Best Weapon for Razor in Genshin Impact

When we play a character in the game, of course we need to know the best weapon that can be used by the character that we play. So, our character will be able to play well in the game. Here, we inform you about the best weapon for Razor and also other best things for Razor.

What Is The Best Weapon for Razor?

Actually, there are some weapon options that can be used by Razor. And even they are very easy to get. However, for three-star weapons, you are able to look into using Skyrider Greatsword or Debate Club. You are able to refine these weapons quickly when you find them though gacha.

What Is The Best Weapon for Razor

Why is Skyrider Greatsword?  It is because when it is used with Razor’s burst element activation, it has high potential. It can do a base Physical DMG bonus and ATK. The courage passive gives 6% increased ATK after a normal or charged attack hits an enemy.

How about Debate Club? It has base ATK primary and secondary stats. The Blunt Conclusion passive can cause hits to deal an additional 60% damage after hitting an enemy with elemental, charged, or normal attacks.

If you are looking for viable weapons for Razor in the mid to late game, there are two options including Prototype Aminus and Wolf’s Gravestone. It is easiest to farm the Prototype Aminus since it is craftable at the blacksmith in Mondstadt and Liyue. The thing that you need is the claymore prototype, fifty crystal chunks and fifty white iron chunks. If you want the Wolf’s Gravestone weapon, you are able to find it by pulling banners. So, you have to be lucky to be able to find one of them. This claymore is a popular option and hands down the best due to the Wolfish Tracker passive which can increase ATK by 50% for 12s when you hit enemies with less than 30% HP.

What are The Best Stats for Razor?

You may want to focus on ATK and ATK% with Razor. As we know that the abilities of Razor scale with ATK. So, if you pump up these stats, it will give you a noticeable DPS increase. The Prototype Aminue and Wolf’s Gravestone claymores have Base ATK and ATK. So, you have to make sure to use one of these weapons.

What Are The Best Razor Artifacts?

When upgrading from Berserker’s, Gladiator’s Finale is an awesome set to pick up. The two-piece bonus has +18% ATK and the four-piece gives Sword, Claymore and Polearm party members a 35% increased Attack DMG. They can drop from any world boss. So, you have to prepare the resin.

A popular option for the Electro DMG buffs is the Thundering Fury set. The two-piece has an Electro DMG bonus of 15%. The four-piece can increase the damage which is caused by electro-charge, overload, and superconduct by 40%. If the elemental effects are triggered, it can decrease elemental skill cooldowns by one second, once every 0.8 seconds. At the moment, this set is your end-game best-in-slot and an upgrade from Gladiator’s Finale.

Who Is Razor in Genshin Impact?

In the Genshin Impact game, Razor is a character which is able to be played. In the Official site of Genshin Impact, it is described that this character is a male which was born on September 9th. Some people say that he is an orphan which is raised by wolves. But some others say that he is a wolf spirit in human form. If you look at this character, you are able to see that he has long spiky grey hair with bright red eyes. Also, he has pale skin and in his left cheek, he has a scar. A lot of scars can be found in him because he lives in the wild with his wolf family.

Weapons in Genshin Impact

In this game, weapons are equipment that can be used to help the player during their quests by helping them deal damage to the enemies. Now, there are five different types of weapons in this game and each character only can wield one weapon type. Here are the details of each weapon’s type.

  • Swords. The attacks of a sword are the middle ground of melee weapons. The damage of their hits and speed of the attacks which they do are somewhere between the slow attacks of Claymores and the rapid attacks of Polearms.

  • Bows. Long-ranged attacks in the game can be boasted by these weapons with charged attacks which are able to hit monsters as far as the eye can see with the right aim.


  • Polearms. These weapons can give Fastest attacks of all the weapons and it also has a good forward reach.


  • Claymores. These weapons can limit the character wielding it to slower hits than other melee weapons deal much more damage per swing. Besides, these weapons also have a damage bonus towards breaking Geo objects such as the shield of a monster.


  • Catalysts. All Normal and Charged attacks which are done with a Catalyst, due to their magical nature, are considered elemental damage. For your information, the element of the damage depends on the natural element or vision of the wielder.


Rarity of Weapons and How to Get Them in Genshin Impact

All weapons in the Genshin Impact game have a rarity. The rarity ranges from 1 star to 5 stars. If the weapons have higher rarity or stars, it means that they have higher scaling on their stats than weapons of lesser rarity. However, they are more difficult to get.

How to get weapons in the Genshin Impact?

Depending on the rarity, weapons can be obtained differently. You are able to see how to get a weapon based on the rarity below.

  • If you want to get 5-star weapons, you are able to get them through Wishes.
  • If you want to get 4-star weapons, you are able to get them through Wishes and some can be crafted through Forging.
  • If you want to get 3-star weapons, you are able to get them through wishes and from chests in the open world.
  • If you want to get 2-star and 1-star weapons, you are able to get them from chests in the open world or they can drop from bosses.