When Will Sea of Thieves Be Back Up

Sea of Thieves is a first-person multiplayer game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox consoles and Windows 10. The Sea of Thieves game was first playable during Closed Beta in the last part of January 2018. It was completely released on March 20, 2018 as a game for Xbox One and Windows 10, through Microsoft Store. Later, on June 3, 2020 the game became available through Steam. Also, it was one of the earliest first-party games released for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

When Will Sea of Thieves Servers Be Back Up?

Why are the servers of Sea of Thieves down for maintenance? When will Sea of Thieves servers be back up? Those are the big questions everyone in the mood for pirate adventures is looking to have answered right now.

If you tried logging into the Sea of Thieves game, you may have been greeted by the Lavenderbeard and Kiwibeard error codes, and wondering whether or not the developers are currently working on getting the game back online. It is never fun to boot up your game just to encounter errors like Kiwibeard, Lavenderbeard, Greybeard, Fishbeard, or Strawberrybeard, particularly as a new Season is about to begin.

These identify connectivity issues, which is why we have made this Server Status page to keep you informed on the game’s maintenance schedule and when the Sea of Thieves servers will be back up.

When Will Sea of Thieves Be Back Up

The Sea of Thieves Server Status

Developer Rare has alerted the players to some scheduled maintenance that will be taking the Sea of Thieves servers offline on December 2 exactly at 10 AM GMT.

Developer Rare stated that the Sea of Thieves servers would be offline from about 10 am GMT, Thursday 2nd, so that the Quest Boards would be built, Cannons could be strapped to Rowboats and a new Season could begin. The downtime is needed to prepare for Season 5’s launch.

The Sea of Thieves Errors: Strawberrybeard, Lavenderbeard, Kiwibeard, and More

While Sea of Thieves is offline, you will also likely face errors like Kiwibeard, Strawberrybeard, or Lavenderbeard, if you repeatedly try to connect. All three error codes are tied to server maintenance. There does not seem to be much that the players can do, aside from being patient.

We have got several fixes for Sea Of Thieves’ matchmaking that have failed, services unavailable, and stuck on loading screen errors. While Sea of Thieves have just released its big anniversary update, that does not mean the game is completely free of errors or issues. Some of the errors are the same error codes that have plagued the game since launch, mainly the Strawberrybeard, LavenderBeard error and CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard.

Aside from that, several players are still having problems with opening the journal or getting messages such as launch issues, services unavailable, matchmaking has failed, and stuck on loading screen. At least Developer Rare uses more interesting error codes and bug names than the average game.

Having trouble with those Sea of Thieves error codes, below we have a full rundown of how to fix all known issues, along with a list of which ones will have to wait for a patch to be fixed.


The Strawberrybeard error code is not necessarily granted when you are banned. It most frequently means the game needs to update and has not yet, and is frequently paired with the players getting stuck on reporting for duty. If the players are on PC, they have to check the Windows Store first to see if it needs an update. If it does not yet say it needs an update, then the players have to reboot your computer and check again. Now, the players should see that the game requires an update. If the players are on Xbox One, the players have to give the console a hard reset by holding the console’s power button for a few seconds and relaunching the game to initiate the update.


This Lavenderbeard error code is caused by your antivirus or firewall settings interfering with the game. Usually, you are able to fix this issue by typing “firewall” into the Windows search, choosing “Allow an app through Windows Firewall,” and then selecting the Sea of Thieves program.

Cinnamon Beard and Bronze Beard

These two error codes usually include a “matchmaking has failed” message. And this is usually an issue with your Xbox being unable to connect to the server. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. You only need to fully close the program and then restart it. Simply exiting out does not cut it, as the Xbox One keeps games running in the background. Please highlight the Sea of Thieves pin on the dashboard and then hit the Menu button. Next, choose Quit to fully close it down. From there, you are able to re-open the program. Do that well.


This Sea of Thieves error code seems to be a server issue that occurs when large numbers of the players log in just after launch. In fact, the game’s servers still have problems handling the players from time to time. A patch mostly eradicated the problem, but if it pops up, we highly suggest you play solo or log out, and wait a while before trying to connect again.


Similar to Fishbeard, this Kiwibeard error code occurs when you try to join a game. And it simply means that the servers are full, and there is no room for another player to join in. Kiwibeard, FluffyBeard and Trimmedbeard all mean the same thing.


This Greybeard error code seems to involve getting stuck while you are trying to wait for matchmaking. Unfortunately, there is not a clear resolution at this time. According to the developer Rare, a solution was in the works, however the players seem to still run into it. Several players have already reported that a full system shutdown sometimes resolves the error. This seems to be luck and not anything which works consistently.

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