How Do I Get Absent Without Leaving in BitLife?

If you want to get Absent Without Leaving in BitLife, simply you are able to achieve this by going AWOL. Well, here we are going to inform you of that information so that you are able to get Absent Without Leaving in BitLife.

Get Absent Without Leaving in BitLife – Here’s Way

To get Absent Without Leaving in BitLife, firstly you have to serve in the military. Then, you need to develop any addiction. After that, you have to complete recovery from rehab. You have to ensure that your character pursues a military career. Afterwards, you are able to establish any addiction. You will be able to reach this by gambling, drinking alcohol or using drugs. The basic way is to use alcohol because your character has a possibility of becoming hooked every time they drink.

In the game of BitLife, when you are 18 years old, you have to drop out of school. Then, you have to join the military. It should not matter if you select an army, the navy, or air force, just go with your desire. After you have enrolled, you have to start going clubbing. You are able to go to the Nightlife activity. Then, you are able to visit each of the clubs which are accessible. You will be able to take whatever others offer to you, whether it is a drug or a drink. You have to be addicted to one of these. Also, you are able to try your luck at the casino or attend a horse race.

Go to Rehab after you have developed an addiction. To go to the Rehab Center, first you are able to go to the Rehab Activity. You are going to have the ability to choose any therapy you want; the decision does not matter. Nonetheless, you have to return to treatment on a regular basis. If you are cured of your addiction in Rehab while you are still serving in the military, then you are going to get the “Absent Without Leave” achievement. You will be able to advance a year and try again if you do not get healed the first time.

How Do I Get Absent Without Leaving in BitLife

About BitLife Achievements

Achievements are special rewards for completing the tasks in BitLife. Achievements are only able to be unlocked once. The tasks do not have to be completed in one lifetime, unless the achievement says so. Several achievements take hard work while several are easy and others are random chance. Since March 14, 2022, there are 182 achievements to unlock in the game of BitLife. Since December 20, 2020, there are 23 categories of achievements.

Here are some achievements in BitLife:

    • Millionaire (You become a millionaire)
    • My Second Million (You reach a net worth of $2m)
    • Multimillionaire (You reach a net worth of $10m)
    • Rich (You reach a net worth of $20m)
    • Super Rich (You reach a net worth of $50m)
    • Stinking Rich – (You reach a net worth of $100m)
    • Bitionaire – (You reach a net worth of $1b)
    • Social Media – (You Join social media)
    • Social Media Sharer – (You post on social media)
    • Social Media Oversharer – (You post five times on social media in one life)
    • Social Media Star – (You get a million followers on social media)
    • Check! – (You get a social media account verified)
    • Complete a Life – (You complete a full life)
    • Octogenarian – (You see your 80th birthday)
    • Nonagenarian – (You see your 90th birthday)
    • Centenarian – (You see your 100th birthday)
    • Super-centenarian – (You see your 110th birthday)
    • Mega-centenarian – (You see your 120th birthday)
    • Strong Genes – (You reach a 500-year generation)
    • Long Lineage – (You reach a 1000-year generation)
    • Living Legacy – (You reach a 5000-year generation)
    • Animal Rescue – (You rescue an animal)
    • Deaf Leopard – (You yell at a leopard)
    • Gorilla and the Fist – (You get decapitated by a gorilla)
    • Hungry Hippo – (You get killed by a hippopotamus)
    • Lion Tamer – (You rescue a lion)
    • Unicorn – (You discover a unicorn)
    • Actor – (You become an actor)
    • Airline Captain – (You become an airline captain)
    • At Inner Peace – (You work 75 years as a monk)
    • Candywriter – (You work for BitLife)
    • CEO – (You become a CEO)
    • Dentist – (You become a dentist)
    • Doctor – (You become a doctor)
    • Fire Chief – (You become a fire chief)
    • Jack of All Trades – (You have ten careers in one life)
    • Judge – (You become a judge)
    • Last Resort – (You seduce your boss to save your own job)
    • Lawyer – (You become a lawyer)
    • People Person – (You befriend all of your co-workers)
    • Armed & Dangerous – (You kill someone with a learned martial art move)
    • Medieval Attack – (You get attacked with a medieval weapon)
    • No Grasshopper – (You obtain the top belt in a martial art)
    • Sensei San – (You obtain the top belt in every martial art)
    • Addicted – (You sustain three addictions at once)
    • Bubonic Plague – (You contract the bubonic plague)
    • Foam at the Mouth – (You contract rabies)
    • Sickly – (You contract ten diseases in one life)
    • Successful Rehab – (You have an addiction cured at a rehab center)
    • Witchcraft – (You get cured of a disease by the witch doctor)
    • BitBoi – (You watch Bijuu Mike on YouTube)
    • BTS ARMY – (You go to a BTS concert)
    • Moviegoer – (You go to a movie)
    • Movie Junkie – (You go to five movies in one life)
    • Brightest Star – (You reach maximum fame)
    • Centerfold – (You pose for Wank magazine)
    • Endorser – (You get paid $2m for a commercial)
    • K-Pop – (You become a popular Korean singer)
    • DNA Donor – (You make 25 sperm donations in one life)
    • Fabulously Fertile – (You have ten children in one lifetime)
    • Fertile Myrtle – (You become mother with 25 children in one life)
    • Smart Seed – (You get artificially inseminated with lawyer sperm)
    • Super Sperm – (You have one hundred children in one life)
    • Three’s Company – (You have triplets)
    • Bejeweled – (You receive three pieces of jewelry from the same lover)
    • Black Widow – (You are widow 5 husbands in one life)
    • Diamond Anniversary – (You be in a marriage for 75 years)
    • Family Planner – (You convince a lover to go off birth control)
    • Golden Anniversary – (You be in a marriage for 50 years)

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