How to Assault Best Friend in BitLife

A text-based simulator known as BitLife offers a lot of fun. Aside from that, it also offers dark surprises. For those who like to be fun and to get dark surprises, BitLife releases a challenge called Euphoria. This challenge is based on a hit teen series with the same name. With this challenge, you can relive the lives of the characters such as Rue, Jules, Kat, Cassie, or Maddie in this game. One of the things that this challenge dares you to do is to assault your best friend. So, how to assault your best friend in BitLife?

Before finding out the way to assault your best friend in BitLife, you may want to know about the story behind this objective. In case you have no idea, it is similar to the finale of Euphoria’s latest season. It is reminiscent of the chaotic fight scene during the last act of Lexi’s play, the one that became an internet meme.

Assaulting your best friend in BitLife can be started by looking for someone to be a best friend first. In order to get a best friend in this game, you can start by talking to someone. Apparently, talking is not enough. Aside from that, you should also spend a lot of time with them. Try your best to max out your relationship bar. When your relationship bar is considered high, it is time for you to ask them to be your best friend.

best friend in bitlife

Actually, you can also just wait after having a conversation and spending a lot of time with them because there is a chance for them to ask you to be their best friend instead. If you prefer to be asked than to ask, one of the ways that you can speed up this process is by giving them compliments. Besides, you can also give them gifts. Just do everything until your relationship reaches 90-100%.

Apparently, you are only given four days by this challenge to accomplish every single task. Due to this fact, you are recommended to start making more than one friend so you will have a number of options in case your plan does not go well.

Once you have successfully made a best friend in BitLife, the normal thing that you usually have to do is to maintain your friendship, which is really easy to do. All that you have to do is to make sure they are happy. However, as this challenge is to assault your best friend, it is not necessary to make them happy. Instead of making them happy, you should make them feel another way around. Unfortunately, it is not easy to start physical fights with anyone apart from your siblings. While it is true that it is not easy, it does not mean it is impossible. It is possible to start physical fights with your best friend. All that you have to do is to keep talking to them and wait for the moment of disagreement with them. Even though it is hard and challenging, do not stop and keep trying. Just keep trying and be patient until you succeed.

How to Assault Best Friend in BitLife

When you have a disagreement with your best friend, there will be four options given to you. These options include attack, insult, apologize, and agree to disagree. Upon being given these options, make sure to choose the attack option. After choosing this option, you will have to choose your move. Plus, you will also get the chance to choose the part of their body that you are going to hit. Just be wise when choosing it. Make sure to not kill your best friend unless you want to end up in jail.

On the other hand, your best friend can also fight you back. In the worst case, they can also kill you. In this case, it is better for you to choose non-lethal attacks on the safer areas of the body. The reason why it is best is because even if you miss them, the task will be marked as complete.

As mentioned above, assaulting your friend is one of the objectives of the Euphoria challenge. Aside from this, there are also some other objectives. The other ones should be done before finishing the last one, which is assaulting your best friend. If you are curious about the other objectives, they include:

  • Develop an addiction
    Developing an addiction is the first task that you have to do to complete the Euphoria challenge. It can be done with alcohol, drugs or gambling. If you want to do it with alcohol and drugs, you will have to wait until you are offered one of these things by someone. When the time comes, just take it. Keep in mind that there is a chance of developing an addiction, even though it is random. Just wait for the random events and always say yes. If you prefer gambling, you can visit a casino when you are older than 18.
  • Relapse after battling an addiction
    Relapsing after battling an addiction is next. The only way to do it is to go into rehab after developing an addiction. By doing so, you will get better. Then, spend a certain amount of time getting better at the rehab. After spending enough time at such a place, repeat the addictive activity, relapsing into it.
  • Hook up with more than 20 people before age 20
    In the next step, you hook up with more than 20 people before you turn 20. It can be done by using the relationship application and going on dates with random people. Besides, you can also try to purely hook up with them. Feel free to do it with anyone that you know from either school or work. To speed up the process, just go with the relationship application.
  • Start rumors about more than 5 friends
    Starting rumors about more than 5 friends is the objective before assaulting your best friend. Firstly, you should establish a friendship with the characters in your life. Then, start rumors about them. To start rumors, click on them in your relationships tab. Then, scroll down to rumors. Next, choose this option for five friends. In the end, the challenge will be completed.

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