Thaw All the Shards Out Genshin Impact

Thaw all the shards out is one of “In the Mountains” Quests in Dragonspine area in Genshin Impact game. This quest is a bit troublesome for the players as they need to find the shards scattered anywhere. To complete this quest, the players should know well where the shards are.

Of course, there are several ways which can guide you to find some areas where the shards can be found. If you are interested in completing this quest, make sure that you already recognize the clues. While, if you’re blank, this post will really guide you to find and thaw all the shards out.

Finding the Shards and Thaw Them Out. Here’s how!

At least there are three locations where you can find the shards. Of course, the locations here can be found in certain places. Additionally, “In The Mountains” quests will require you to explore certain things in a new region named Dragonspine. That’s a bit hard to explore due to a huge gust of wind.

Moreover, you’re able to get rid of the blockade if you can thaw all the shards out. Of course, in order to successfully complete this quest, you should learn for the locations where the shards can be found.  As we’ve mentioned, this post will guide you to find them.

Here’s guides!

  • First Shard Location

You definitely can find the first shard around Entombed City Outskirts which is hidden somewhere in this area. To get this location, you just need to head the northeast region of Entombed City, near the border. In finding a specific location, you should use Dragonspine Teleport Waypoint near Wyrmrest Valley.

Entombed City Outskirts

In this location, you have to search for a puzzle consisting of 5 pillars. This 5-pillar puzzle can be solved by a Cryo character. So make sure that you keep one in the arsenal. Furthermore, there will be a seelie which will fly from one ice pillar to the next after you activate it. Here, you need to remember the pattern and use a Cryo character to activate each pillar so that the seelis showed you.

5 pillars

After that, you need to fight two golems here. But the problem is that the Sheer Cold debuff is going to become active. Well, to avoid it, you have to run around and then find Ruin Braziers. As we’ve explained, there are some in a circle around the ice pillars that you just activated. Of course, one-by-one will be activated throughout the fight.

Moreover, your foal will run to activate Ruin Oilar and then defeat golems from there. After you defeat the initial two golems, a mini boss level 69 named Ruin Grader will come out. In this way, you have to use the same tactics to keep yourself.

Once you solve the puzzle, a wave of enemies is going to come which you need to defeat. Then, it will allow you to drop down and where you have to break some crystals to find the Scarlett Quartz that can help you to break down the shard in the center of the area.

  • Second Shard Location

The second shards can be found in Starglow Cavern. We think that thawing the second shard in this location is much easier than the first shard in Entombed City Outskirts. To reach the location, you just need to teleport waypoint left of the letters Starglow Cavern. Of course, there will be a hole in the ground behind it. Moreover, this hole here will connect to a tunnel which will take you to the shard. Need to know, the shard in this location is blocked by a barrier. Then, you should finish a time trial task to unlock it.

Second Shard Location

Once you find it, you just need to go east through  the cave and you actually will reach the shard. In this place, you will also have to find the three Scarlet Quartz which are easy to spot close to the shard. Once you finish the challenge of killing all enemies, of course the fourth quartz automatically will be available.

  • Third Shard Location

Frost Bearing Tree

The last shard can be found in the Frost Bearing Tree on the Snow Covered Path. In this location, you have to find strange ice which they have to break with the Scarlett Quartz which is collected from the nearby crystals. Here, you are able to thaw the shard. However, the last shard is one of the easiest to complete.

About In Mountains Quests

For In the Mountains Quests, you have to do some exploring for Iris. Well, to receive the quest, you should talk to Iris near the entrance of Dragonspine. After that, you are able to head to Dragonspine and continue to complete “In The Mountains” quest.

alk to Iris near the entrance of Dragonspine

If you want to complete “In The Mountains” quest, better for you to recognize with some tips and tricks to make this quest as easy as possible. Well, here are some tips and tricks that you have to notice, they are:

  • Keeping warm at all times

Need to know, the mountains are contained with Warning Seelie and torches to keep you warm. Of course, in order to successfully complete this quest, make sure that you activate them in and out of fights to make yourself keep healthy.

  • Take the right lineup in Starglow Cavern

The ice pillar quest in Starglow Cavern is one of the most gorgeous challenging parts of In The Mountains quest. Here, ensure that you already have your best Pyro characters which are supported by Anemo and Electro reactions to empty those pesky Cryo Abyss Mages.

The rewards that you’ll get after completing In The Mountains quest probably will make you amazed. However, there are some great rewards that you can get if you successfully complete this quest. The rewards here are as follow:

  • Adventure Experience Points

You will get about 500 Adventure Exp if you complete this quest.

  • Primogem

You will get about 60 Primogems if you successfully complete this quest.

  • Mora

You will get about 30000 More after completing this quest,

  • Hero’s Wit

You will get about 3 Hero’s Wit after completing this quest.

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore

You will get about 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore if you successfully complete this quest.

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