Sites to Find Color Combinations

Apparently, finding the right color combination is not an easy task. There are some people who take quite a lot of time only to determine the right color combination. Fortunately, there are many sites that provide features for finding color combinations. For those of you who are working on a design, those color combination sites are perfect.

Here are 10 sites to find color combinations:

1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC-

Adobe Color CC is one of the sites to find color combinations. It provides a list of the most frequently used colors, especially for design needs. On this site, there are various types of colors available. Also, there are many color combinations separated by theme.

2. Canva


Canva is one of the sites to find color combinations. It is popular for making designs online. This site provides color combination recommendations. Just like the Adobe Color CC site, there are also categories that you can choose from to create color combinations, such as harmony, monochromatic and other themes.

3. Color Hunt

Color Hunt

Color Hunt has a very simple appearance. However, the color combinations provided on this site are numerous. Also, the colors displayed on this site are different, which is specifically for the color pallete only. Aside from that, this site also provides an extension that you are able to install on Google Chrome. Of course, the extension can be very helpful for finding color combination ideas.

4. Colormind


Colormind is a site that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find suitable color combinations. On this site you are able to search for combinations by locking one primary color. After that, Colormind will analyze or take samples of the appropriate colors. The sample results themselves have some color choices. Each color combination which has been generated will be applied to the site display.

5. Cool Hue

Cool Hue

The Cool Hue site has a simple look. However, on this site, the choice of color combinations is quite diverse and complete. You will be able to copy each color and then save it to your computer. For those of you who are designing gradient colors, this color combination site is very suitable.

6. Color Lisa

Color Lisa

Apparently, the color combinations that Color Lisa site provides are intended for those of you who are making designs such as 2D or paintings. In this site, the categories are shared based on artists, for example, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, and others.

7. Coolors


The next site to find color combinations is Coolors. It is a color scheme site intended for various purposes such as photo design, app design and more. The color combinations provided on this site are very many. For those of you who are confused about what color combination to use, then you are able to set the filter as needed. For example, colors which are trending. Aside from that, you are also able to search for the base color of the combination. If you need a red base color, you only need to search directly on this site.

8. Pigment


Pigment site is intended for those of you who are looking for two suitable color combinations. It is easy to use. Simply, you are able to choose the primary color you want. Then, the Pigment site will display the color that matches it. You will be able to use this color combination directly in your design, for example, to objects in the form of logos, gradient colors, duotone images, and others.

9. Paletton


As one of the sites to find color combinations, Paletton uses the color wheel feature for analyzing color combinations. With this feature, easily you are able to select the desired base color, and then get other color combinations which fit. The site of Paletton is simple, and of course, it is easy to use.

10. Color Explorer

Color Explorer

Another site to find color combinations is Color Explorer. The site provides various color combinations that can be selected from the menu. Also, from the existing colors, you will be able to rearrange them according to your needs. For instance, if it feels a bit dark, you are able to make the color brighter.

Well, these are some sites to find the right color combinations. Keep in mind that each site has different color choices. You are able to try visiting these sites one by one for reference.

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