How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife

There are a lot of occupations in the world and each of them is different. One of the most popular occupations is called lawyer. Apart from doctors and some others, lawyer is one of the most favorite dream jobs if you ask students anywhere. In order to get one of them, a lot of hard work and determination is needed. Everything costs a lot of energy and time and it is definitely not easy.

Just like in real life, BitLife is no different. If you are dreaming to be a lawyer in the game, it is needed for you to put some effort and everything starts from the kindergarten level until you reach the Law School. As stated before, it is surely not easy and has some obstacles but if you manage to maintain the standard required, your dream to be a lawyer and earn some of the most prestigious jobs with one of the highest salaries in the game is possible to be granted.

How to Become a Lawyer in BitLife

In this page, you will be guided to reach your dream of becoming a lawyer in the real life simulation game known as BitLife. Please remember about everything and you can also take note if you have to.

    • Start with a decent smartness

If you have a dream to be a lawyer, you will have to make sure that your character has at least 80 or higher smart levels. If your character has a smart level below that, it is better for you to start a new life. The reason is because an average or below average smartness will not make it, at least for becoming a lawyer. If you have managed to get a healthy smartness, it is time for you to proceed to the new requirement.

    • Maintain the smartness level that you currently have

Apart from starting off with decent smartness, your character also needs to maintain that smartness level that has been achieved. To do so, there are several things that are worth noting. As the starting off, once you are enrolled in a school, do not forget to go to the library and spend your time by studying hard. If you have no idea how to do so, first of all, you can visit the Activities section of the game, head over to the Mind & Body and choose the Library option.

The next thing that you will need to do is to go to the School tab, choose Primary/Secondary and then tap on Study Harder. It is important for you to start the habit of doing study regularly to avoid getting the low smartness level.

    • Get higher education

After the phase of the high school has passed, there might be a chance for you to get enrolled in the university. The word “might” is used because everything depends on your grades. If your grades are good enough to make you get enrolled in the university, then your way will be smoother. If it is not the case as your grades are not satisfactory, then be ready to go to the thing called the Community College first.

Once you are enrolled in the university, keep in mind to consider selecting Political Sciences as the subject. If you worry about the finance of the course, please do not since there is a chance for you to apply for a loan or get help from your parents. The thing that should be your main focus is to study hard and maintain a healthy smartness level throughout. If you have successfully done it, you might even be rewarded with a scholarship.

    • Go to the Law School

Once you have graduated from the university with good grades, your dream to be a lawyer in BitLife is one step closer. This time, you could now pick the Law School option that is available from the menu. If the option is not available for you, it means you need to do some things such as studying hard, improving your grades, and re-checking for the Law School on the later date.

Law School has been known as the most difficult of all the schools to qualify for. There are a few aspects that can affect your ability to qualify and some of them cannot be controlled by yourself. Your own intelligence plays the biggest role. Being a lawyer needs to be smart so please be a smart one if you want to be accepted into the Law School. Another aspect that is usually left out is the subject of the study. You will not be accepted to enlist at Law School if you choose something like art, dance or information technology.

    • Be a lawyer

Now that you have managed to get good grades and have graduated from the Law School, it is your time to be a lawyer in BitLife. For those who have passed with high grades, the first thing that you will need to do is to go to the Occupation menu of the game. Then, go to the Jobs section and find the name of the job that you want. For your information, you will not be able to find the lawyer in the first instance, that’s why you will need to start off as a start as a Law Clerk. Actually, starting off as a Law Clerk is not the only option. Besides, you can also apply as a Junior Associate or Junior Partner. After taking one of these jobs, you can slowly but surely reach the peak, which is the Partner level.

Lawyer career steps:

    • Have high Smarts, at least 80%
    • University: Political Science or English
    • Higher Education: Law School
    • Job: Anything with Law Firm
    • Experience: 30 years
    • New Job: Magistrate (Municipal)

What should you do if a Law Firm job is not available?

In case the Law Firm is not available, it is needed for you to shuffle the available jobs. All that should be done is to restart the BItLife game by closing and opening again. Doing so will shuffle the jobs on the jobs menu. Please continue to do so until the Law Firm job is seed when you want to be a lawyer.

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