How to Work for Candywriter in BitLife

BitLife offers special rewards called Achievements for players who successfully complete tasks in the game. There are a variety of achievements you can achieve but you can only unlock it once. Each achievement allows you to complete certain tasks and has each level of difficulty.

One of the achievements in BitLife is Candywriter categorized into Career Achievement. Of course, to successfully achieve Candywriter achievement, you will have to complete a certain task. What you should do is to work for BitLife. Thankfully, this post will show you how to get Candywriter achievement in BitLife. Let’s see our post below!

How to Get the Candywriter Achievement in BitLife?

How to Work for Candywriter in BitLife

Basically, BitLife Candywriter achievement is winning a teammate ribbon. This is one of the incentives to complete the task, aside from working for Candywriter. You may need to imitate an identical life to theirs in BitLife, since it literally refers to the game’s developer Candywriter.

To get the Candywriter achievement, you should get hired as an app developer at Candywriter. To do so, you may need to be born in Miami, since Candywriter is based in this location in the United States. You also have to complete the Teammate challenge by getting a job in Tucson.

Aside from that, you can also start creating a character and picking Miami Florida as your birthplace to the point in which you can start boosting your smarts stat. If you want to get high stats, you may need to reroll your characters, but you can easily get your smarts to stay up to 100% by just reading many books and visiting the library.

To make it easier to achieve Candywriter achievement, you may need to study hard in childhood and high school. When you graduate, you can move on to college. After you get to college, you should pick computer science as your major. If you have smarts, you can do this with a scholarship.

It’s important to note, enrolling in college and graduate allows you to apply and become an app developer. However, make sure to check jobs in your location for one that says the position is for Candywriter.

After finding a job, you can then hit ‘Apply’. Well, you successfully complete the Candywriter achievement after you get hired. That’s how to work for BitLife to get the Candywriter achievement.

How to Complete Other Career Achievements in BitLife?

Candywriter is one of the Career Achievements in BitLife you should achieve. There are 13 Career achievements in BitLife. If you need a way to complete Career achievements, we will show you the Career Achievements list and guide. Here are they:

1) Dentist
To become a dentist, you may need to go to university and study chemistry or biology. After you graduate, you can go to dental school and get the dentist’s job once finishing dental school.

2) Doctor
If you want to become a doctor, you should go to university and study psychology, biology or chemistry. After you graduate, you can go to medical school. After finishing medical school, you can get the Family Physician or Brain Surgeon.

3) Lawyer
To become a lawyer, you can go to university and study English, political science, psychology or finance. After you graduate, you can go to law school. After completing law school, you can get the Junior Associate.

4) Judge
If you want to become a judge, you should become a lawyer first. You should then apply for the Magistrate job once serving 30 years.

5) CEO
To become a CEO, you need to go to university and study finance or mathematics. After you graduate, you can go to business school. Once completing business school, you can get a corporate job.

6) Actor
In BitLife, you can also become an actor. To become an actor, you should have at least 90% looks and smarts. After that, you can apply for the voiceover actor job. You will gain the achievement right after.

7) Airline Captain
In BitLife, you can become an airline captain by going to university and studying engineering. You also need to get a pilot’s license and then apply to be a pilot. Make sure to keep working hard and getting promotions until promoted to Airline Captain.

8) Fire Chief
If you want to become a Fire Chief, you may need to apply to be a firefighter. Make sure to keep working hard and getting promotions until promoted to Fire Chief.

9) Jack of All Trades
To get the Jack of All Trades achievement, you must have 10 careers in one life. You should work 10 full-time jobs in a single character’s lifetime.

10) Last Resort
To successfully achieve Last Resort achievement, you may need to seduce your boost to save your job. To do so, you can get to the fired popup and beg your boss to stay and when called into their office, meaning you successfully shave a Hook-Up with your boss.
Furthermore, you also must have a decent relationship with your boss and high looks. Of course, your boss should be attracted to your gender and have low professionalism.

11) People Person
To successfully achieve People Person achievement, you should be friends with all of your co-workers. What you should do is to successfully become friends with every co-worker.

12) At Inner Peace
To get the ‘At Inner Peace’ achievement in BitLife, you should work 75 years as a monk. If you want to complete this achievement, you need to get a job as a monk and work for 75 consecutive years.

Okay, those are the list of Career achievements you can get in BitLife. It’s important to note, those achievements in BitLife shouldn’t be completed in one lifetime, unless the achievement says so. Keep in mind, some achievements take hard work, while some are simple and others are random opportunities.

As we’ve mentioned, there are a number of achievements you can get in BitLife. To make it easier for you to complete all of the achievements in BitLife, you may need to learn one-by-one achievements related to the guide to complete each achievement.

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