Student Code for ASOS

ASOS is both a men and women fashion brand that offers 10% off for all students who have an ASOS account. In order to get 10% off, the students should have the code that they can enter when checkout. Of course, the code here can be obtained from ASOS.

If you also really want to get 10% off to purchase ASOS fashion, you must have the code first. Then, you may attempt to look for the student’s code to get 10% off when buying ASOS fashion. So, how to get a code to get 10% off to buy ASOS fashion?

Getting Student Code for ASOS, Here’s How!

The student code is such a unique code awarded by ASOS for the students to get a 10% discount. Certainly, all students will get the 10% off, as long as they have an ASOS account. In other words, to get the student code for ASOS, you need to create an account first on ASOS.

Fortunately, creating an ASOS account is pretty easy to do. So, here’s how to get the student code for ASOS!

    • First, you can click the ASOS Registration Page.
    • Once you are at the Registration Page, you will see a bunch of forms that you have to complete.

The forms here include:

    1. Your first name
    2. Your last name
    3. Your primary email address
    4. What year will you graduate
    5. I’m interested in 1) Menswear or 2) Womenswear
    • After you fill all the forms, you need to click on the ‘Submit’ button.
    • In the next page, there will be a notification where a unique code has been sent to your email.
    • Here, you can go to your email and check if the ASOS unique code has been available or not/
    • If you receive an email that provides a unique code for ASOS, you can use it to start shopping for your outfit by clicking on the ‘Shop Now’ button under the ASOS unique code.

Congratulations! You successfully get the unique code from ASOS and you can start using the code to get a 10% discount. Now, it’s a great time for you to start creating an ASOS account in order to get a unique code.

After you get the unique code, you can start shopping at the ASOS store here. To use the unique code to get 10% off, you just simply enter the unique code in the ‘Promo/ Student Code’ box found at the checkout.

Student Code for ASOS

Terms & Conditions of ASOS’s Discount and Code

You totally cannot use the student code to get discounts on shipping charges, Premier Delivery, E-Gift, ASOS sale items and marketplace. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other ASOS offers. The discount is only valid on orders shipped to the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and United States Minor Outlying Islands.

ASOS will have the right to terminate the discount without notice. The discount will be withdrawn without notice if a code is used by anyone other than the designated student. If you need to submit a photo of your student ID card, it should provide your course expiry date. If it does not provide an expiry date, you may have to provide a copy of your enrolment letter that must show your course start and end dates.

If you want to contact ASOS Customer Support, you may need to wait until the chat has started to send them a photo of your Student ID card.

What If Your Email Address Has Not Been Validated for ASOS Discount Code?

ASOS actually offers 10% off to the students, provided they create an ASOS account first. If you have registered for student discount with your email address, but you have not received a unique code, you may need to do the following steps to solve your issue.

    1. Check your emails

After you have created an ASOS account, a unique code will be sent to your email address. So, if you’ve registered, you may need to check your email as soon as possible to see if the student discount code has been available.

Ideally, you will receive your unique student discount code within 24 hours after filling the validation form. However, if you have not received it after this time, you need to check your spam folder in case it has been routed there.

    1. Contact ASOS’s customer support

If you have not received an ASOS student discount code or you could not confirm your status as a student, you may need to contact ASOS customer support by clicking ‘Contact Us Now’ at ASOS official website.

However, before you contact ASOS customer support, you have to ensure that you have a photo of your student ID card that displays your course expiry date. Of course, you may need to wait until the chat has started to send them a photo of your student ID card if you choose to contact them on live chat.

Where to Find Other Promo Codes of ASOS?

In addition to giving student discounts, ASOS also frequently offers promo codes that you can use to shop any fashion on ASOS both menswear and womenswear.

If you want to get other promo codes to shop ASOS brand, you may need to check out the website, since they often have great promos running that you can benefit from. If it is a promo code which you are after, they will send out promo codes to their customers in their newsletter.

Sometimes, you will find a promo code on Facebook or Twitter or the banner on their website. So, you need to keep your eyes peeled. ASOS’s promo codes will be sent to individuals that may be locked to these accounts only.

For more information, ASOS will offer any discount anytime throughout the week, even though the exact time is unknown. There’s a rumor that ASOS will offer a 20% off on Sunday evenings from 7p.m. – 9 p.m. for ASOS sale. If you do not miss it, you may have to look for the ASOS voucher code at lunchtime between the hours 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

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