Best Way to Kill Vex Minecraft

If you kill a mob in Minecraft, you will gain experience to enhance your equipment through enchanting. Is it the same by killing the vexes? Yeah… If you kill the vexes, a tiny flying hostile mob, you will gain 3 experience points that are represented by tiny green and yellow balls appearing and moving towards you.

Once you know killing the vexes will give you experience points, we think you will plan to kill them. However, killing the vexes is such a complicated way that you may pass, as they are one of the hardest mobs to kill in Minecraft.

But it doesn’t matter if you have not yet the great technique of killing the vexes, as we’ll share the best way to kill vexes in Minecraft through our post. So, make sure to stay on this page.

Best Way to Kill Vex in Minecraft

Killing the Vexes, Here’s the Best Trick!

There are a bunch of killing options that you can take to defeat the vexes. Considering killing the vexes is hard, you may need some unorthodox methods to kill them. Here are the best ways to kill the vexes:

    • Trap the vexes

Many players think that this is the best method to kill a vex. You need to place a lot of boats or minecarts around. Then, you should attempt to guide the vexes to get trapped in them. Make sure to stack a ton of boats  around a villager. When the vexes are trapped inside the boat, they will sit and not perform anything until they despawn.

However, if the vexes didn’t get stuck in boats, they could still kill the villagers. But if there are no mobs that get put into boats, perhaps it will fix a lot of mob farming issues. To note that trapping a vex in boats is not totally needed for raid farms to function.

In this case, trapping the vexes in the boat can be used to raid farms, especially having a single villager surrounded by boats as a pillager outpost location. In this way, the pillagers can locate a path to the villager. So, they can be killed via lava/ falling and more.

    • Kill the evoker

You can also try to kill the evoker if you get hard of killing the vexes. To kill the evoker, you can try to use a bow before it summons the vexes. In the case of killing the evoker, make sure to not make eye contact with a player or villager.

If the vexes are already summoned, you can try to kill them in one hit. So they won’t retaliate against a player by spawning the vexes. You should be careful when attacking the evoker, as it will summon between 2 and 4 vexes.

    • Using Thorns Armor

If you use Thorns armor, it will cause attackers to be damaged as they deal damage to the wearer. When you are wearing any Thorns enchantment armor, you will have a level x15% chance of inflicting 1-4 damage on anyone who attacks them.

Each piece of armor with Thorns enchantment will give an independent chance to deal damage to the attacker. Well, the total amount of damage that you can be dealt is capped at 4. So if you want to deal the higher damage, you can try to use the Thorns Armor.

    • Using Iron Golem

In the case of killing the vexes, you can try to use iron golems. They are a large, strong neutral utility mob that can defend players and villagers. Moreover, this is one of the few mobs that you can build and spawn in the game. To kill the vexes, you can make them tank the damage and attack them at the same time.

Identifying the Vexes’ Behaviour

Identifying the Vexes’ Behaviour

It may be necessary for you to identify the vexes’ behaviour, especially if you have a plan to kill a vex in the game. After you know their behaviour, you can understand the do’s and don’ts. So, you are able to kill them easier.

The vexes will find the nearest enemy by attacking the players, villagers, and also iron golems after they spawn. Aside from that, they will also attack wandering traders and other targets as commanded by evoker. In this case, any mob illagers will still fight the vexes even if they do not have a weapon.

Why do you attack the vexes so hard? That’s because they will be able to pass through any solid items such as walls, bedrock, water and more, without taking damage.. So, it makes them extremely hard to track and kill in close quarters. If the vexes  start to attack They will also turn into the red.

What makes them so hard to catch is that they have the capability to fly through the air. They will be hostile toward it in the area when any mobs attack them. You should know that the vexes will target the nearest player. Then, the vexes will float within a 15x11x15 cuboid range that is centered on their evoker’s position. But it does not apply if they are summoned by a spawn egg or by the /summon command

Some Facts about the Vexes

There are some interesting facts that you should know about the vexes. Certainly, knowing the facts will give you some clues and determine what is the best technique that you should use to kill the vexes. Here are for the facts:

    • The vexes will take damage over time.
    • The vexes can also be hurt by the evoker that will result in it attacking its own evoker.
    • The vexes can kill a villager in three hits.
    • The vexes can kill an iron golem in 15 hits.

Where Do the Vexes Spawn?

The vexes will spawn when summoned by an evoker and can be found in Woodland Mansions. When it is summoned, they will begin taking damage after 30 to 119 seconds and finally die. But it cannot apply if a vex is summoned by a spawner, by the /summon command or also by a spawn egg.

The vexes will not disappear if they have been named via commands, or nametag or also if a vex is in a block minecart, or boat. The vexes will spawn in the groups of three that will deliver smoke when spawning in.

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