The Best Team Comps in Genshin Impact [Party Setups]

Having a solid team is really important to win in dungeons and challenge battles. This page will include the information about the best Team Comps in Genshin Impact.

The roles of the characters are divided into three categories: Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Utility. Here is the explanation of each of them.

The Best Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Main DPS

A Main DPS character is known as your main damage dealer and the one that you will use to fill the gaps between their Normal or Charged attacks or short CD skills when the abilities of the rest of your team are on CD. Here is the list of the top damage dealers for each element:

  • S: Diluc, Klee, Tartaglia
  • A: Keqing, Ningguang, Razor, Zhongli
  • B: Beidou, Xinyan
  • C: –
  • D: –


Sub DPS are known as your secondary source of damage and your main source of Elemental Reactions. They usually come from their Elemental Skills or E and Bursts or Q. The strongest sub DPS characters are the ones that need very little uptime and the ones that still have the abilities when switched out. Some exampeles are Fischl’s Oz, Kaeya’s Glacial Waltz, and Xiangling’s Guoba. The best team will have a sub DPS character that has the same element with your DPS and a sub DPS that will give strong elemental reactions based on the element of your DPS. Here is the strongest sub DPS units:

  • S: Mona, Xingqiu
  • A: Fischl, Xiangling
  • B: Congyun
  • C: Kaeya, Lisa, Traveler (Anemo)
  • D: Amber


Utility characters have healers, controllers, and buffers. You are recommended to have one healer on your team while progressing through the story. It is good to make it possible for you to keep your characters healthy without having to use food. Aside from that, putting difficult Abyss is also not good without a healer. Here are the rankings of the utility:

  • S: Bennett, Qiqi, Venti
  • A: Diona, Jean
  • B: Barbara, Sucrose
  • C: Noelle, Traveler (Geo)
  • D: –

Actually, you are allowed to make any character work as long as you make the rest of the team according to your needs. Putting two characters who share the same elements is not needed. Your regeneration might be lower, but it is possible to gain a different advantage elsewhere. Basically, if you really love the main DPS like Noelle, feel free to build a team with her and do whatever you want.

Here is the example of some powerful meta built:

  1. Pyro

DSP: Diluc

Support: Bennett, Mona, Xingqiu

Optional: Diluc > Klee, Bennett > Xiangling, Mona > Fischl or Venti, Xingqiu > Mona

  1. Electro (Superconductor)

DSP: Keqing

Support: Fischl, Qiqi, Bennett

Optional: Keqing > Razor, Qiqi > Diona or Kaeya, Bennett > Venti or Xingqiu

  1. Anemo (Swirl)

DSP: Venti

Support: Jean, Klee, Bennett

Optional: Jean > Sucrose, Klee > Fischl or Mona

As stated before, the best composition is needed to win these dungeons. There are 4 different characters to choose from in a team. 1 character will be the main DPS or the one that does the most amount of damage in the least amount of time, and 3 characters for support, whether it is healing or building defense. The focus of every team is to make sure that the DPS is able to do what they can do the best of their abilities. Even though a few of best DPS characters in the game are locked behind wishes, the gacha mechanic in the game is totally random on how you can get them. The actual challenge in Genshin Impact is being lucky enough to get characters such as Venti and Diluc since both of them are known as 5-star characters. It is the way the game makes most of their money. Players of the game will invest their Primogems in hope to get some strongest characters in the game. The chance of being successful is 0.6%. It can be really dangerous if they are not careful. All that you have to do is to try to not go bankrupt pulling for a cute anime girl, which will be hard to explain to your bank.

There are dozens of characters to mix and match into your party in the game by miHoYo, Genshin Impact. With so many of them to find and unlock and four slots to fill at any time, there are a lot of possible combinations to try them all out and see which one works the best for you. Besides, particular parties will do better for some situations, or if you are making effort to synergize with your beloved element.

Once again, keep in mind that your ideal team will depend on what exactly you are trying to accomplish, as well as which characters you have access to. They are the best compositions that you can get, with some to consider and some to replace for anyone who has not gotten lucky rolls.

The best of the best consists of Keqing, Diluc, Venti, and Qiqi for an all-purpose team. They all have 5 start ratings. It means they are not easy to come by but no one can ignore how strong they are. Keqing is so good at making movement across the environment trivial, Diluc and Venti are best for gathing fish, and Qiqi is named as one of the best healers in the game with her Elemental Burst ability.

For those who love free to play characters, the alternative option would be consisted of: Xingling, Lisa, Noelle, and Barbara. Both Xingling and Lisa have good combat synergies, while Barbara and Noelle can keep the HP of the team up for more aggressive plays. Feel free to replace either Barbara or Noelle with your Traveler if you want to put a little attention on healing.

If you are deraming of top tier boss team, Anemo Hypostasis, Diluc, Fischl, Mona, and Qiqi would be perfect. The high DPS of this team can help trim down the time spent waiting for it to come out of its core.