory is arguably the best AOE damage dealer in the game. Her presence on the battlefield allows all allies to cheat death once. Most importantly, whenever you have new mana available to your allies, your total damage will increase, allowing you to deal crazy damage to all enemies. Bathory is top tier in all game categories and you need to maximize her as soon as you recruit her. Thanks to Destiny Core’s past, it has dramatically improved the living standards of the entire team, which is ideal for PvP. The airship will greet Bathory whenever he has enough luck to hire her.

Fated Hero whose element is Darkness. His position is Defense and he causes Physical damage. Shufraken is the King of North von Frosty.

Shufraken is a hero of fate, whose element is dark. His position is defensive and deals physical damage. Shufraken is the king of North von Frosty. He has ambitions to unite all the peoples of the continent to become a single exo emperor.

Shufraken remembered the legends about the Baikal dynasty and the dragon emperor, which he had read in numerous books. To realize his ambitions, he began to get rid of the nobility. Completing his plans for a continental war, he planned to overthrow and destabilize other countries across the continent.

His passive skill is “level 3”, reflects all incoming attacks, dealing 30% damage and can stun the attacker for 5 turns. This ability permanently grants 1 mana to all allies in the front row and 1 mana to Shufraken if the target’s health is 80% or higher, and 1 mana from the target, as well as 1 mana to Shufraken if the target’s health is below 30%.

Shufraken also displays the [Fear of the Abyss] mark on all enemies with less armor than him (if the target has 10% or less health at the end of the turn, Shufraken attacks all enemies in that row, dealing 65% damage).

Shufraken can become Destiny through Awakening. Passive Fate Core Shufraken additionally grants Awakening: Dragon Emperor, increasing attack speed by 25 and granting immunity to damage when below 30% health. Also increases the restored mana by 1 for each defeated ally.

Enemies that kill allies are marked as revenge. This mark is removed when a target with multiple marks is killed or damaged by Awakening Pioneers, and triggers the awakening effect of all allies with the Awakening skill.

His first active skill now deals 300% damage to a single target and inflicts [Despair] (mana burn and 50% damage) if the target is suffering from [Abyssal Fear]. His second technique remained the same.

Gameplay Conclusion

And there is a list of our final Exos Heroes levels and a getting started guide. So far, if you are a newbie or a veteran, you should have a fairly good understanding of all the work related to Exos Heroes characters.

We covered a lot of topics, including how the characters work, how to check which ones are good, how to upgrade and level up abilities, and how to manage micro-resources and game mechanics to make progress easier and also it’s effective.

Tier list is best levels of Exos Heroes 2021, like most playlists, it is built for the final game. We put our heroes in 5 levels and only saw the lucky and legendary heroes of the future and Zion, Iris Nad Glenn.

Heroes can be filtered by level, class, item, type of damage and rarity. The list has been updated as the game has been updated to respond to all major changes and to remove the protagonist’s position accordingly. We will also review the new Destiny kernels for all heroes and update the list accordingly. Hope you enjoyed it!

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