PoE IP Camera Wiring Diagram Details

The term PoE is the short for Power over Ethernet. It means PoE IP cameras are also known as Power over Ethernet cameras. They refer to the ones that get the power and transmit videos through only one Ethernet cable (Cat5, 5e,6 cables, and so on).

Apparently, the PoE for IP cameras means no extra power is required. You can just plug the other end into a router and then the PoE IP camera will work. It is the reason why the PoE CCTV cameras are also known as plug and play cameras. Everything is fine as long as you have a PoE injected cable to run the camera.

One of the PoE IP camera brands is called Dahua. For those who are not familiar with Dahua, it is a world leading video centric smart IoT solution and service provider. If you are looking for the wiring diagram details of the PoE IP camera, this page has the Dahua camera PoE pinout guide (wiring diagram).

Sometimes, the cable on the camera’s pigtail is broken which makes the camera not work anymore. There are also some cases where the RJ45 jack of the camera is broken, burned, and the signal cannot enter.

The network is able to be scanned but there is no IP address displayed. You can fix all the issues by remaking the connection. So, what should you do to rewire the damaged Dahua IP camera cable?

Here is the guide that shows you the color codes of Dahua pinout, the Dahua RJ45 wiring diagram and which pin goes to which color wire to make a great connection. There are some different kinds of Dahua IP cameras but not all of them follow the same pinout scheme.

However, some other ones do follow the same pinout scheme and in the below example, you are able to see an example of the color coded wiring diagram. It is how the pin numbering works out on RJ45. You can turn the RJ45 plug almost upside down, the copper side face upwards and start the number on the left side. Please take a look at the image below. Every is numbered from 1 to 8.

Every is numbered from 1 to 8

The Dahua color coding can be mapped by using this logic. For instance, Brown is pin 1, Purple is pin 2, Orange is pin 3, Yellow is pin 4, and so on. Here is everything that you have to know if you want to wire a damaged Dahua IP camera cable:

Security Cam Center.com   T568B color 10BASE 1000BASE
Brown 1 White/orange stripe TX+ DA+ White/green stripe
Purple 2 Orange solid TX- DA- Green solid
Orange 3 White/green stripe RX+ DB+ White/orange stripe
Yellow 4 Blue solid DC+ Blue solid
Not connected 5 White/blue stripe DC- White/blue stripe
Blue 6 Green solid RX- DB- Orange solid
Grey 7 White/brown stripe DD+ White/brown stripe
Grey 8 Brown solid DD- Brown solid

Aside from the example that you can see above, a lot of Dahua IP cameras can have a different pinout diagram. Please spare your time and take a look at the picture below. On the left side, it is the RJ45 pinout (T-568B) and on the right side, there is the Dahua IP camera PoE pinout (color coded wiring diagram).

RJ45 pinout (T-568B) and on the right side, there is the Dahua IP camera PoE pinout (color coded wiring diagram)

RJ45 Camera:

  • Pi: 7 and 8 (White-Brown/Brown) = Grey
  • Pin: 1 and 2 (White-Orange/Orange) = Brown
  • Pin: 1 and 2 (White-Orange/Orange) = Blue (1)
  • Pin: 4 and 5 (White-Blue/Blue) = Yellow
  • Pin: 3 and 6 (White-Green/Green) = Blue (2)
  • Pin: 3 and 6 (White-Green/Green) = Orange
  • Red = DC+
  • Black DC-

Once everything is done, you can try to check if you are able to see the IP camera on the configuration tool.

That’s the PoE IP camera called from the brand Dahua and its wiring diagram details. Aside from the wiring diagram details, you will also have to know how to set up the PoE IP cameras and systems. There are three easy methods that you can try to get the PoE IP camera work in all situations. In order to make everything easy to understand, it uses the Reolink the easy PoE CCTV camera as the example.

Method 1: IP camera with PoE – Router with PoE function

With this method, you only have to connect the PoE IP cameras with the router that has the PoE port. Then, the PoE will start to work by plugging and playing solutions even for the newbies.

Method 2: IP camera with PoE –PoE injector or PoE switch – Router without PoE

When there are no PoE features or the monitoring areas are out of the reach of existing camera wires, the thing will be more complicated. In both cases, a PoE injector or PoE IP camera switch will help the user to get the PoE for IP cameras.

With the PoE IP camera injector, you will have to plug the Ethernet cable of the PoE CCTV camera into the injector, connect the injector with the router, and then power the injector. With the PoE IP camera switch, all that should be done is to plug the Ethernet cable of all the cameras with PoE into the switch, connect the PoE switch to the router, and then turn the system on.

Method 3: IP camera with PoE – NVR – Router

You may also need to add the NVR to the above methods for the video storage. Actually, if you have a complete PoE IP camera system set, which means both NVR and the PoE security cameras all are from the same manufacturer, all that you have to do is to simply connect all cameras with the NVR directly through the 4, 8, or even 16 PoE ports on it. You can also add a router if you want remote viewing or push on the phone.