About Stealth Cam Not Connecting to Network

As a Wi-Fi trail camera, Stealth Cam will need the internet network to make it connected to the app. Through an existing Wi-Fi connection, the Stealth Cam will do a great job on taking and sending high quality photos. Sure, if there’s no Wi-Fi connection around, the Stealth Cam will not work to capture any objects.

Reportely, a lot of users complain that the Stealth Cam cannot connect to the internet network, so they aren’t able to capture any objects through the Wi-Fi cameras. So, what causes the Stealth Cam not connecting to the internet network? To find out the information about it, let’s see our post below!

About Stealth Cam Not Connecting to Network

Why Can’t Stealth Cam Connecting to Internet Network/ Wi-Fi Connection?

If the Stealth Cam cannot connect to the internet network/ Wi-Fi connection, of course it’s such a big problem that you may encounter. However, when the camera Wi-Fi is not connected to your router Wi-Fi is a common issue that you can fix easily.

There are some indicators when the Stealth Cam cannot connect to the internet, here are they:

    • The Stealth Cam cannot connect to Wi-Fi Network.
    • The Stealth Cam fails to connect to your phone remotely.
    • The Stealth Cam keeps going offline.
    • The Stealth Cam is unable to find Wi-Fi.

According to some sources, there are some reasons why the Stealth Cam cannot connect to the network/ Wi-Fi connection, here are they:

    • The antennas of the Stealth Cam are not fixed well, or the antennas are loose.
    • The Stealth Cam does not have a power supply.
    • You may enter the wrong login password.
    • The SSID is not the same as the one of your Wi-Fi router.
    • The Wi-Fi reach is too bad or the Stealth Cam is too far from the router or there are so many walls in between.
    • The Stealth Cam gets a wrong IP address.
    • The software or the firmware is out of date.
    • You may not configure the wireless settings of your newly bought Stealth Cam.
    • The router does not support your Stealth Cam’s Wi-Fi Channel.
    • Too crowded with your router channel.
    • The internet network cable has connection issues.
    • The electrical interference from your devices like the microwave causes the Wi-Fi signal to drop or a cordless phone.

Aside from the causes above, the cause your Stealth Cam  not connecting to your phone remotely or finding the ‘Offline’ status when you attempt to connect it can be caused by some reasons below:

    • The ‘UID’ option on your Stealth Cam has not been enabled yet.
    • Neither the Stealth Cam or your phone connects to the network.
    • You have enabled it on your router’s firewall and it blocks the connections.

Well, those are some causes why your Stealth Cam cannot connect to the internet network.

How to Fix Stealth Cam Not Connecting to Network/ Wi-Fi Connection?

When you encounter an issue where your Stealth Cam is not connected to the network, all you have to do is to fix the issues. Even though you are not sure yet that the ways you do will succeed, at least you will be able to prove the solutions that you obtained from some sources.

After explaining the causes of the Stealth Cam not connecting to the network, we’ll also show you the way to fix this issue. We also obtained some solutions to fix the Stealth Cam not connecting to the network from some sources. Here are the possible solutions you can take to fix the Stealth Cam not connecting to network:

Solution 1: Check the Stealth Cam antennas

All you have to do is to check your Stealth Cam antennas to see if the antennas are fixed well or not. When you get the camera with the antennas not connected to the camera, you may need to manually install the antenna to the Stealth Cam. So, ensure you have tightened the antennas to the camera.

Solution 2: Make sure the Stealth Cam is powered on

The next thing you should do is to make sure your Stealth Cam is on. You also have to ensure the power adapter is plugged into a working socket. It’s highly recommended for you to check the Stealth Cam battery. You may have to change or charge up the battery.

Solution 3: Make sure your Wi-Fi password is correct

In some cases, the Stealth Cam cannot connect to the network or fail to login because of the password. You should ensure that the Wi-Fi login password is correct. Sometimes, you obtain a lot of passwords and may mix them up. So, you also need to check the password list and make sure the password you enter is the right one for Wi-Fi.

Solution 4: Check the SSID in Wi-Fi settings

Generally, you will have to set the SSID when you have your newly bought wireless camera. Sure, you have to set it the same as the SSID of your router. To make it work, you may need the software on your mobile phone.

To set the SSID, you may need to connect the Stealth Cam to the router through an Ethernet cable. Then, run the software on your computer. After that, you need to add the camera to the Client Software. Last, you need to go to the Wi-Fi settings and set up the SSID and password.

Solution 5: Ensure there’s no signal interference

The Stealth Cam will not be able to find your Wi-Fi signal if there’s a bad reach, so your camera cannot connect to the network. Sure, the Stealth Cam must not be too far from the router. You also have to check the distance between the Stealth Cam and the router. You should also check the Wi-Fi signal by logging into the security camera software and go to the Wi-Fi Settings.

Solution 6: Contact the support team

Contacting the support team is the final solution if all ways above cannot solve your Stealth Cam not connecting to the network. You have to contact the support team of the Stealth Cam company and explain your issue to them. If necessary, you can also ask for a replacement. You can contact Stealth Cam’s Support Team here.