Genshin Impact Primogems Farm Route

Primogems refer to the currency in Genshin Impact that is able to be used if you want to execute Wish or gacha. There are a lot of ways to obtain this important thing in the game. Actually, there is no certain route to farm the Primogems. Rather than the route, here are the ways to farm them:

1.  Complete the 7 day login bonus

When you are on the Login Reward menu, you will be able to see 7 prizes that you can get each day for a week. You are able to get 100 Primogems on the third day, and while you are on the seventh day, you will get 200 Primogems. It is like you get bonuses on those two days. In total, you are able to get 300 Primogems only just log in to the game for a week. Some sources state that it does not need to be a continuous 7 days as you will get the rewards even if you skip a day. On the contrary, some say that it is a must to do it each day without skipping any. If not, you will not get the reward.

Complete the 7 day login bonus

2.  Event Reward

get Primogems is from Reward Event

The second method to get Primogems is from Reward Event. This one has a reward that is different every time. For this time, you are able to farm 20 Primogems with the new character testing called Venti. Basically, you just have to play as Venti for a while and clearing dungeon so you can get this reward.

3.  Complete adventure level reward

 Complete adventure level reward

Whenever your Adventure Level increases, you will get a specific reward from the Adventure Level Reward. The receptionist in Adventure Guild named Katheryne is the one that you need to talk to. Please choose Rank Adventure reward, and then you will earn some different kinds of rewards. At some levels, you will also have a chance to get Primogems.

4.  Quest reward

 Quest reward

Genshin Impact has diverse quests. Some of them offer Primogems as a reward. One of the most popular one is called Commission Quest that changes every day. You will usually get 10 Primogems whenever you clear a Commission Quest. The Experience Reward also comes with Primogems. It sounds good, right?

5.  Treasure chest

Treasure chest

Treasure Chests are everywhere on the map. Finding the chests is one of the most interesting parts of the Genshin Impact challenge. You can obtain the Primogems, which the amount of them depends on the chest variation that you open. It goes the greater the Treasure Chest, then higher amount of the Primogems you can gain.

6.  ActivateTeleport


There are Teleports available in particular places on the World Map. You are allowed to move from one place to another immediately by using them. You will get 50 Primogems every time you activate a Teleport.

7.  Activate The Seven Statue

 Activate The Seven Statue

Activating the Teleports is not the only one. You can also get Primogems by giving offerings to The Seven of Statue. The level of the statue is able to be increased using Anemoculus that spread all over the places. Every level gives you 10 Primogems the reward.

8.  Find and clear unexplored domains

Find and clear unexplored domains

In order to see the domains that yet to be discovered, you will need to enter the Adventure Book. The process can be tracked on the domain list if you want to open it. After it has been activated, you can get 5 Primogems. It is still better to get some than no one, right?

9.  Clear dungeon challenges

 Clear dungeon challenges

Genshin Impact has varied Dungeons that you can play if you have reached a specific Adventure Level. For those who are clearing Dungeon for the first time, you will get 40 Primogems.

10.  Game tips

Game tips

You will be able to see a tip box appearing in the center of the screen when you find a new monster or lecture regarding specific element combinations. Please read the tips if you want to get Primogems as a reward.

11.  New monsters

 New monsters

You can get Primogems after beating new monsters for the first time.

12.  Achievements


There are tons of Achievements that you can get on this game. Whenever you complete one of them, you will get 5 Primogems.

13.  Opening shrines

Opening shrines

You can get Primogems by just opening the Shrines. A key item called the Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key is needed to open it. Once you have cleared it, you will be rewarded Primogems.

14.  Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss

Reaching certain chambers of the Spiral Abyss will result in a significant amount of Primogems. Do remember that the Spiral Abyss has challenges and you will be required to have a strong team if you want to beat it.

15.  Purchase a monthly subscription

Purchase a monthly subscription

You will get 90 Primogems each day for 30 days in total and 300 Genesis Crystals immediately with the thing known as the Blessing of the Welking Moon (monthly card). It is worth the purchase.

16.  Purchase Genesis Crystal from the shop

Purchase Genesis Crystal from the shop1

For everyone who does not have the patience to farm for Primogems, all that should be done is to just simply buy Gensis Crystals in bundles from the shop, which in the end can be exchanged for Primogems. For your information, the exchange rate is 1 Primogem per 1 Genesis Crystal.

The price list of Gensis Crystals top up:

  • 60 Genesis Crystals: $0.99
  • 300 Genesis Crystals: $4.99
  • 980 Genesis Crystals: $14.99
  • 1,980 Genesis Crystals: $29.99
  • 3,280 Genesis Crystals: $49.99
  • 6,480 Genesis Crystals: $99.99

17.   Gotten from the paid Battle Pass

Go by the Battle Pass as you can get 680 Primogems

Go by the Battle Pass as you can get 680 Primogems when you complete all 50 levels of it. Remember to do as much of the daily and weekly missions to get to it.

Those are dozens of ways to obtain Primogems. Some of them are free while some cost you some bucks. Feel free to try all of them to get as many Primogems as you want. If you do not have enough cash, then trying the free ones are not bad.

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