How to Create Fancy Text Generator Tool Website by TechBhaveshYT

TechBhaveshYT, which has the real name Bhavesh Soni, is included as one of the bloggers from India. He likes to share a lot of contents, including the one related to blogging. One of the things that you will be able to find on his website is the method on how to create a fancy text generator tool.

Actually, we cannot really say he shared the method to create a fancy text generator tool because there is nothing that you can get from his post about creating fancy text generator tools. However, it seems like it is his habit, making a post with no sense information. Apparently, every post he makes only has the kind of “introduction” and does not really show the real content that everyone needs. He always repeats the same thing all over again and actually gives zero information so it is safe to say that he has nothing to offer and everything is click bait even though he always inserts the so-called script and the comments under his post are also always positive.

How to Create Fancy Text Generator Tool Website by TechBhaveshYT

If you want to know more about Bhavesh Soni and all his contents that he shared, feel free to visit his official blog at and his official Youtube channel called TechBhaveshYT. If you are curious and want to ask something, you can just leave a comment on the comment section under his post or his video.

Talking about how to create a fancy text generator tool for bloggers, another blogger called Sheikh Gulzaar shared the method to do so on his page at According to him, you should have a blogger account if you want to create a fancy text generator tool for bloggers.

The first thing that you will need to do to make a blog is to go to the blogger dashboard. Then, make a new blog website. Once it is created, go to Theme, scroll down until you find the one that you think good. Once you have found it, please apply it. The next thing is to scroll up and you will be able to see the settings under the mobile frame. Upon seeing it, click the setting and set to desktop view. Then, scroll down for the second time and click the Revert button to the classic theme. In this stage, you will be able to see the Nav bar is set Blue. Please click it and set it off. After that, delete html code and then copy and paste the new Html provided by in the box and then save.

That is the method to make a blog as explained by Sheikh Gulzaar. There are several ways that you may find so feel free to choose which one that you think is good. Please visit the website of Sheikh Gulzaar if you want to know more about everything served by him.

Being a blogger is definitely not easy. There are tons of methods to be a successful blogger, including the “illegal” one like Bhavesh Soni but that ain’t it. One of the best ways to get people visiting your page is by providing the good contents and having a blog with an interesting display. In order to make your blog interesting, you can start by using something like cool and fancy text.

If you want to get some cool and fancy texts, several cool and fancy text generators are there for you. one of them is offered by Cool Fancy Text Generator by is the name of a copy and paste font generator and font changer online. This one can generate cool fonts for every social media and every social network site. Th tool converts to different free cool fonts styles, including cursive fonts, calligraphy fonts, tattoo fonts, handwriting fonts, web script fonts, word fonts, old English fonts, font art, and pretty fonts. Those fonts will make your post stand out and the visitors will be impressed. It is really perfect if you really want the cool and fancy text.

The Cool Fancy Text Generator by includes font maker, font creator, special text maker, font changer, stylish text generator, weird text generator, fancy letter generator, word art generator, and so on. This one helps you to generate text symbols, fancy fonts, cool Unicode letters, cool symbols, emojis, stylish fonts, fancy letters, stylist letters, letter fonts, and many more with many different kinds of serif, sans-serif font styles.

Font Generator & Font Changer is really fun and useful. Feel free to copy these stylish and beautiful design text and paste them anywhere you want, including on your blog. For those who do not really use computers and use mostly your phone, fortunately, this tool is available on mobile with the Font Generator iOS app and Font Generator Android app.

Another recommended cool and fancy generator is called Fancy Text Guru. It is named Fancy Text Guru because it is one of the best fancy text generators. It can generate almost all types of different fancy text. it is not limited to particular stylish text fonts. This one has the ability to create a lot of different kinds of stylish text fonts with the mixing of emojis and text faces with a lot of weird kinds of symbols.

Everyone who loves gaming would love Fancy Text Guru because it supports all kinds of gaming platforms, such as PUBG, Free Fire, and so on. It does not matter what kind of game is, everything is supported by this generator. With it, it is possible to add a profile name to make a unique and attractive gaming profile name.

How do you use the Fancy Text Guru? Using the Fancy Text Guru is really easy. All that you will need to do is to type the next on the input section and it is going to generate a lot of different kinds of fancy text for you. After that, you can just click on any text that you want to copy and there is also an option to load more fancy text.