Dottore Genshin Impact Harbinger

Dottore is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Also, Dottore is referred to as Il Dottore. He first appears in the manga, set several times before the game’s story, as a diplomat to Mondstadt. Well, let us talk about Dottore here.

Who is Dottore in Genshin Impact?

Dottore is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. He serves as a diplomat to Mondstadt in Genshin Impact. Dottore has not been seen in-game as of yet. But, Genshin Impact players are able to find out several precious pieces of information about Dottore’s character. For your information, one of his ruins plays a small role in Child’s story quest. The rest of what is known about him comes from the official manga.

Unlike the game, Dottore appears physically in the manga. Dottore has light bluish-green hair. He is often seen with a vest or a suit. His most noticeable feature is his mask that covers most of his face except for the lower left side. His personality is cold and fit for a genius doctor.

Dottore Genshin Impact Harbinger

Dottore Personality

How about the personality of Dottore? You have to know that Dottore is ruthless. He has little regard for human life. With his ruthless personality, he threatens Krupp to be an experiment subject for his failure to get results. Later, he proves that promise after Krupp is compromised by Diluc during a banquet. Also, Dottore was not interested in the death of two Fatui diplomats during the Black Fire incident, leaving Barnabas to solve the problem for him.

Dottore is contemptuous towards Vision-wielders, explaining them as self-inflated fools. Apparently, Dottore is very interested in the Abyss Order, and often experiments on Ruin Guards. Even, he also changed his former subordinate Krupp into a Ruin Guard-like machine in the Manga.

Dottore Appearance

By the way, what is the appearance of Dottore in Genshin Impact? Need to know that Dottore is a man with pale skin, red eyes, and short curly blue hair. Usually, he wears a black and white mask which covers all of his face except his right cheek and half of his mouth. You will be able to see the Fatui symbol at the top left corner of this mask. If you look at his right ear, you will be able to see that he wears a blue earring. He wears a long white coat over his white dress shirt, and a pink bow tie too. Also, Dottore wears dark pants and a pinstripe vest.


During Tartaglia’s first Story Quest, Dottore takes Teucer to see the Institute of Toy Research. It is actually one of Dottore’s research facilities in Liyue. It developed to research the creatures in the Abyss. As a side item, it eventually made an abundance of Ruin Guards that Teucer saw as a big Mr. Cyclops toy.

Apparently, Dottore having grown bored with the facility, abandoned the autonomous factory and also left the area with no shutting it down. It resulted in the manufactured Ruin Guards spreading into the surrounding area, attracting the attention of the Millelith. It is reported that he is the one who modified Scaramouche.

Dottore Powers and Abilities

As one of Fatui Harbingers, Dottore has the ability to change people into monsters, even after the person has died. Also, Dottore is displayed in the manga. He uses the twin floating metal objects which will be able to shoot projectiles and also shine the bright blue light at their tips. Dottore has a genius intellect because he is really an expert in machinery.

Everything known about Dottore in Genshin Impact  

All we know is that Dottore comes from the manga. He is one of the eleven Fatui Harbingers. And he is well-known for his genius intellect. Dottore is cold-hearted, but he is appropriately powerful for a man of his position in the game of Genshin Impact. Although he does not physically show up in-game (yet), he still plays a minor role in Childe’s story quest in the game of Genshin Impact.

Role of Dottore in Genshin Impact manga

Dottore first appears in Chapter 1: Bad Wine (Part 1). Dottore debuts on page 4, where he remarks on how he wants to use Krupp as a test subject. For your information, Krupp is one of his underlings. The duo decided to head to Mondstadt to collect more test subjects.

Dottore managed to beat Ursa the Drake, who was a threat to the populace of Mondstadt some years ago. Dottore meets with Diluc and wants to collect more test subjects from Mondstadt. The meeting did not end nicely for him. However, Krupp decided to meet with Diluc later on. Actually, it is  a trap, because Diluc wants to collect information from Krupp. But, before he can do that, Dottore returns and kills Krupp. He is very obsessed with Visions and does not like the people who have them.

After that, Dottore changed one of his adjutants into a mechanical monster, even after his adjutant died. He is not concerned with what that monster does, as long as it does not disturb him. Also, Dottore does not care that two Fatui diplomats were killed by Collei. It further shows how cold-hearted Dottore is. He decided to allow Barnabas to handle this business. Also, Dottore is seen in Chapter 16 that is not officially translated to English on the official site. Here, he is only annoyed to Diluc who manages to escape from his guards.

Role of Dottore in Childe’s story quest in Genshin Impact

As we know that Dottore is mentioned in the Childe’s story quest. Apparently, he had a facility full of ruin guards that he was bored of, thus he abandoned it. Dottore did not need to shut down it correctly, showing how little he cares regarding the potential dangers of his work. Formerly, Dottore was researching creatures from the Abyss, but he managed to make some ruin guards instead. Later, those same ruin guards would go into nearby areas to cause several trouble. That is the last of what players see from Dottore in Childe’s story quest in Genshin Impact.