How to Get a Referral Code for Cash App and Where to Enter It

Cash App offers a special program that allows the user to get referral code. If you share your referral code to your friends or family members, you will earn $15 and they will get $5. You definitely need to send at least $5 within 14 days to obtain your bonus.

If this is your first time using a Cash App and you’re tempted to get a $5 bonus, you should know how to get a referral code and share it with your friends. If they use your referral code, you can really get $15. To know how to get a referral code on Cash App, you can dive into our post to find the guide. Here you go!

Getting a Referral Code on Cash App and Entering It, Here’s How!

Getting a referral code on Cash App is pretty easy. You can really get a referral code after you create your Cash App account. A referral code will be available on your profile. To get a referral code, you can just tap the profile icon in the top-right and then tap the ‘Invite Friends – Get $15’ button. To enter your referral code, you need to scroll down until you find the ‘Enter Referral Code’ bar.

How to Get a Referral Code for Cash App and Where to Enter It

After getting a referral code, you can use it to:

1) Share your referral code via email, text or with your social media followers.
2) Receive $15 per sign up after your friends or family make a payment of $5 or more within 14 days.
3) There is no limit to how many people you can invite.

When will you receive $15 after sharing your referral code? You will automatically get paid when your friends or family complete the following steps:

    • First, enter your referral code when your friends sign up.
    • Then, link a new debit card or bank account to their Cash App account. The good news! People under 18 can also activate a Cash Card instead.
    • Last, send $5 within 15 days of entering the referral code.

If you do not know yet how to sign up for a Cash App, you can create a Cash App account by downloading the Cash App on your device. If you use an Android device, you can download the Cash App app on Google Play Store. If you use an iOS device (iPhone), you can download the Cash App app on the App Store.

After downloading the Cash App app on your device, you can then click ‘Create an Account’. After you have created your account, you can click the profile icon in the top-right. Then, you need to scroll down to ‘Enter Referral Code’ and enter a referral code to earn your referral bonus.

What Is Popular Referral Code and Where to Enter It?

The popular referral code you can find on the internet is ‘737GWQC’. If you want to sign up for Cash App and want to use the referral code from another user, you can try to enter that referral code to register for Cash App.

If you do not know yet how to enter the referral code, you may need to perform the following steps:

    • First, you need to download the Cash App and complete the registration process that you have performed already.
    • Then, you will need to verify your account.
    • After your Cash App account is verified, you can try to log into your Cash App account.
    • Once logging in, you need to tap your profile located in the top right corner.
    • You need to scroll down until you locate the text that says ‘Enter Referral Code’ and click on it.
    • Then, you can enter the code ‘737GWQC’ to get a $5 bonus.
    • There will be a pop-up window that requires you to enter the referral code in which you need to enter the code ‘737GWQC’ to earn the maximum bonus offered by Cash App.
    • Here, you can send a minimum $5 to anyone including your friends and family which  will allow Cash App automatically add referral bonus in your account.

Congratulations! You successfully enter a popular referral code on Cash App.

Rules to Get Referral Bonus

Referral bonus will not be obtained after you share it to your friends or family, otherwise if you have entered someone’s referral code when signing up for Cash App. Of course, there are some certain rules you may need to follow to get your referral bonus on Cash App.

After you have completed the steps above and have received the bonus, it means that you’ve successfully completed the process properly. If you have not received the bonus after sharing your referral code to your friends or family, you may need to tell some rules to your friends you’ve sent your referral code on how to gain the referral bonus on Cash App.

The rules to get your referral bonus, include:

1) Make sure to provide correct information when signing up for a Cash App account, since if you intend to get a Cash App debit card, you may need to face difficulties to change the account’s name and to apply for debit cards if you do not.
2) Make sure to provide an accurate phone number, since it is required for verifications where you will receive a text message from the Cash App with a verification code that will help you to validate your account.
3) After you have completed the verification process, you can then apply the referral code on the Cash App.
4) Make sure to understand that the Cash App system will give you a 14-day window where to send $5 to anyone in order to qualify for the bonus once you’ve entered the referral codes. After this time period has expired, you will no longer be eligible for the bonus and you cannot use the referral code in the future.
5) Make sure to continue to use the Cash App, since it provides great benefits as well as many discounts after you start to use the Cash App debit cards. For more information, you can also receive the $100 Cash App offer in which you have set a direct deposit and receive a minimum of $300 to earn the $100 promotions.