Arataki Itto Genshin Impact Info

In the world of the game called Genshin Impact, Arataki Itto refers to a character in one of the seven nations in Teyvat called Inazuma. This one has been mentioned by a few characters, NPCs and in bulletin boards. Kujou Sara, Raiden Shogun, Sayu and Yoimiya are among the ones who have mentioned him.

Kujou Sara, the one who has mentioned Arataki Itto, is the one that has a rivalry with him. The rivalry started after Kujou Sara won against him and took his Vision.

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Arataki Itto Genshin Impact Info


    • Nick Name: The Oni sumo King
    • Sex: Male
    • Region: Inazuma
    • Additional Titles: The Supreme, The First, The Strongest


Arataki Itto is known as a descendant of a popular martial artist in Inazuman history named Arataki of the Front Gate. He is said to have oni blood in his veins, according to the nicknames that he got for himself and the physical descriptions given by the other NPCs to him.


Arataki Itto is a tall one. he has a large build and has two large horns. He may look scary at first glance.


Even though he is described as mean and arrogant, Rie says that Arataki Itto is far from that. She says that he is actually not a thug and he is a nice one even though he always tries to fight Sara every time there is a chance. Besides, no one expects that he is good with kids and even loves to play with them.

However, when it comes to a competition, he hates losing and is always eager to win. Shouta always complains that Arataki Itto always snatches all of his snacks when he wins something against him. According to Yoimiya, Arataki Itto always forces her to join friendly competitions such as the race to eat the most ramen. Once he almost killed himself when joining an eating competition with a lady who has kitsune ears (who is believed to be Yae Miko). At the time, he ate kitsune ramen and he still did it even though he knew that it contained fried tofu beans, making him suffering from allergies.

Compared to the other victims of the Vision Hunt Decree, Arataki Itto is different because he has not displayed the usual symptoms of listlessness and loss of ambition, at least from the thing that is shown on his messages. While being competitive and hates to lose is a good thing, with the personality he has, it is normal if he often causes a mess and chaos wherever he goes.


Arataki Itto was known as the Vision bearer. His Vision was confiscated after getting beaten by Kujou Sara of the Tenryou Commision, the one that he always refers to as Kujou Tengu or some other ones. Since the loss, he has demanded for a rematch by following her steps throughout some different islands on the archipelago and delivering his eagerness to fight the other on each single bulletin board. His strong desire actually makes her worry.

Rie indirectly mentions him and says that there are a few rumors about him. Some of these rumors say that he is a kind of bully and an arrogant one who is full of himself. Some other ones say that he is such a nice guy who loves to play with kids. He is really softie and even set up fighting areas for bugs. There are also some rumors that say he has something like a gang. Actually, the information about them is unknown, except for the fact that one of the popular members is Kuki Ninja.

There is no information if the Vision of Itto was returned to him after the abolishment of the Vision Hunt Decree.

Character interactions:

The character named Arataki Itto is mentioned in the story lines of Toimiya. Aside from that, he is also mentioned in the voice lines of some characters, including Yoimiya, Raiden Shogun, Sayu, and his forever rival named Kujou Sara.


    • There is a joke stating that Arataki Itto will always insert a different nick name between his name. For instance, Arataki The Supreme Itto or Arataki The Oni Sumo King Itto.
    • As mentioned above, Arataki Itto, as well as the other Oni’s, are allergic to fried tofu beans. This reaction is a reference to the Japanese tradition of mamemaki that is celebrated during Setsubun. The beans are thrown at people wearing oni or demon masks with the aim to purify the household for the upcoming year.

As stated before, Arataki Itto is related to Inazuma. He is one of the five mentioned characters aside from Kamisato Ayato (male), Kuki Ninja (female), Scaramouche (male), and Shikanoin Heizou (male). Furthermore, Inazuma has a total of seven playable characters. The first one is Kaedehara Kazuha. He is Anemo as an element and a sword as a weapon. The second one is Kamisato Ayaka. She has a Cyro element and a sword as a weapon. The third one is Kujou Sara. She has an Electro element and a bow. The fourth one is Raiden Shogun. Just like Kujou Sara, she also has an Electro element. The difference is that she has a polearm instead of a bow. The fifth one is Sangonomiya Kokomi. She has a Hydro element and a catalyst. The sixth one is Sayu. She has an Anemo element and a claymore. The last one is Yoimiya. She has a Pyro element and a bow.

In addition to the mentioned and playable characters, there are also some upcoming characters that may be released in the near future. These kinds of characters include Gorou, Thoma, and Yae Miko. Gorou has a Geo element, Thoma has a Pyro element and a polearm, while Yae Miko has an Electro element. The details about these upcoming characters can be found out when they are released.