About Copper Golem Minecraft

You may know that there is Copper Golem which was announced as the final Minecraft Live mob. But, what is Copper Golem? Here, you will get the information about Copper Golem Minecraft. So, let’s find out the information about Copper Golem here now.

What is Copper Golem?

According to Minecraft Fan Ideas Wiki, Copper Golem is a moderately powerful golem and it is introduced by the Mega Mining and Mo’ Golems idea packs. With 4 Blocks of Copper set, it is built in a T-shape with a Pumpkin on top. The pumpkin needs to be the last block put because if not, the golem will not form. It is important for you to know that it is not able to be created with Pistons.

Here is the health and damage of Copper Golem.

    • 80 HP (37.5 hearts)
    • 4 hearts damage

About Copper Golem Minecraft

The Things That the Copper Golem Do in Minecraft

According to Games Predator, here is the explanation about what the Copper Golem does in Minecraft. It seems that Copper Golem is a very useful mob for every player who likes playing with Redstone and making various contraptions. In Minecraft, it could be the first creature which is able to activate Redstone on demand. There will be the ability to press the copper button.

Mojang may probably have a plan to reveal more information about this mob on the voting day itself. The vote will take place on October 16th, 2021 and it is interesting how this mob will have interactions with various Redstone contraptions.

Copper Golem as Final Minecraft Live Mob

According to the Sportskeeda website, here is the explanation about Copper Golem as the final Minecraft Live Mob.

If you have been a player of Minecraft since a long time ago, you may know that Minecraft Live is a place for players to get their voices heard by Mojang.  They can determine which mobs make it into the game and which ones do not and it means that it permits them to feel like a stronger part of the game. Every year, Minecraft does it.

In the vote, there will be three options and now all have been announced. Those three mobs are friendly and helpful and they are not hostile. The first one is the glare where it was announced first. It will be able to help players find the locations of monsters in caves  by finding the darkest places and warning them. The second one is The alley where it will go off in search of items that the player gives them. And the third one is the copper golem.

On October 16th, 2021, the official vote will take place and it seems that it will be held via a Twitter poll, the same as what Mojang did last year.

It seems that the copper golem is not as helpful as the allay. However, copper is easily found and has few applications so that this mob probably will get a lot of votes. In addition, golems are a great part of Minecraft and they are so fun to craft and create. So, adding another one may be a really good option. It will not be as protective as an iron golem. Nevertheless, it will give you a brand new item namely copper buttons. This item may or may not get into the game in case the copper golem does not. However, if players want this item, they need to try to vote for the golem.

The Announcement of Mob Vote 2021: Copper Golem

If you access MInecraft website in the article page, you will be able to see that on October 13th, 2021, Minecraft announced about Mob Vote 2021: Copper Golem. They announced that you can vote for your favorite mob on October 16th, 2021.

On that announcement, they announced that the third mob that you can vote for is a gorgeous golem. They also explained that the copper golem is the DIY project of your dreams. You will not only be able to build a brand new buddy, but also this small creature is made out of 100% copper. It means that same as any other copper structure, it will oxidize over time.

Golem is more than just a pretty face, but it is als very unpredictable. You are required to keep your eye on it, particularly if you have any copper buttons which lie around.

On Youtube, you are able to watch a video which was uploaded by Minecraft where the title of the video is Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem!. This video was uploaded on October 13th, 2021 and the length of the video is 1 minute 3 seconds. Until now, this video has been watched more than 3.3 million times.

In the video, you are able to see there is Agnes who calls Tiny Jens and they do not know where they are, but they find lovely copper. Then, Jens asks whether that is a copper golem or not and Agnes answers yes. Agnes says that it must be old, over time they freeze into statues. After that, Jens invites Agnes to build their own copper golem because it may be able to help them. After they build it, Agnes says that the copper golem is a mob that you, the player, can build yourself. She also says that it oxidises over time and loves to randomly press copper buttons, so they would be added to the game as well.

Minecraft Live

If you are a new player in Minecraft, you may be curious what Minecraft Live is. Well, it is a virtual event which can be accessed around the world. In this event, there is news about the game, content creators and it will also include a community vote that can influence the game.

What time is this event? The start time of this event depends on where you are located. You have to check out the global broadcast times on the map in Minecraft to make sure that you do not miss any of the action and fun. You are able to watch this event in any place as long as you have an internet connection. PC, tablet, phone or game console are able to be used by you to watch this event on the Minecraft website, Youtube, Facebook and Twitch accounts.

The upcoming Minecraft Live will be held virtually on October 16th, 2021 and it will start at 12 PM ET.