Battlefield 2042 Error Code 3 9001 – Tips to Fix

Do you encounter an error 3 9001 when you are playing Battlefield 2042? If so, now you surely need tips to be able to fix this issue so that you are able to play the game again. Here, you can read some explanation about this error including the cause and also how to fix it.

The Cause of Error Code 3 9001

According to the Early Game site, this is disputed now and EA does not give an explanation about it. In the game, you will be brought to EA’s support page. However, it seems that you talk to an automated chatbot where you will be asked to keep checking your internet.

Early Game site explains that the cause of error code 3:9001 can be because of a non-installation error or a failed verification error of a new update. There are some users who took to Twitter and they insisted that they had taken the right steps and cleared their download cache. It seems that fixing the installation of a new update may be the solution that can work for everyone now.

Battlefield 2042 Error Code 3 9001 - Tips to Fix

The Tips to Fix Error Code 3: 9001

According to the Early Game site, this error code 3:9001 can be fixed if you change your update download preference. So, the game will only update if you open the application. You can read the steps to do that below.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to go to your Steam library.
    • After that, you have to right click on Battlefield 2042 and then you have to choose Properties.
    • Under the Updates tab, you have to select the ‘Only update this game when I launch it’ option from the Automatic Updates dropdown box.

How to Fix the Other Errors in Battlefield 2042

There are a number of errors in Battlefield 2042. Besides error code 3: 9001, here are some other error codes in Battlefield 2042 and how to fix it.

Error Code 15 – 7A in Battlefield 2042

According to the Update Crazy site, Battlefield 2042 error 15 – 7A, 5:600p-7a, and other errors are a general problem. It indicates that the game has crashed. The devs of the game said that this lag, crashing and issues most commonly appear on All-Out Warfare. So, here are the methods that you can do to fix this error in Battlefield 2042.

    • You have to check Battlefield 2042 server status. You have to confirm BF2042 server status whether the servers of the game are up and running before you proceed further. If you find that everything is okay, then you can fix the issue by following the other methods below.
    • You have to turn off the Antivirus and Firewall. To do this, you have to open the Windows Start menu and then search for Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall. After that, you have to choose Allow an app option in Windows Defender Firewall. Then, you have to look for Battlefield 2042 and check both boxes and then click on OK.
    • You have to turn on/ off your VPN and use a LAN connection if it is possible. You have to set your internet connection to default so that you can solve the Battlefield 2042 server connection issues. Are you using a VPN connection? If so, it is recommended for you to switch it off and try again. You also have to use LAN connection instead of Wifi to have better stability and connection.
    • You have to give admin privileges to the Battlefield 2042 exe file. There are a number of reports from players that they have fixed this error by giving privileges to the game exe file. To do that on Steam, you have to choose Battlefield 2042 in the Steam library. Then, you must right click on it and then you must choose Properties. Then, you have to choose Local Files and Browse Local Files. Then, you have to look for Battlefield2042.exe in the installation folder. Now, you have to right click on it and choose Properties and go to the Compatibility tab, in the Options you have to check the Run this program as administrator box. And then, you can click on Apply.

Matchmaking Timeout or Failed Error in Battlefield 2042

Now, how about fixing matchmaking timeout or failed error in Battlefield 2042? If you are facing this error now, you are able to try to fix it by following the methods below. Here are the methods to fix matchmaking timeout or failed error in Battlefield 2042 that you can try.

    • The first method to try to apply for fixing this error is to see whether Battlefield 2042’s servers are working well or not. If you find that there are problems with it, you need to wait for the service to come back online. However, if you have checked it and then you find that they are working correctly, you need to try the method below to fix it.
    • You are able to access Settings and then you have to turn off the crossplay option. It is able to be done by going to the Settings menu in the bottom left of the screen on the lobby screen and then you must go to General and Other and then set the crossplay option to Off.
    • Another way that you can do to fix this error is to update your Battlefield to the latest version available.
    • Restart your internet router and your system can also be tried to fix this error.

If you have tried to apply the methods above to fix this issue but you find that it does not work, it means that you have to wait for the developers for fixing it.

Well, those are some errors which may appear in Battlefield 2042 and also how to fix it. Hopefully, this information can help you in fixing the errors that you are facing in Battlefield 2042 so that you are able to play the game again. Thank you for reading this article and you are able to read the other articles on this site about Battlefield 2042.

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