Crimson Agate Genshin Impact Locations

There are a lot of Crimson Agate that you can find around the new Dragonspine ragion. If you are wondering how they operate, they do similarly to Anemoculus and Geoculus in Mondstadt and Liyue. There is a permanent addition to the world of Genshin Impact called the Frostbearing Tree. Just like Statues of the Seven, the function of it is to provided rewards in exchange for leveling it.

It seems like getting each Crimson Agate located around the Dragonspine is not quite enough to level the Frostbeariing Tree up to the max Level 12. Rather than Level 12, it will get you to about Level 8. Then, you should join in the Crimson Wish, which unlocks at the same level. A few new quests will be introduced in Teyvat. On Monday and Friday, there will be 5 new quests available and 10 total per week, which you are able to complete if you want to gain Crimson Agate.

Crimson Agate Genshin Impact

By just exploring in Genshin Impact, you will be able to find more than 50 Crimson Agate. One of the examples is called the Oculi, which you can find in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, you might find them behind a cluster of rocks or floating in the air. In some cases, you will need to take some special steps to reveal them.

Keep in mind that there is one Crimson Agate located on the north east side of the map that you can acquire by defeating an opponent and draining a pool to reveal an underwater chest. Apart from that, a lot of other ones are also able to be found inside chests and after defeating opponents. In addition, the other ones are hidden behind the magical ice that cannot be melted using a Pyro character.

Instead of using a Pyro character, it is a must for the travelers to find veins for another addition in the Version 1.2 update called Scarlet Quartz. With this one, any character will be allowed to cut through the magical ice. Also, please keep an eye on timed challenges, wind currents, Fire Seelie puzzles, and bridges to find all the Crimson Agates.

Lastly, a Crimson Agate that that is needed in the Genshin Impact quest called Priest, Princess, and Scribe has been completed. It is where the player should find three different boxes and unlock a secret room.

Crimson Agate 1-10:

  1. Location: Inside a wind

Method: Collect three Anemograna around the barrier to form an Upcurrent and glide to the Crimson Agate.

  1. Location: In midair over a pond

Method: Collect the three Anemograna over the pond to form an Upcurrent and glide to the Crimson Agate.

  1. Location: On top of a cliff ledge

Method: It is easy to spot so no need to break it free.

  1. Location: Floating off the cliffside

Method: Climb further up and float down.

  1. Location: Under a few Ancient Rime

Method: Find a few Scarlet Quartz to break it.

  1. Location: On a cliff top

Method: This one is pretty high up, so please watch out for sheer cold.

  1. Location: On top of one of the big bones

Method: Climb up to take it.

  1. Location: Next to the Frostbearing Tree, on the right

Method: –

  1. Location: On top of a cliff top

Method: Climb up to get it.

  1. Location: Above a tree

Method: Glide down from above to get it.

Crimson Agate 11-20:

  1. Location: In midair over the pillar ring of a ruin, near the Statue of the Seven

Method: Glide downward.

  1. Location: Inside a tunnel

Method: Destroy the rocks at the entrance. Do not forget to watch for Cyro Slimes.

  1. Location: Below a few cliff outcrops

Method: Follow the crossline and you should find it.

  1. Location: Floating mid air

Method: Use the nearby Anemograna or float down from the Statue of the Seven.

  1. Location: Above a tree

Method: Climb it to reach it.

  1. Location: Out over the sea, east of the waypoint

Method: –

  1. Location: Floating mid air

Method: You can get this one by jumping from a nearby mountain top.

  1. Location: Floating below one of the pillar paths in the big cave

Method: –

  1. Location: In between a stalactite and stalagmite formation inside of a cave in Skyfrost Nail

Method: –

  1. Location: Under the spiraling steps of a cave in Skyfrost Nail

Method: You can access it by gliding.

Crimson Agate 21-30:

  1. Location: Under an ice platform at the pond in the lowest level of a cave in Skyfrost Nail

Method: Step on the platform and wait for it to crack.

  1. Location: In mid air over pillar ring of a ruin, near the Teleport Waypoint in Starglow Cavern

Method: You can access it by gliding downward.

  1. Location: Above the pillar archway of a few ruins, in the southern coast of Dragonspire

Method: –

  1. Location: In a chest

Method: You can access it once you have defeated the Frostarm Lawachurl guarding it.

Crimson Agate 31-40:

  1. Location: Near the mountain slope

Method: You can access it by climbing.

  1. Location: At the bottom of a mountain slope in the Entombed City Outskirts

Method: Watch for the mitachurl and its friends where you land.

Crimson Agate is the name of the new item in the rising game called Genshin Impact. This one was released with the Version 1.2 update. You can offer it to the Frostbearing Tree as the exchange to get the rewards. All the locations to find the Crimson Agate and how to find them have been explained above.

A few of new gameplay mechanics was introduced with the Version 1.2 update of Genshin Impact. One of them is called the Sheer Cold stat, which operates the same way as the cold stat of the Breath of the Wild, which requires you to locate a source of warmth before it is too late. By offering a thing called Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree, you will be able to get an item that can eliminate the Sheer Cold.

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