2020 Apple CarPlay Tesla Model 3 – How It Works

With CarPlay, you are able to use your iPhone while you are driving and it is the smart and safe way. So, it enables you to be able to read messages, listen to music, news or podcasts and other things to do. Talking about CarPlay, does Apple CarPlay can be used in Tesla Model 3? If so, how does it work?

As we know that Tesla has advanced technology. It has wide-angle exterior cameras, a 322-mile range, and 0-60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds. Now, how about infotainment systems such as CarPlay? If you wonder about the app which permits you to be able to control your car, actually Tesla has its own app. But, if you ask whether it is compatible with CarPlay, then the answer is no.

Tesla cannot support CarPlay or Android Auto. Why? It seems that Tesla prefers users to only use their proprietary Tesla software. Or, it may be because the mobile software from Apple and Google can male the software in the Model 3 to be slow. It is also possible that the company is looking for more sophisticated and developed ways to permit for iPhone integration with Tesla software. Another reason may be because with the intricate advanced autopilot, it makes sense that Tesla wants its driver to use the built-in navigation system which has been designed for autopilot driving. The hardware which is used in the Model 3 is seto up to be ready for a future of complete self-driving. And Tesla prefers to use its software and apps rather than using other apps such as Apple.

Things That Tesla Have So That It Does Not Need CarPlay

Tesla Model 3 has these things to make you enjoy the trip so that you may not need CarPlay.

  • Navigation.


Tesla Model 3 uses satellite imagery from Google Maps. The system of navigation shows every Tesla Supercharger location. If you tap on one station, then you will be able to get the information about charging costs, the number of chargers at the station and even the number of chargers which are available. The interface of Tesla also can support voice command.

  • Music


Are you bored with the long trip without any entertainment? If so, there is Spotify which is available in all Tesla vehicles. You will have it as two-thirds of the touchscreen, half of the screen or just like a horizontal bar. While listening to music, you are still able to see the map.

  • Videos

 Tesla has mastered is Netflix and Youtube

You may agree that Tesla is a little bit behind in some areas of app compatibility because of the inability to download the apps that you want. However, the thing that Tesla has mastered is Netflix and Youtube. As we know that CarPlay does not permit you to be able to play videos because it is considered as a distraction for the driver. But, it is not for Tesla. In the Tesla Model 3, you are able to watch videos on Youtube and Netflix after you have signed into your account. But of course, you need to note that you are only allowed to watch videos when the car is in parked mode to make sure of your safety.

  • Karaoke

 karaoke on Tesla Model 3

If Karaoke can make you not sleepy when you are driving, then you can use this feature on Tesla Model 3. By having karaoke, it can be a little bit of entertainment for every family member and even it can motivate you when you are stuck in traffic. Karaoke in Tesla has been released with the latest 10.0 software update. There are also large lyrics on the touchscreen so that you are able to sing along while driving.

Things That CarPlay Do But Tesla Can’t

As Tesla does not have CarPlay until now and they prefer to use their own software, so what can CarPlay do but Tesla can’t? Well, as we know that text messaging is a big part of most smartphone use. With CarPlay, you will have the advantage of being able to read out your text messages. Also, with a voice command, you are able to reply with your voice rather than having to type.

text messaging and voice command CarPlay

As a Tesla fan, you may hope that the Tesla interface will  have something like this so that you do not need to reach for your phone when you hear that you get a message.

The Possibility of Having CarPlay in Tesla

If you wonder whether Tesla will have CarPlay in the future, well there is no information about it. However, it seems that it will not. Why? It is because the differences in the technology of Apple and technology of Tesla are like chalk and cheese. However, we are able to respect that Tesla is very opened to any suggestions for the improvement of their products in the future.

After there were community messages, now Tesla Model 3 has Siri integration and you have the ability to control your car windows with your iPhone. Once again that this feature comes because of user requests. For your information, in 2016, Tesla discussed the possibility of being able to project apps from your smartphone onto the Tesla interface. Until now, there is nothing to come. But, of course we never know the real idea of the company which will come.

So, if you really want to have CarPlay in Tesla Model 3, you are able to request it from the company. If there are a lot of requests about it, who knows that Tesla may be able to implement it in the future.

Connecting iPhone to The Tesla Model 3

Even though you are not able to enjoy CarPlay in your Tesla Model 3, however there is 4G connection with the Tesla Model 3 and you are able to connect through Bluetooth. If you have downloaded the app, then you are able to enter your Tesla account on your iPhone. Then, you are able to access a lot of features including making and answering a phone call, listening to your saved music and audiobooks. In addition, you are also able to access the climate control.