How to Make a Rap Album in BitLife

Making a rap album is the only thing you have to do in BitLife to get famous. However, that’s not an easy way for a new rapper to make a new album, as they should pass some stages ahead to successfully create an album, in fact that there’s not an option in BitLife that will lead you to pursue your career in rapping.

Going into a solo artist is the first stage that you should pass in order to become a rapper. When becoming a solo artist, you may also need to improve your skill in music until BitLife gives you the rare chance to become a rapper. So, how to make a new rap album in BitLife? Let’s see the guide through our post below!

How to Make a Rap Album in BitLife

Making a Rap Album in BitLife, Here’s How!

Joining the record label is such the gate to start making a rap album. You can join the record label to be a solo singer after your avatar turns 18. If you are not selected to join the record label once choosing the career option as a musician, you can try again until you’re successful.

It may be necessary for you to increase your chance by taking a ‘Major in Music’. The chance to get a Record Contract will be available in the Rap genre if you’re lucky. After getting a Record Contract, you can start making a rap album.

For more information, the contract that is offered by Record Contract will contain your genre of music, cash advance, record label, royalty and term. You can then sign the contract if all of them check out.

You can then go into the ‘Job Section’ after you have the gig and then select the ‘Album: make a new album’ option. Sure, there are various options available under Job section, aside from making a new album, here they are:

    • Album: Making a new album
    • Band: Teaming up with a band
    • Concert: Putting on a live concert
    • Discography: Viewing your discography
    • Practice: Working on your skills
    • Quit: Walking out on your contract
    • Single: Recording a single
    • Tour: Embarking on a world tour
    • Stage Name: Adopting a stage name

After choosing the ‘Album: make a new album’ option, a pop-up window will appear and require you to pick your album type. If you choose the Studio Album, you will need to fill the following fields:

    • Pick your album name: Make sure to type the name of your rap album
    • Pick your rap subgenre: Make sure to choose the subgenre of rap album you will create
    • Pick your number of tracks: Make sure to choose how many tracks will available on your album
    • Pick your cover art: Make sure to choose the theme of your album cover, for example, a black and red silhouette.

After that all fills out, you can then click on the ‘Make It’ button. The next pop-up window prompts you to pick your track name. Here, make sure to select the name of your album track. If you successfully create a new rap album, there will be a notification that you’ve already created your rap album.

If you fail to make a new rap album, there will be a notification that says ‘Your Record Label (your record label name) is unwilling to make (your album name). They said (your rap subgenre name) does not fit your brand.’

If you get rejected a lot, it means that you’re not still eligible to make a new rap album, even though you already have the chance to create a rap album. The best solution in this case is to make sure that you practice and hone your skills a lot. Alternatively, you can try closing the BitLife app and restart the game.

If you can really make a new rap album, make sure to continuously create rap albums, as the more rap albums you make, the more money you will earn. As soon as possible, your album will be honoured platinum album, so it will lead your BitLife avatar to become an established rapper in the industry and get a lot.

How to Get the Bigger Chance to Make a Rap Album?

After successfully joining the record label, it is likely not enough for you, as you remain to pass a number of stages ahead to become a famous rapper, including to start making a rap album. To make a rap album, you will not always have the chance to do it, getting failed more often is so common.

To avoid rejection when you start making a new rap album, it’s highly recommended for you to try practicing your skill a lot. You can increase your singing skill every year by taking as many voice lessons as you can. However, taking voice lessons after you turn 18 will cost money and become a costly endeavor.

To improve your voice skills by taking voice lessons, you have to go to the ‘Activities’ tab and choose the ‘Mind & Body’ section. Then, scroll down to the voice section and then click it. Here, you will get the option to take voice lessons.

When you achieve about 90% with your voice skills, you can audition for a band or go down a solo artist’s path with one of the available record labels. In this case, joining a band early in your career is easier than becoming a solo artist.

Sure, we suggest you start joining a band rather than becoming a solo artist once making albums and becoming famous after a few years. That’s such a hard path to take, but it will lead you to become a popular singer.

However, if you really want to pursue becoming a rapper, it’s not wrong to choose to become a solo artist, though the part is more difficult than joining a band. But, it’s important to note, after you make a rap album, you don’t stop there. Instead, you need to promote your album by appearing on talk shows and other related events. To get fame and money, you can try to conduct and perform in live venues.

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