Does ADT Remove Equipment After Cancellation?

For some reason, you may need to cancel the ADT Security services. Then, you may wonder whether the equipment that has been mounted at your home will be yours or not, given you have paid for those equipment.

Do you have a plan to cancel ADT Security service before your contract is over? Before going on with its cancellation, it would be better for you to learn more about everything that is going to happen when you cancel your contract with ADT Security service. Let’s find out the information through our post!

Does ADT Remove Equipment After Cancellation..

How Is Equipment Ownership After Cancellation?

With more than 8 million customers throughout North America, of course a large number of customers decide to leave ADT, for various reasons; could be unhappy with ADT services, use another home security service or many others.

Keep in mind, when you use ADT Security service, it means that you basically pay to rent ADT equipment for the duration of your contract. At the end of your contract, ADT will have a right to remove,  disable or ignore any of the equipment that they own.

Generally, ADT will leave the equipment on your house that you can use to re-active service any time. In other words, any equipment that ADT has installed at your home will be yours. You can  transfer the equipment to another home security service company for monitoring. Then, you can also go with a new home security company which will supply new equipment. Well, there are a bunch of options that you can choose out there. So, make sure to select a company with low price monitoring service.

In the case of having existing equipment at your home when you start to make your ADT contract, the equipment will remain to be your property. The point is, the ADT’s equipment that has been installed at your home remains your property, unless you have a written agreement with them that the equipment will be their property.

How to Cancel Your ADT Contract?

Canceling your ADT contract will be pretty simple to do. Unfortunately, if you are within the 3-year contract, you are stuck. The only one way to cancel your ADT contract is by paying out the remainder of your contract period.

That’s why you have to avoid all companies with long term contracts, as some day, you may get any unsatisfied services of the company you choose. If you are on a short term contract, it will be easier to cancel your contract with a security service company. Make sure to not agree to a long term contract again.

To cancel your ADT contract, the first thing you should do is to make a call to ADT customer support. You can call them at 1-800-ADT-ASAP (1-800-238-2727). In a calling line, make sure to wait for a while, as ADT will not make your cancellation easily.

You should consider before you cancel your ADT contract. In fact, the longer you wait for a call, the more likely you are to hang up and then postpone cancellation.

If you already get someone on your phone line, you will be then transferred to the Service Department. In some cases, they will give you an offer to stay that is called Back Pocket Deals. Before you cancel your ADT contract, make sure to identify and summarize why you really wanted to cancel it.

Learn More about Early Termination with ADT

In the case of canceling your ADT contract within your three-year period, it is considered early termination and you should pay 75% of those remaining monthly charges. The good news! You should not be on the hook for your full monthly fees through the end of your contract period.

Need to know, there will be some exceptions to early termination charges. If you face any service problems that ADT cannot resolve, ADT actually has a generous six-month money-back guarantee which will allow you out of your contract with no penalty.

In the case of moving to a new house, ADT also has special offers for ending your contract early and it will be setting up an ADT plan at your new house. It’s important to note, there will be a clause for early termination as service charges are increased.

Once you have completed your initial contract period, you will be rolled over into a monthly contract automatically. At that time, it just gives ADT 30 days’ advance notice. So you will be able to cancel your ADT contract any time with no termination fee.

Talking about increase in charges, ADT actually has a right to increase the annual service charge any time after your first year. Sure, you will have up to 1 month to file a written objection to the price increase.

If they ignore you, you also have a right to terminate your contract without paying an early termination charge. What you should do is to give them written notice 1 month in advance. Well, it’s pretty nice protection.

Depending on your conditions, ADT will offer you some additional charges. For instance, if a local alarm permit is required, you are responsible for that fee. Meanwhile, if you have used DIY security before, it may be a bit different for you.

In this case, DIY systems basically do not have extra fees. The great thing is that any of those additional charges with ADT will likely be one and done. So, make sure to ask your ADT sales agent to tell you every additional charge in advance, so you will not be surprised.

Otherwise, if you often miss the payments, ADT also has a right to stop providing their security monitoring services or disable the equipment without notice. Aside from that, they will also have a right to charge late fees for each month if a payment is not made.

They will also report you to a customer reporting agency if you miss payment for over 90 days. So, before signing a contract with ADT,  you should consider that all things will happen later on and avoid your choice from getting in over your head.