What Is A Pop Up and What Are Its Functions?

When you read a tutorial related to a program or website on a computer, you may read the term “pop up”. But, what is a pop up? When you access several things in your computer, website, or smartphone, sometimes there is a small window that appears when you choose a certain option where the small window floats on the page. That’s called pop up.

Let’s say that you access a certain site page like a news page. Then, you will see a certain ads window that you have to cover to access the news entirely. Another example is that when you are using WhatsApp on your smartphone, you may find a small window that appears when there is a new chat coming. To know more about pop up, you are able to read the information below where the source is from Gadgetren site.

What Is A Pop Up and What Are Its Functions

What Is A Pop Up?

Technically, a pop up is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area which is usually a small window where it appears suddenly in the foreground of the visual interface when we do something such as choosing a button or going to a specific page.

GUI itself is a form of user interface that permits users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators such as secondary notations.

The Functions of Pop Up

After reading about what a pop is, now you may also want to know about the functions of a pop up. There are several functions of the pop up window interface. In computing alone, it is able to be used to do a lot of things as you are able to read below.

Pop-Up Menu

When you right-click on Windows on the main page, there will be some options in a small window such as Refresh, New, View, Display Settings, and Personalize. It is called a pop up menu where it is a pop up that contains a menu that functions to permit users to be able to interact with the device.

Pop Up Dialog Box

A dialog box has a function to provide a warning or confirmation to the user such as when a user makes an error or gets a ban.

For example, when you close Microsoft Word application, you will see a small window that appears containing information to save the file, cancel the action, or continue without saving it.

Pop Up Ads

A pop up can also be used to create certain promotions. For example, an advertisement appears on an online news page and you have to cover it first so that you are able to access the news entirely.

Pop Up Graphics

The term pop up is usually used in video games as well such as Pop Up Graphics. This term is associated with a phenomenon associated with limited draw distances in 3D video games.

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