EarthLink Webmail Hosting Control Center

To manage a hosting, you will need a hosting control panel/ center which will assist you to do various hosting management, from domain management to installing applications. With a hosting control center, you are able to save energy and time as well as you will focus more on doing other things instead of dwelling too long on hosting management.

Additionally, the hosting control center is a kind of tool which will allow you to manage all aspects of your hosting services. Through this tool, you’re able to create various settings on complex admin systems with just a few clicks on the admin interface. Before the hosting control panel existed, the advanced activities were performed manually.

It is so with Earthlink Hosting Control Center where this tool eases the users to manage their hosting. The Earthlink hosting is also compatible with WordPress. After WordPress is installed, you can then manage all your activity through Earthlink Hosting cPanel without requiring much previous knowledge.

What’s in the Earthlink Hosting Control Center?

What’s in the Earthlink Hosting Control Center?

Earthlink’s web hosting server really provides the most simple solutions for their customers. If you want to manage a site for your business to prosper or you want your blog to reach a wider audience, sure, Earthlink hosting is a right choice for you. Here’s a list of the things that you can find on Earthlink Hosting Control Center:

    • Domain management

The Earthlink hosting offers with its initial plan a free domain. Sure, the name of the domain will be the same as the users. Before you register your domain, Earthlink will give you domain name references, but it’s highly recommended for you to choose an original one.

The free registration domain includes .com, .net, .org and .club. You can also use other domains, but it will have additional charges. If you want to register more than one domain, you will be charged from $20 per year depending on the specificity of the domain. Because Earthlink is compatible with WordPress, you’re able to manage your domain from your cPanel. Then, the hosting server will notify you when a domain similar to yours has been registered by other people.

    • Database management

The database which Earthlink has is MySQL. Of course, this is the most popular database in the world and the most recommended through user feedback. The efficiency, speed and ease of use really make MySQL stand out from other databases.

Additionally, you can use MySQL in case of turning on the Windows services. With this way, you’re able to store and retrieve data when you request it through cPanel. Then, if you decide to access your database externally, of course, you should include your IP in the Security section. You can also manage your databases from cPanel as Earthlink service is compatible with WordPress. So, WordPress will automatically back up your data once every fourteen days.

    • Email management

Earthlink has a lot of tools for email management. It means that Earthlink will fit your needs whether you plan to use web hosting for your blog or for business use. You can also have from 100 to 1000 GB branded email accounts depending on the web hosting plan you select.

Moreover, Earthlink has webmail in every plan it offers. In its turn from standard to premium pan, all services include antivirus and spam filtering. In this case, Earthlink really provides its customers with tasks, calendars, notes and more tools.

    • Storage management

Earthlink server also provides different storage capacities depending on the plan you select. For instance, the standard plan offers 10 GB of storage. With the Earthlink’s web hosting, you will have about 20 GB of bandwidth per month which also offer about 3 GB storage per email account on each and every one of your plans.

    • Easy-Apps Installer

Earthlink also works to install apps easily where it is compatible with WordPress. Of course, you’re able to download a lot of apps in one click after installing WordPress, through cPanel. Earthlink also offers you the most beneficial apps for developing your site.

Among the apps offered by Earthlink, you surely will find Joomla, Secure Shell, the PhPBB installer, and many more. Additionally, all those apps will allow you to manage your blog, site and webmail in the most efficient and effective as well as secure way in order to get the best results.

It’s important to note that you are able to choose plans that perform all the work for you. Well, if you decide to develop your own site, you surely will have a lot of practical and simple apps according to the users’ opinion.

    • SSL Certificate Management

However, the security of your blog or site is number one. The site which is not secure will never thrive on the networks. In this case, the Earthlink hosting server has the SSL Manager application that you can manage with WordPress from your cPanel. You can also  buy and install your SSL Certificate through SSL manager.

    • FTP management

In order to transfer a domain to the Earthlink hosting server, you should perform it from cPanel or DNR Manager. You will also have to send an EPP code to your webmail to transfer your domain to Earthlink or another registrar.

After that, you need to choose the domain name you want to register as long as the domain is unlocked. To complete the domain transfer, after requested, you will simply need to wait for final authorization from the Earthlink team.

Earthlink also has the FTP Manager app which allows you to share with your clients to upload or download files from a certain website. The good news, you can perform it anonymously as long as you turn it on previously.

    • Multi Site management

As Earthlink is compatible with WordPress, of course, this hosting allows you to manage multiple sites and also webmails through cPanel. It also has a live online builder to assist you in managing all your sites.

Well, the apps provided on Earthlink will allow you to administer and manage as many websites as needed. So, if you are not a professional website manager, using this great tool is a must for you.

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