How to Get Rid of Depression in BitLife

In BitLife, a player will steadily lose their health after getting diseases. There are a variety of diseases in BitLife. One of them is Depression that is included in the emotional diseases category. The depression and anxiety in BitLife are also associated with happiness. In other words, after having their happiness go to zero, the characters can then suffer depression.

It’s important for you to look for ways to get rid of the depression that your character suffers in BitLife. Even though it is hard to treat these kinds of diseases, you can try to do some tips and tricks to increase your character’s happiness and of course get rid of depression. Let’s check the tips and tricks below!

Getting Rid of Depression in BitLife, Here’s How!

How to Get Rid of Depression in BitLife

Depression is an emotional disease that will be hard to cure by a medical doctor, but it’s possible. When your character gets depressed, the happiness will be harder to go up. This disease cannot be cured by medical doctor, instead it can be treated by a psychiatrist.

According to BitLife Wiki, the only way to get rid of depression is by increasing the happiness bar of your character. Of course, you can do several ways to increase your character’s happiness. The internet sources inform some ways to increase the happiness of your character by doing the following things:

1. Take a vacation

In BitLife, taking a vacation can be the easiest and fastest way to increase your character’s happiness level by a large margin. Even though vacation costs you a lot, it is worth investing in locating the proper destination with good service.

You can take a vacation on a low budget by looking for some reasonably priced destinations with good quality, so you do not need to spend your whole funds on vacation. For your reference, you can choose either a Vacation or a Cruise trip from the BitLife Vacation menu.

So far, both of those options will make you happier and it surely will raise your happiness levels in BitLife. By choosing Economy class travel, you can even plan a low-cost vacation. As a clue, a good vacation will completely be able to inverse your mood. Certainly, it will increase your happiness levels by a more significant margin. So, make sure to take a good vacation to cure your character’s depression or anxiety in BitLife.

2. Visiting the family

Just like in real life, family must also be your priority in BitLife. There’s no doubt anymore that family will make us happy. If your character’s happiness is at a low level, visiting your family can be a perfect option.

According to some sources, visiting the family in BitLife will help your character to increase your happiness levels. So, it is not wrong to visit the family if your character is in a lower level of happiness.

3. Try to work on your mind and body

One of the great ways to increase the happiness of your character is by working on your mind and body such as visiting the gym, meditation, practicing martial arts, practicing a musical instrument, going for a walk and even reading books.

It is known that those activities may help you increase your character’s happiness levels in BitLife. To find the mind and body activities in BitLife, you can go to the ‘Mind & Body’ section in the main activities menu.

4. Romantic relationship

Just like in real life, building a good relationship is a very important factor for a better life in BitLife. If your character’s happiness is at a low level, you can try to build a romantic relationship. So far, having a romantic relationship can increase your happiness level in BitLife quickly.

5. Watching movies

The great thing you can try to increase your character’s happiness is by watching movies. Anytime your character’s happiness goes to zero or in the low level, you can try to watch a movie. Make sure to watch a good enjoyable film, as a boring film will not make much difference in your happiness.

6. Getting a pet

A better way to increase your character’s happiness in BitLife is to get a pet. So far, taking care of a favorite pet can really increase your character’s happiness levels by a significant margin.

Okay, those are some tips and tricks to get rid of depression that your character gets in BitLife. Of course, there are still other ways that you can do to increase your character’s happiness and can surely get rid of your character’s depression.

Why is It Hard to Cure Your Depression in BitLife?

Just like in real life, you will have a higher chance of getting depression if your happiness is at a very low level in BitLife. There are so many reasons why your character gets a sudden decrease in their happiness levels.

Of course, your life will not be a better one if you really suffer from depression or anxiety. It does not wonder if you may face some difficulties that are associated with your disease. You may need to visit a psychiatrist if your depression develops to a higher level.

Curing your depression may be a hard thing, particularly if you are an adult. If you get depression in adulthood, you should visit a medical doctor, instead of visiting a psychiatrist. In very rare cases, you will be able to heal your depression with a witch doctor. If you are a child and get depression in BitLife, a medical doctor may be able to cure your disease.

However, the perfect cure for depression in BitLife is by raising your happiness levels. The main reason why your character gets depressed is because of having a very low or zero happiness.

Interestingly! In BitLife, you can easily cure depression by increasing your happiness level. Of course, you will need to raise your happiness levels by a considerable margin. Unfortunately, your depression will make it more difficult to increase your happiness level. That’s why getting rid of depression can be a very hard thing to do in BitLife, as you will need to increase your happiness level significantly.

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