Machamp Pokemon Card Value

Apparently, base Set Machamp confuses lots of people. There are lots of people who believe that their Machamp is worth huge sums of money.  eBay is one can find lots of examples of listings for Machamp card upwards of $500 and sometimes into the $1000 or $1500 range. Whether those listings are from people who really do not understand what they have or people who are trying to take advantage of others. The reality is that none of those listings ever convert into actual completed auctions.

Actually, Machamp card could never be found in Base Set booster packs. The entire print run of Machamp card was dedicated to the original 2-Player Starter Set and the later 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set. Each of those starter sets consists of 61 total cards: 2 decks of 30 cards each, plus a Machamp card packaged in a clear cellophane wrapper. You have to kno that Machamp was the only stage 2 Pokemon in the set. It was intended to be added to the Fighting deck after the players learned the basics of the game. Machamp card was printed in huge quantities, even into the millions.  It is unknown exactly how lots of copies of Machamp card were printed. However it is one of the most common Base Set rares in collections right now. Of course, the laws of supply and demand apply here as being far more common than other Base Set rares, Machamp is worth far less.

1st Edition Machamp card

1st Edition Machamp card

Every Machamp card was printed with an Edition 1 logo on the left of the card. This is one of the main factors which confuses people into thinking they have something valuable. It is unknown how lots of different print runs of Machamp exist. As every Machamp card carries the Edition 1 logo. So it is unknown whether a single print run carried Machamp through both of Base Set’s original Shadowless print runs, or whether the Machamp card also went back for re-printing when the Edition 1 logo was deleted from the rest of the set.

We get information that this Machamp card is worth about $8 to $12 if you were to purchase it from a retail store. If the Machamp card is still in its original cellophane wrapper, it may offer higher prices.  Of course, any Machamp cards which are professionally graded and authenticated will be able to carry prices that are much higher than those examples.  Selling an example of this Machamp card to a store will collect more than a few dollars at best.

First Edition Machamp Holo price

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,000

This is the final form of Machop that evolves from Machoke. Machop is an intimidating fighting-type Pokemon who looks like the last thing you wish to fight. Machop is known for its brute force and strength. It is actuualy a solid muscle. Its four arms offer it to attacks the enemies from multiple angles at once. Not only is Machamp overpowering, it also has extremely speed making it capable of throwing as many as 500 punches in one second. Wearing a championship belt around its waste, named Machamp is alwasy on the victorious side of the fight.

Unlimited Edition Machamp card

After the original Base Set went back for its Unlimited Edition, a drop shadow was added to the right of the card’s artwork. Wizards of the Coast neglected to delete the “Edition 1” logo on the left side of the card. This is the biggest factor of confusion when dealing with Machamp as it defies all known logic about Unlimited Edition.

The Unlimited edition of Machamp card was included in the 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set, that was the starter set for Base Set 2.  Once again, Machamp card was not printed in boosters in Base Set 2, and so the original Base Set versions of Machamp were included in the starter alongside Base Set 2 cards.

Basically Machamp card was printed to meet the demand for the 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set. Thus, those cards are very common and easy to get. Buying one at retail value from a store might cost anywhere from $0.50 to upwards of $4.00 depending on the condition of the Machamp card. Because most copies were opened, a copy still in the cellophane wrapper possible offer a higher price.

Identify the First Edition Pokemon Cards

Some of you may do not know how to identify the first edition Pokemon cards. The easy way to do if you are looking at a first edition Pokemon card is to look for the first edition symbol. Also, you have to remember that there are three types of cards that you are able to have in your deck: Pokemon, Energy and Trainer. This is really important as the first edition symbol is going to appear in different locations depending on the type of card. On Pokemon cards, it is able to appear to the lower-left of the Pokemon image, while on Energy and Trainer cards it is able to appears in the upper-right and lower-left corners of the cards.

How to purchase the First Edition Machamp Holo?

If you want to purchase the First Edition Machamp Holo, you are able to go to Amazon, Ebay, and other marketplaces. In the text below, we are going to share the price of First Edition Machamp Holo at Ebay.

12/30/2020 $116 jwiseleo1988
12/30/2020 $42 investincards
12/30/2020 $156 investincards
12/30/2020 $104 christophebalci-0
12/30/2020 $108 redmooze
12/29/2020 $1,025 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $415 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $3,711 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $211 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $118 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $125 nightshade_games
12/29/2020 $760 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $295 pwcc_auctions
12/29/2020 $153 pwcc_auctions
12/28/2020 $34 ettil-11
12/28/2020 $62 trinitygaming
12/27/2020 $36 e-zjames
12/24/2020 $116 alibourke
12/24/2020 $108 alibourke
12/24/2020 $30 44centauctions
12/23/2020 $140 blowoutcards2
12/23/2020 $216 x12strike
12/23/2020 $193 jacadler
12/23/2020 $1,925 chwat_9153
12/22/2020 $143 probstein123
12/22/2020 $51 probstein123
12/21/2020 $108 mewbballcardguy24
12/20/2020 $405 thepokehivellc
12/20/2020 $31 bimbodonut
12/20/2020 $123 grizzly_2591
12/19/2020 $46 abec_mobile_llc
12/19/2020 $104 djacome2
12/18/2020 $42 awolff22
12/17/2020 $197 electronicagoods
12/17/2020 $103 kevv-52
12/16/2020 $52 malaka1
12/16/2020 $125 ob1duncan
12/16/2020 $89 matsad0

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